Kuldeepak 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Chiragh wakes up. He says I slept whole day? She says yes you slept. Chiragh says why are you in tears? Did I make you cry? he swipes her tears.. He says when you cry I don’t like it. Chiragh hugs her.. He says where is my gift? Vidya says I will give it to you. He says yay. Thank you mummy I love you. I will tell everyone. He goes downstairs. Vidya sees their family photo. She says I don’t know what to do. She recalls they read that it is important to realize where that power lies in body of the person. The process can be tough. She says I can’t do this to my son.

Shanti meets Kamiya. SHe says vash isn’t telling me. Maybe vidya didn’t tell her where she was going. Kamiya says don’t tell anyone about me coming here. Kamiya is sneaking out. Shanay

says why are you not coming in? kamiya says just came to meet vash’s mom and talk about her/ Shanaya says but you were talking about vidya.
Do you have interest in her husband? Kamiya says I know as well what you are upto. You waant to avenge vidya. Shanaya says how you know. Kamiya says I know a lot more. Enemy of enemy is friend. She extends her hand. Shanays shakes her hand.

Chiragh says to Manjila I saw a dream that mummy went to bring me gift. Vidya says yes I will bring you gift. Vidya is doing pooja. Sheila says dont think too much. Vidya says my motherhood is stopping my way. Show mee the right path God.
Vidya comes to room and sees vash. She says see I painted this idol. This is the best way of Ambay ma. Mothers have to become ambay ma for their kids. My dadu told me that.

Scene 2
Vidya says to shiela I have decided. I will do anything to release chiragh from those evil powers. Sheila says I know its not easy for you. You can do anything. Vidya says yes vash showed me the right way. I forgot a mother has to be strong. We have to go out and look for those things. She gets a call.
She says yes Vidya.. Vidya smiles. She says thank you. Vidya says chiragh’s school is arranging a picnic for kids and mothers this can be a good chance. Sheila says I am with you.

Manjila says we were planning a family picnic. Vidya says there is a picnic in chiragh’s school. Chiragh says I wanna go with my friends. Dwian says yes let chiragh and vidya go we will plan something after that. Sheila and Vidya nod at each other. Shanay sees them.
Shanaya calls Kammiya and tells her everything.

Vidya sees vash sitting sad. She says what happened? She says ma said I can’t go to picnic. What will I do in home. I will be so bored. Chiragh won’t like me to come either.
Kamya calls chiragh and says you wont go to picnic. He says I will there won’t be any danger for me. Mummy would be with me. Kamiya says try to understand. He says I have to pack up bye. Kamiya says now I will show vvidya my real power.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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