Kuldeepak 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Shanaya says your servant is here. She will do whatever you say. Then you will ask your dad not to fire her dad. She is your servant now. Shanya says salute him Vash. Vash salutes Chiragh. Manjila comes in. She is dazed. She says what is this vash doing here? Shanaya says she came here to apologize chiragh. Manjila says go from here. Chiragh says I can forgive her. she is my classmate. If I forgive her papa might forgive her. Manjila says you are so kind. They leave.
Shanaya leaves as well. Churagh says to Vash you have to do all my work. See what I do now. I will make you work so much that you will get tired. She says I will do everything. Just keep my papa’s job. Chiragh messes up his room. He says clean it all now.

Sheila goes and tells Vidya. Vidya says I can’t

let chiragh harm Vash.
Kamiya is laughing. She says on call like our plan that girl is now your servant. GEt her so tired that she is broken. Make her your servant.
He breaks stuff in his room. Vash says your parents will be so mad at you. He says clean it all. He says your time has started. You have only 5 minutes. Vash starts cleaning. He says you completed it in 5 minutes and 10 seconds. Do it again. Vash says no I did it under 5. He says if you want your papa’s job back be my servant. Pick this. Vidya comes in and says what is happening here. You made her your servant. Chiragh says she came to apologize. Ask Vash. Vidya says Vash come with me. Vash shakes her head, Vidya leaves. She cleans more.

Vidya says chiragh is making vash do all the work. Shanaya says Vash went to Chiragh’s room. He apologized Vash. Manjila says Vidya always speaks against chiragh. Vidya says he is doing a mistake. I can’t stay silent. Diwan says what did he do now. Vidya tells Diwan. Manjila says there is nothing like that. Vidya says come and see with me what is right and what is wrong. Vash cleans everything. Chiragh says stop. THe time is over. Be a hen.
Diwan is coming upstairs. Chiragh says do as I say. Become a hen. Vash becomes a hen. Diwan comes outside his room. Chiragh is about to spill juice on Vash’s head. Diwan opens the door.
Chiragh says thank you vash you helped me. you must be tired. Drink this juice. shanaya says see chiragh is so nice. Diwan leaves in anger.

Kamiya says to Vidya’s picture you can’t stop me. Everyone leaves. Chiragh says to Vash servant can’t eat or drink. He spills juice on the floor and says clean it. Vash cleans it. Kamiya says that vash can’t beat us. She calls Chiragh and says be careful. Her powers are weak. But there is vidya in our way as well. Take that ambay ma locket from her otherwise we can’t do anything. Chiragh says to Vash stand up. I don’t like this locket. you can’t wear it here. Vash says no. I can’t take it off. My dadu gave it. Chiragh says go from here then. Your papa’s job won’t be saved.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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