Kuldeepak 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Vash says I wont take it off. She runs out of the room. Shanti comes there with shanaya. She says you promised something to save your papa’s job. Vash says I will do anything. Chiragh said I have to take this locket off. Dadu asked me never to take this locket off. SHanaya says then forget your papa’s job. Vidya overhears. Vash says I can’t take this locket off. I will do anything else.
Vidya comes to store and says God what test is this for that child. That locket is your blessing to her. What will she do now. She is being forced to take it off. She is stuck in their lies.
Shanti says if your papa loses the job we will all die hungry. Vash says I won’t take it off. Shanti says enough of this drama. Take it off. Vidya is praying. Shanti moves her hand to

take off the locket. Vash says no.. Vash stops her hand. Shanti says how dare you. Vash twists her wrist and shoves her. Shanti looks at her dazed. Chirgah comes there and says you have only one hour to decide. If you want to save your papa’s job or not.

Kamiya’s candles blow. She says we have to take that locket off from that vash. I have to go there and help chiragh. No one can stop us from winning.
Kamiya calls diwan. She says I have two free passes for amusement part. Can I take chiragh? Diwan says i dont’ mind but his mood is not well. She says why something happened? He tells her everything. Kamoya says I warned you before. Keep vash away from chiragh. She will create problems for chiragh. Vidya always takes her side. Diwan says you should meet chiragh. He might feel better. Kamiya says thank you. \

Vash is sitting in a corner. Shanti says take this locket off and serve chiragh. Vidya comes there and says shame on you. How can you ask a child to be a servant. Shanti says you should be ashamed because your son is making her do this. We have to save the job. You can ask your husband instead of doing this drama. Shanti says to vash if you want to see us all dying then okay. Listen to these hollow lectures. She leaves. Vidyaa swipes vash’s tears. She says I am sorry I couldn’t help you but don’t give up. God will send help. Vash how? God has forgotten me. Vidya says no. She says you don’t have to any of this. Vash says what should I do then?

Vash comes to garden. Kamiya comes home as well. Vidya says I know what she came here for. Please help vash God. The door start cracking. Chiragh tries to shut the windown. He hears things breaking. He comes to chiragh’s room. He sees a video in his phone. That video records everything chiragh did with vash.
Chiragh says take the locket off. Vash is about to take the locket off. Chiragh comes there and shouts chiragh.. he slaps chiragh hard on face. Kamiya and everyone is dazed.

Precap-Kamiya gives Shanti amount. she says I want vash’s locket. Shanti cut vash’s locket at night. Kamiya says to chiragh you have kill that vash.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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