Kuldeepak 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Diwan says how dare you hit chiragh. VAsh says how dare he hit my papa. Vidya says what is this chirgah? Chiragh says I was playing here inside. Vash says he was out and he hit my papa with car. Diwan says chiragh had been here all the time. Stop lying. Madhav says she has some misunderstanding. I am sorry. Diwan says what drama is this. I can’t tolerate this. This time Vash is lying. Chiragh was inside and we all know that. I can’t tolerate what she did with my son. You are fired. Vidya says what are you saying. Madhav says please don’t do this. Where will I take my family. Diwna says it is better for your daughter and my son that you leave from here. Vidya says please diwna.. Diwan says I have thought before deciding. Mdahav has to leave the house in two days. Madhav says

okay and leaves.

Manjila says we should help poor people but they can’t do this. Vidya says vash wont go anywhere. Manjila says you should take chiragh’s side. Diwan says I thought you care about your son. But you don’t trust her. That girl understood that and she did all that because you gave her a way. Shiela hugs vidya.

Scene 2
Mahdab says why did you hit him? Vash says I saw him. He hit you. To annoy me he did this. Madhav says what will we do without this job. He cries. Vash hugs him. She says I am sorry papa. I couldn’t tolerate him injuring you. I really love you. I am sorry.

Madhav comes home and tells Shanti that we are going back to village. She says why.. He says I have left the job. She says why. Shanti says what are you both hiding from me. Madhav says there was some problem with me and sir. Shanti says he is so nice. There must be some problem. Is it is because of her spying? shanaya comes in and says it is because this vash has hit Chiragh. you have only 48 hours to leave this house. Shanit saays we have to see this day because of you. How dare you hit him. Come and apologize him. Save your dad’s job. Madhav says leave my daughter. She won’t apologize anyone. Got it? Don’t dare touching my daughter.

Chiragh calls kamiya to tell her the story. Manjilaa comes in. She says I brought milk for you. I know you are upset. Let me apply medicine. She hit you. He says no don’t. She says why not. Drink this. He drinks the milk. shanaya says wow this is a good chance to bring vidya more down. Kamiya calls Chiragh. He cuts the call. Manjila says why did you cut? Go talk to her. He goes out to talk to Kamiya. Shanaya says follows him. Churagh says mission accomplished. Kamiya saays we have thrown vash out of our way. Chiragh says after kicking her out is our plan over? Kamiya says no this is just the beginning. Let me tell you whats next. Shanay puts her hand on his back. The phone falls from his hand. Shanay says whom were you talking to? He takes the phone from her. Shanaya says are you still mad? I am sorry. I scolded that girl for hitting you. Be friends with me please. I will do anything. He says anything?
He says okay. He tells her something she has to do.

Shanti comes to Diwan. SHe says I am sorry for my daughter’s mistake. Punish me but please don’t take this job and house from us. Diwan says please don’t cry. I am a father too. I understand but I have taken this decision for chiragh’s and vash’s better. Chiragh and VAsh both are aggressive. Shanti says I will talk to her. Diwan says I have decided I am sorry. He leaves.
Shanti comes to shanyaa and says please ask sir not to do this. Shanaya says I can help you. I have a condition though. Shanti says tell me what to do.

Vash says I hope papa doesn’t lose this job. Papa is so worried. Please help us God. Shanti comes in and says you can end this problem. Vash says what do I have to do? Shanti says I will tell you. She tells her something. Vahs is dazed.

Vidya says I have to stop Vash. Sheila says how will you stop her? Vidya says I will talk to diwan. If vash leaves we will lose chiragh as well. Vash can control chiragh’s devi. Shiela says you will tell chiragh diwan’s truth? Vidya says what else should I do? how do I tell everyone in the house that Vash can save him. Sheila says God brought vash here and will find a way out to keep her here.
Chiragh is playing games. Vidya comes there. She says open your eyes and turn back. Vash is standing there. Chiragh smiles.

Precap-Shanaya says vash is here as your servant. Let her do whatever you want. Chiragh messes up his room and says if you want your dad’s job back be my servant and do whatever I want.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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