Kuchh toh tere mere darmiyaan – ss – shot 4

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Recap: Ragini wins, laksh jealous , miqra entry
Mickey: yaar, I m really getting bored now, let’s play something na
Iqra: ok, let’s play truth and dare, whats say
All agreed, sanskar spinned the bottle, and it stopped at swara.
Mickey: okkk so shona truth or dare??
Swara: amm truth
Mickey: ohk so tell us about….amm….haan, tell us any three good qualities of ragini
Shona: only three…..kitna kamm h (pout face)
Everyone chuckled

Shone: ohk toh first is ragu loves me more than anyone (side hugged ragini with a teasing smile towards everyone)
Second, she can even take kali maa’s avatar if anyone hurt her family , (ragsanswalak remember the incident when swaragini took stand for sumi shekher when their truth came out) ,and third she is the most melodious singer I have ever heard. And many many more, ragu is a collection of all the good qualities anyone can have ,(with proud) afterall behen kiski h (with a naughty smirk on her face)
Everyone chuckled

Sanskar again spinned the bottle, it stopped pointing toward ragini
Iqra: so ragini truth or dare?
Swara: ragu u take dare
Laksh: why dare, why not truth
Swara: arey I took truth na so she will take dare
Laksh (murmured): yeh konsa logic hua?? And shake his head in disbelief.
Ragini: okk swara , I’ll take dare
Iqra: okk toh u will sing a song, actually the way shona has praised u I really want to listen ur voice
Mickey: me too
Ragini (smiled): okk and she started singing the song Maana ke hum yaar nhi (actually sung by parineeti chopra)

Maana ke hum yaar nahin
Lo tay hai ke pyaar nahin
(ragini closed her eyes and remember laksh saying he don’t love her)
Mana ke hum yaar nahi
Lo tay hai ke pyar nahi
Phir bhi nazrein na
Tum milana
Dil ka aitbaar nahi
(smile faded from swasanlak”s faces and swara had tears in her eyes)
Maana ke hum yaar nahin
Raste mein jo milo to
Hath milane ruk jana
Ho sath mein koi ho tumhare
Door se hi tum muskana
Lekin muskaan ho aisi
Ke jisme ikraar nahi
Lekin muskaan ho aisi
Ke jisme ikraar nahi
(everyone could see the pain in her voice , a tear fell from even miqra’s eyes, who knew nothing about ragini’s incomplete love and same was the case of krish and rey )
Nazron se na karna
Tum bayan
Woh jisse inkaar nahi
Maana ke hum yaar nahin
Phool jo band hai
Panno mein tho
Usko dhool bana dena

(sanskar was having mixed emotions – anger that his brother is reason for her pain, sad that his friend is suffering through this much pain and frustrated that he could do nothing about it, coz sanskar was the one who could understand ragini’s pain more than anyone as he has also lost his love which he could never get, but somewhere ragini’s pain was more than him kyunki sanskar knew that kavita will never comeback , he has to bear the pain of separation only once , but ragini is dying every day watching her love with her own sister.)

Baat chhide jo
Meri kahin tum
Usko bhool bataa dena

(ragini’s voice pierced laksh’s heart, he could not tolerate her pain,, he was somewhere cursing himself for hurting that innocent soul, he knew he was the one who rejected her love but that time he didn’t feel this much pain then why now, why now his heart is saying that something is wrong, he should be happy that he is marrying swara but why he is not feeling that way, he was trying hard to control his tears which were ready to flow)

Lekin wo bhool ho aisi
Jis’se bezaar nahin
Lekin wo bhool ho aisi
Jis’se bezaar nahin
(a lone tear escaped ragini’s eyes)
Tu jo soye toh meri tarah
Ik pal ko bhi karaar nahin
Maana ke hum yaar nahin…

