Kuldeepak 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Chiragh is playing with Paresh. He closes his eyes and says guess who.. Paresh says Diwan? Chiragh says no. Papa won’t do this. Chiragh says its me. You couldn’t even guess even when I gave you hint. He laughs. Manjila says feels so good to see you so happy Chiragh. Manjila says drink milk. You will be stronger. Chiragh says papa says I am his lion. Lion doesn’t drink milk. Vidya says lion drinks milk doesn’t eat grass. He drinks milk and says I wanna ride my cycle. Dai brings his cycle and reads some mantra on it. Chiragh rides is cycle. Manjila says I think before Chriagh’s birthday we should do his havan. Diwan says please stop it. Paresh says we have to do it. VIdya says yes we should I don’t think there would be any problem. Diwan says Yashodin created

this stupid misunderstanding. We will do this havan on right time not earlier because Yashodin said so. He leaves. Manjila sees Chiragh going outside with the cycle. A storm rages. Vidya comes outside. She sees the storm yet chiragh is okay in garden and talking to someone she can’t see. The storm suddenly stops. Chiragh is talking to a tree. vidya says whomare you talking to he? He points at the tree. Vidya is scared. She looks at the tree. She recalls the weird incidents.
Manjila comes Vidya gets scared. Vidya says you just came? Manjila says yes why? VIdya says nothing. Manjila says you look worried. Why Yashidin asked as to do Chiragh’s yadopavit earlier? Is there some truth we don’t wanna hear. Vidya says I will know the truth whatever it is. Dai says in heart it is easy to say but when you get to know the truth you will be so scared. I will show you what truth is.

Scene 2
Yashodin is in his place. He says we have to get Chiragh’s yago pavit done before his birthday so everyone gets to know the truth. I will convince Paresh. Diwan won’t agree but if Paresh forces him he will have to agree.

Paresh talks to Yashodin. He says we will get Chiragh’s yago pavit done tomorrow. Inform pandit ji. Shanaya says but what if diwan gets to know? He says I will handle Diwa.

Scene 3
Next day, Chiragh is in temple. His Yago Pavit has started. Dai looks at them and says everyone will know truth. If diwan comes he can stop this but where he is.
Chiragh is to be bald for yagopavit. They start shaving his head. They see devil’s symbol on his scalp. Dai is shocked. She says this shouldn’t happen. She was dreaming all this.
Dai says if yagopavit happens they will shave his head and see it. I have to stop yago

Manjila is asking chiragh to play with car. He says no I wanna play with a gun. I wanna play fighting games.Manjila says you play them alone I am going to temple. Chiragh plays with the gun, Vidya says in heart I wont’ let chiragh go away from my eyes.
Dai whispers and chirahj goes towards garden. Vidya sees him. Chiragh plucks leaves. Vidya follows him. Chiragh says to dai you called me? Dai says a problem is here you have to help me. Chiragh says I will do what you ask me. Dai sees Vidya on the door. Vidua is shocked.

Precap-At night Chiragh wakes up and does horrible makeup. He goes out. Vidya goes after him. He locks her. Shanaya says to Vidya have you seen chiragh? Come and see what is he doing. They all go. Chiragh is doing some weird dance on the road with horrible makeup and clothes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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