Kuchh toh tere mere darmiyaan – ss – shot 3

Hiiii buddies, sorry for late update , a big waala sorry *puppy face* and use bhi bada walla sorry coz there are some changes, its not like what I wrote in precap. Choleyyyyy*kaan pakad ke*
Let’s start the story
Recap: Ragini’s ramp walk, stunned sanlak , raglak eyelock
Swalaksan goes to ragini;
Ragini: swara humne achha to kiya na
Swar: No , not at all
Sankar(with fake anger): Where was your focus ragini (keeping his hand on his forehead)what did u do ragini
Laksh: really ragini, didn’t expected
Ragini had tear in her eyes , and they saw it, and burst out laughing.
Laksh(still laughing): awww….ragini , u r so cute yaar (pulling her cheeks)
Ragini was just staring him and tears roll down her cheeks
Swara(hugged her breaking her trance): Ragini , u were amazing (breaking the hug)u were looking like a fairy.
Sanakr: u mean now she is not looking like a fairy, swara??
Swara gave him a very funny look
Sanskar: Ragini , u know every boy was drolling over u, sachhi, but I was not feeling angry coz I was feeling same and winked to ragini
Ragini hit his shoulder playfully and blushed
Host: so guys , results are , the most handsome dude here after our would be groom, isssssss
……..isssssss……….Sankar Maheshwari
Sankar lifted his collars giving * heheheh I knew it* look
Host: and the most gorgeous girl isssssss………isssssss
(Kavya took a step ahead as if she know it is her only)
Host: issssss ……Ragini Gadodia
Swalak: yeeeeeeee(they jumped and gave hi fi to each other and the trio swasanlak had a group hug as if they have won a war and dragged ragini , who was shocked first and then veryyyy happy,also in that hug)
Here kavya who was hell shocked and was burning in anger stormed out of the party with her friends.
Ragsan had a ramp walk with Sankar having his hand on ragini’s waist, (laksh felt something but brushed his thoughts)
Laksh was with his friends
One boy: lucky dude , you are sure na that u want that Barbie doll as your saali saahiba only
Laksh: matlab
Boy: matlab, bhai , if I was on your place I would have chose her as my wife not my saali
Boy2: but we r very happy coz we still have a chance and gave hi f to other one.
Laksh was feeling very angry but at the same time boy 1’s question was coming in his mind again and again.
Laksh murmured: why I am thinking about it only?????
After some time , all boys and girl left except krish and rey (laksh’s best friends)
Swaragini and krisanlakrey were talking to each other, when someone closed swara’s eyes from back
Swara touched their hands on her eyes
Swara: MICKEY AND IQRA!!!!!!!!!!!!
MIQRA: again tune pehechaan liya
They had a group hug. And swara introduced them to everyone.
Swara:u came really early , party toh abhi start bhi nhi hui (sarcastically )
Mickey: sorry shone actually we missed our flight so late ho gye.
(MIQRA are famous pop singers , )
As always do tell me how was it and my mistakes if u feel any throuch comments, and please tell if u want any specific track in our swaragini’s love story…………………bye guys ,………….take care

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  1. Dear how raglak s going to be one???

    1. Tigeress

      don’t worry dear, they’ll be one soon, may be in next shot only their story will pace up

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        and keep commenting

      2. Tigeress

        if u want any specific track in their love story then do tell me please

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    Hahahaha….areee wahhh my meet with swara , omgggg omggg….areee koi pinch kro…hahaha…
    And iqu is also with me hahahaha… And the biggest hahaha… For we are singers….

    Aiyooooo di aapke muh me ghee sakar(ghee sakar kon khata h aaj kal, aapke muh me lots of chocolates) ????
    Well the​ part was very small but mast??
    Laksh is jealous hahaha?
    Love you ???

  7. Tigeress

    i know bachaa part was too small, but next time it will be a big one,……..and i m so happy u liked it …..love u bachaa

  8. Astra

    awesome parts dear.. i love swalaksan support for ragini. but, it’s raglak only naa… the story line is awesome. interested to know next…

  9. Tigeress

    yes dii its raglak and swasan only , mainly raglak, and really glad that u liked it, actually to be frank, i was waiting for ur comment so muchh , and when u msged me privately, i was jumping on bed (i know i m talking silly but its true)…..thank u so so much for commenting di , it means a lot

  10. Awesome continue soon , MIQRA is nice

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    awesome awesome awesome tigress di
    you really are superb di just love you lots of kisses and hugs
    when i saw my name in the ss i was literally jumping and i am so happy i have micku di my angel with me as a friend and that too with swaraglaksan in your super duper ss
    its like a cherry on the cake
    waiting for the next part

  13. Tigeress

    Hahahaha, glad u liked it, actually in last shot u said na that u wanted to be in that sanlak scene , I could not fulfill ur wish in that shot as it was already uploaded, so I thought this, in this way I can fulfill ur wish and u and micku (Miqra) can also help me to unite our love birds??

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    awesome dear….Ohhh laksh u got jealous….want to see laksh jealous track….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear.m.

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