Kuldeepak 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Chiragh holds Dai’s hand and they walk outside. Diwan wakes up and sees chiragh is not there. He runs out and sees Chirgah going towards road and dai behind him. Diwan follows them. Chiragh runs dai says chiragh stop. Diwa runs after them. CHirgah runs towards cliff.
Vidya wakes up and sees chiragh is nowhere. She looks for him in the house. Everyone wakes up. Paresh says what keeps happening. Where is Diwan? Vidya says he was in study and chiragh was with me. Yashodin comes in. He says sorry for coming this late. I didn’t have another option. I have prepared this water from purity. It will expose the evil. And it will show that I am innocent. Alpesh says what are you saying. He says whatever is happening in this house, dai is behind it. She had been fooling you all. She

has complete control over Chirgah through her black magic. Dai comes in and says this is all lie. He says okay then drink this water. Prove your innocence. Diwan comes in with chiragh. vidya hugs him. She says are you okay? Where did you go? Diwan says he was scared of the dark. DAi ma talked to me about it. She told me there is a solution to fight his fear for darkness. We planned this. We made Chiragh walk outside in the dark but he ran towards the cliff and they both saved him. Diwan says this way dai ma saved our Chiragh’s life. Vidya says thank you dai. Chiragh says I am not even scared anymore. Yashodin says whatever is happening in this house she is responsible for it. She is fooling you all. Dai says what are you saying. I brought this child in world. He is a part of my heart and you are saying I am creating troubles in his life? If I am that bad I will leave this house. Diwan says you won’t go anywhere. I trust dai ma completely.
Yashodin says then ask her to drink this water. Diwan says I will prove how baseless all this is. He takes the pot. Diwan says drink it dai ma and prove him wrong. Dai says what if this is poison? Yashodin drinks it and says are you sure now? Dai says before this I want to ask Yashodin one thing.
In 1965, an innocent person lost his life from your hands. You were doing some pooja and a man name Hemanth lost his life. Is that true? Alpesh says that was a result of black magic. She says no he died because of Yashodin’s stupid tricks. Is that right? Yashodin is silent. He says that is right. But he under black magic I was trying to save him from that. Dai says by killing him? You made him drink similar water. Right or not? Alpesh says is that right? Yashodin says yes. Dai says I didn’t want to drink this but to prove my innocence I will. She takes the pot.
Diwan throws the pot away. He says you all saw who is what? You don’t need to prove anything dai ma.

Alpesh says Yashodin ji please leave this house. Yashodin leaves. Diwan hugs Chiragh. Manjila says today is a weird day. Alpesh says go and sleep everyone.

Scene 2
Dai stops Yashodin in garden. She says you fell in your own ditch. He says tell me how did you know that man? She says you forgot but I didn’t. You were against me back then too. I was that power. The water you gave to Hemanth, I mixed poison in it.

Yashodin comes back in. He says I couldn’t prove truth today but whatever I said was right. I got to know one more thing that is important for your son. She is spawning a web. It is harmful for Chiragh. Paresh says I don’t wanna hear anything about it now. Yashodin says do a havan before chiragh’s 5th birthday. You will know the reality. He leaves.

Precap-Paresh asks Alpesh to inform pandit ji about havan. Yashodin says this will keep the devil away from Chiragh. Vidya says to Manjila there was truth is Yashodin’s tone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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