Kuldeepak 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Vidya and Sheila are in jungle. Vidya runs somewhere. Sheila runs after her. Vidya says thats shishu. They meet him. Shishu recalls yashodn giving him the responsibility of chiragh. He takes out a book and asks vidya to read it. He says this is centuries old. Vidya says can i take it home? He says no you can stay here and read it. We have a reason. we can’t let evil powers enter here. We can’t give them a chance. Please sit here and read the book. So they don’t see the book.
Vidya reads the book to look for the answers. She reads to kill the evil in blood, there is just one solution, his death. Vidya is dazed. Sheila holds her. She reads this solution can kill the devil and life in him.

If the devil lies in his eyes, then you have to put some herbs in his eyes.

This can kill the evil in him but will also take his vision. Vidya stops there. She says I can’t do this to my child. he is my son. Sheila says we have to do something. I have lost my son. I know what it si. I don’t want you to feel the same. We can’t kill or take someone’s vision. There must be another way out. They read more but there is nothing else.
vidya says I can’t do this. I am sure there is another way out. Shiela says what if there isn’t any? Shiela says I can’t haarm my child. He is only 5.

Kamiya sneaks in the house.
Manjila says where is vidya? Shanaya says she could have asked us to sit with churagh but vidya asked this vash to sit here. shanaya says go from here. Vash says I won’t go until vidya comes. she asked me to sit with chragh until she comes back. Shanya say sheila has gone with vidya as well. Kamiya is overhearing. Shanyaa syas vidya’s phone is off and sheila’s phone is home.

Manjila says sheila’s phone is here. Kamiya comes downstairs and sneaks outside.
Vidya and sheila are coming back. Sheila says to vidya lets go in. Don’t be so upset. Everyone will question. Kamiya says there is a way to know where they went.
Manjila says where are they both. Who will cook. Vidya comes in and says ma we went to temple. Sheila says then we went to see my kaka. He wasn’t well. Diwan met us on the way. Shanaya says mummy just said you could have told her. And that vash.. Sheila says you were all asleep so vidya asked vash to sit with chirgah. Vidya says we should have told you ma.

Vidya comes to see chiragh. He is asleep. Vash is sitting there. Vidya says I am back. Vash goes to her house.
Vidyya recalls that she read she has to put some herbs in chiragh’s eyes to kill that devil inside him. But that will take his vision as well. she caresses his face. Vidya is in tears. SHe caresses his face. She recalls him playing. She says how can I do this to my son.

Precap-Kamiya is sneaking out. Shanaya says so you will leave from here. Kamiya says vidya has hurt you and you want to avenge. Enemy of enemy is friend. She shakes hand with her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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