Kuldeepak 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Diwan slaps chriagh. Kamiya says why did you do that. What has he done. Diwan shows her the video. Vash’s locket touched the phone by mistake and it turned the video on. Diwan says you were using her helplessness? This time you will be punished. THis is too much and a sin. Kamiya looks at the locket and is not feeling well. Diwan says vidya tried telling what chiragh is doing. I thought vidya is just taking vash’s side and didn’t give her word importance. Diwan says I am sorry vidya. Kamiya says can I talk to chiragh privately about his behavior? diwan nods. Viday says no I will talk to him. She takes chiragh inside. Diwan says let her talk vidya. We have to do something more important.

Diwan comes to servant quarter. Madhav says did vash do another mistake? shanit

says will you let us live or not vash? Diwan says I came here to apologize you. Truth is that vash had no mistake. It was chiragh’s mistake. I didn’t probe. Please forgive me. Madhav says don’t say that. He says you can stay here. Vidya says this is a return of vash’s truth. Shanti says I knew my daughter is right. I am sorry i was rude. Sorry. Vidya says leave it. Just keep one thing in mind, take care of vash.

Kamiya says to Chiragh your papa is responsible for all this. He is becoming a hurdle too. We have to get rid of all the hurdles. Chiragh throttles her. Kamiya is dazed. Chragh says I love my parents don’t even think of harming them.
Vidya says to diwan, chiragh loves us. It is upto us to make him a better human. Diawn says I am sorry. I was getting used to of considering you wrong. I don’t know how to handle chiragh. I don’t know how to solve all this. SHe says just don’t give up. We will find a way out. Chiragh will change with love.

Chiragh shoves her and says my parents are not our hurdles.
Kamiya says to devil it is getting difficult. Devi says we have sent chiragh in this world to rule the world by dark. We all have to take care of him. His love for his parents can be dangerous for us. You have to end it in him.
Kamiya says I am sorry chriagh I shouldn’t have said this. Chiragh says only vash is our hurdle. She says yes we have to remove her from our way.

Manjila says how could we do this injustice. Shanaya says we shouldn’t trust her. Diwn says she is innocent. Chiragh has done a sin. He can’t be forgiven.
Kamiya comes downstairs and says I have talked to him. He regrets what he did. Chiragh says sorry. I made a mistake. Diwan says I won’t forgive you.
Kamiya gives Shanti money. She says I want you to do something. Give me vash’s locket.

Scene 2
At night,
Vash asks Vidya why did chirgah want to take this locket off? Vidya is silent. Vash says God protected us all.
Kamiya calls chiragh and says be ready. I will get that locket removed. I have found a way to our win. get ready. Tonight is vash’s last night.
Shanti comes near vash and cuts her locket while she is asleep. Later chiragh comes to vash’s room.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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