Kuldeepak 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Chiragh levitates Vash with his eyes. He takes her out of room. He levitates her in the air. Kamiya says kill him chiragh. Overtake her powers. Chiragh pulls her down but VIdya holds Vash. Kamiya says this can’t happen. Vash can’t be saved. SHe has to die tonight. Vidya says vash open your eyes. Your mom did this to you again. Kill Vidya as well. You have to kill your mom. Chiragh says no. I can’t kill my mom. I really love her. Chiragh closes his eyes and faints. Vidya says chiragh open your eyes. She holds him. Vash get up she says what am I doing here. Vidya says chiragh fainted here.

Scene 2
In the morning, Vash comes to vidya. She says I saw a bad dream last night. Like I was floating and fell from there. God protects me all the time. I don’t get

how I came outside last night and you were Ambay ma in my dream. When I asked you you said you will tell me in the morning. Whats the truth. Vidya says where is your locket? She says I don’t know. Its lost somewhere. I looked everywhere.
Shanti is talking there on call. She says I will hide it and she will keep thinking where it went. Shanti looks at vidya. She says to vash go and bring milk.

Vidya comes to Shanti’s room. She says you shopped so much in one day? Where did you get so much money from? She is hiding something. Have you sold your soul to devil? She says no I won a lottery. Vidya says by selling that locket? Shanti says vash is my daughter. Vidya says I want that locket back. Shanit says otherwise? Vidya says will accuse you of theft and send you to jail.
Vidya shows the locket to shiela and tells her everything. Sheila says what will we do now. Vidya says there would be someone to help us.
Vidya says Yashodin’s apprentice shishu can help us. I don’t have his number. We have to go there. Vidya says Kamiya won’t stay silent. We have to be very careful.

Vidya gives the locket back to vash. She gives her a small idol too. Vidya says to vash stay in this room. I am going out for some work. Please keep an eye on chiragh. Vidya and sheila leave.

Scene 3
There are people on road. The road is blocked. Diwan is there too. He sees Vidya and sheila. He says you both here? Vidya says what are you doing here? He says I came for field inspection. Vidya says I and bhabhi.. Sheila says we went to temple. I told her I want to meet my kaka. He is not well. He says I will come with you. Vidya says no do your work. He says I am done with my work as well. Lets go together.
Kamiya calls chiragh. He is asleep. Vash picks up. Kamiya cuts the call. She says how did chiragh give his phone to vash.

Diwan gets a call. He says I have to go for an urgent meeting. I can’t come with you. Vidya says no problem. Sheila says yes we will go. Vidya says we have to walk from here. They walk in the jungle. Sheila says I think we are going wrong. Someone is following them. There is a man. He says that house isn’t here anymore. Shishu made his place somenwhere else and I don’t know where it is. He leaves.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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