Ragini finished her song and opened her eyes, all were staring her, everyone was having moisty eyes,
Ragini: u doesn’t like it ??? with so much innocence that a smile came on everyone’s face,
Iqra: no ragini, it was awesome really u r an amazing singer
Mickey(to light up the atmosphere): thank god u r not a professional singer wrna mera aur iqu ka kya hota
Everyone gave her an unbelievable look and laughed a lot
The game continued, finally they decided to end the game and spinned the bottle last time, it came on sanskar
Rey: toh buddy truth or dare?
Sanskar: dare
Krish: okk then, proprose ragini
Everyone got shocked

Krish: I just said to propose her not marry her yaar, chill it’s a game (tried to save himself from their glares)
Sanskar: okk ,(standing from his chair) now watch and learn what real proposing is(with a smirk on his face) and took a rose from a vase kept near their table, came towards ragini and forwarded his hand, ragini who was laughing a little gave her hand in his, (guys WARNING!! Don’t go near laksh , u’ll be converted into ahes)
Sanskar kneel down in front of ragini and said

Till now I never got any chance to say this to u ragini , but now I don’t want to lose this chance, so meri pyaari dupatte waali dost thank u for bringing this sanskar back, when I confined myself into the dark walls of hate u were the one who broke those walls with ur care, u gave this me a new life , ur care , ur love towards me as ur friend changed me, u gave me the courage to accept my mistake and also to forgive others, u were the one who teached me to love this world again, I promise u that I” ll be always there for u whenever u need me, for me u r and always be my best friend meri dupatte waali dost, i know I cheated and hurted u too in my so called revenge ,I m really from the bottom of my heart and I promise I will never hurt u again and never let anyone else hurt u again , I m sorry ragini
Ragini had tears in her eyes as she finally got a true friend , and laksh was burning in jealousy , he cluthed the glass in his hand.

Ragini: no sanskar, I have already forgiven u sanskar and how can I be angry with my bestu (she side hugged him)
Sanskar: so coming to my dare, toh
MISS RAGINI GADODIA, I want to tell u something, everyone know that this charming smile of mine have stolen many girl’s heart but the one whose smile clean bold my heart is u, u r the one who teached me the real meaning of love and care, so mere dupatte waali dost I want to tell u I love u (and winked at krish and rey) as my friend
Ragini: I love u too sanskuu(pulled his cheeks )
Everyone clapped (and laksh wanted to sachhi kill his brother today and was glaring as if he will eat him which didn’t go unnoticed by sanskar, but what did he know that another pair of eyes were also staring him stumped by his words )
Suddenly all heared a sound, they looked in that direction .as ragini saw that she came running towards
Ragini: lakshhhhhh……….yeh kese hua laksh ,(kneeling down in front of him and holding his hand with care) tears were rolling down her eyes(laksh has broken the glass in his hand and glass pieces pierced his skin and blood was oozing out of his hand ,)

Ragini took some water , dipped her hanky in it and started cleaning his wound.
Bg____enna sona
Kol hove te sek lagda ee
Door jaave te dil jaldaa ee
(Here, laksh was lost in her angelic face)
Kedi agg da rab ne banaya , rab ne banaya, rab ne banaya
Enna sona kyun rab ne banaya , enna sona hoo enna sona
Laksh came back from his trance by ragini’s voice
Ragini: Sanskar give me ur hanky …fast
Ragini tied sansky’s hanky on laksh’s hand
Ragini: sanskar take laksh to doctor right know , I just have temporarily tied ur hanky on his wound, go fast and let’s end this party here, let’s meet tomorrow everyone
Swara was little shocked with ragini’s statement as usually she would herself gone with laksh instead of telling sanskar to take him.
Sanskar took laksh to doc and then MM, krish and rey also bid bye to them and went back home, Miqra went with swaragini to their home

Next morning, at around 5 , in kavya’s room
Kavya felt a splash of water on her face
Kavya: what the hell(shouted ) and opened her eyes only to see……

Precap: zor ka jhataka hai zoron se laga but to whom

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    ahh you made me cry… becoz of u i got to know about this song, after reading this song i opened youtube and listened it. wonderful, heart touching and apt for the situation. this song really made me feel ragini’s pain. wow awesome and hear touching update,

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