Kuchh toh tere mere darmiyaan – ss – shot 5

hey guys, thought to give next shot too, as my penalty, so let’s start the story
Next morning, at around 5 , in kavya’s room
Kavya felt a splash of water on her face
Kavya: what the hell(shouted ) and opened her eyes only to see……swara standing there
Kavya(shouted with anger): what the hell e u doing in my room and how dare u to do this to me
Swara: awww…kavya baby got angry….so sorry kavya baby (expression changed to anger)…just get up now , may be u have forgotten the bet , but I must remind u babes that u have lost , and its time for ur ……….(evil smile) get ready fast and come out , (threw clothes on her)wear this
Kavya checked the clothes: what is this I don’t wear these old fashioned clothes
Swara: I m telling u not asking

Kavya came out after 35 min in anarkali suit which ragini usually wears
(Gadodia ladies and maheshwari ladies used to meet often now at MM and sanlak had their day off)
Swara: so ready for ur punishment miss kavya
Kavya passed death glare to her friends who had proposed that idea of bet.
Swara: so ur punishment is………….
Sanlak: isssssss ????
Swara: ur punishment is that u will perform all the works which ragini does in a day, in other words u’ll become ragini for today.
Everyone was shocked , but kavya was more than shocked (hahaha zor ka jhataka hai zoron se laga hahaha)
Ap: Swara beta , she can do everything but aarti toh ragini hi karega.
Everyone suppressed their chuckle
Swara: okk badi maa
After aarti
Ragini: swara let’s go and help ap aunty and suji aunty in kitchen
Swara: no ragu , u will not go to help them…….(same evil smile)kavya will go
Kavya: I don’t know how to cook
Swara: u have to help them, u don’t have any choice
Kavya went making faces,

At bf table
Laksh: ragini ..,,(hesitantly ) …ur u okk??
Ragini: haan laksh but why
Laksh: no nothing wo actually today chapatti is…….
Swara laughed
Swara: laksh today ragini haven’t made it…it’s Kavya who made it
Sanlak chocked
Swara immediately gave water to sanskar concerned……sanskar turned to take water, and his eyes got stuck on her face. He drinked water not breaking their eyelock
BG_____Banjara song
Jise zindagi dhond rahi h
Kya ye vo makaam mera h
Yahaan chain se bas ruk jaaun
Sankar was trying hard to take his eyes away but he just cound not, and swara was just lost herself in his deep eyes
Kyun dil ye mujhe kehta h
Jazbaat naye se mile h,
Jaane kya asar ye hua h , ikk aas mili phir mujhko
Jo qubool kisine kiya h

AS laksh chocked ragini whose feet moved on their own stopped herself, she remembered that now laksh was not her, he was going to be her sister’s husband .
Laksh believed that ragini will give him water , forwarded his hand in her direction but she took a step back and turned her face to other side not wanting to show her pain and concern, it piched laksh as if someone has stabbed him
Sujatha gave laksh water and asked him if he is okk, swasan came back from their trance.
Ragini noticed swara’s concern for sanskar but washed away her thoughts

Kavya was cleaning the furniture, she was hell tired cleaning this big mansion,
She moved towards table but stumbled, at the nick of the time sanskar came and hold her .
Swara who taking care if kavya is doing all her work saw this and her jealousy reached its limit, she went towards them and separated both of them
Swara: miss kavya be careful, no one will come next time to save u(turning towards sanskar) don’t u have any other work,go and help your brother (with anger)
Kavya was confused and angry also on the same time with swara’s behavior,
Sanskar had an unknown smile on his face
Ragini noticed all this

Laksh pov
What is happening to me , why am I thinking about ragini again and again, its my marriage yaar I should think about swara but ..aghhhh…what is happening with me ????? and why do I feel pain seeing ragini in pain , why I was got hurt when ragini didny give me water , ohh man so many questions but no ans ,(just then krish enters his room)
Pov end

Krish: what happened laksh, r u okk
Laksh: yeah I m fine
Krish; u r not looking like….oh man I forgot u r in love na than how will u take care of your self, u will be thinking about bhabhi all the time right
Laksh gave him a fake smile
Krish : it happens dude, love chiz hi esi, when it comes in ur life na it changes everything, ur thoughts revolve around that special person only , her smile make u forget all ur worries , her pain hurts u like hell u just can’t handle it(laksh remembers ragini), her ignorance is the worst punishment for u, her love is the best blessing for u, that person becomes ur habit …that(sees laksh zoned out)…hey laksh (shaked him)
Laksh coming out of his thoughts: hmm what
Krish: haha nothing may …..vese tell me whom do u remembered listening my words……ohh sorry for asking this….off course u’ll remember ur love na …mein bhi na

Laksh: krish how do u know about love haan….kya baat h buddy(teasing smile)
They talked for sometime, after krish left
Laksh: why was I thinking about ragini…..no no this can’t happen…am I in love with ragini…no no…I love swara na how cani…no
His heart: u really love swara u idiot????
Lakh: y a I love swara ……but …then why didn’t I get jealous or hurt when swara gave water to sanskar….instead I got hurt when ragini didn’t give me water ….why WHYYYYY:?????? Why I was jealous seeing sanrag together..uff
His heart: coz u love ragini !!!u idiot
Laksh: (shocked) after 5min of silence finally laksh spoke———I love ragini !!!really(a smile came on his face)
…….hey stop calling me idiot —————

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  1. IQRA222

    tigress di the episode was lovely
    a pat on shona’s back for teaching a lesson to kavya
    swasan moments were superb
    i am happy as lucky realized his love for ragu
    waiting for the next part

  2. Yashu24

    It’s going a race in between me and iqu but again iqu commented​ first…uff…?
    Anyways copy paste my comment from the previous part
    Excellent ???
    And swasan scenes were ?????
    And laksh ko abh pta chl gya kya dimag ki batti late jali ???
    Abh swasan ki dimag ki batti bhi jla do…
    Love you soooo much ?????

  3. Awesome

  4. Amazing … Marvelous…… Outstanding

  5. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update dear

  6. Dharani

    huh finally realisation hit him now i am eagerly waiting to see what will he do next awesome dear

  7. Follybraverl

    Ohhhhhh how could I miss this ff??? just awesome

  8. Phoniex

    Read it first time and loved it thanks dear

  9. Asw

    Amazing yaar keep going

  10. Hii
    Its a really nice story.
    For swasan Can you make it like Sanskar remembring his 1st love kavita missing her badly during all not able to come out frim his past fully and its Swara who fell for him 1st unlike the show….
    I think it would be nice to read like that way

  11. Asra

    fabulous dear….finally laksh realise his feeling happy for that.swasan scenes superbbb…loved it alot dear….eagerly waiting for nxt one….tkcr dear…

  12. Akshata

    awesome, finally he realised. update soon

  13. Amazing

  14. Loved it…I read previous parts also but I am​ commenting here only…I loved all; parts..

  15. Simi

    Thank God he realised

  16. Awesome dear

  17. A.xx

    Amazing loved his realisation and kavyas torture xx

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