Kuchh toh tere mere darmiyaan – ss – shot 2

Hey guys, thanks a lot for ur comments , it means a lot to me , really didn’t expected,
Note: in this ss sanskar has already told everything to everyone (after seeing swaragini bond)and everyone has forgive him
Now let’s start the story
Precap:Kanvya called ragini a behenji
Everyone got angry on kavya for this but controlled except SwaLakSan , while ragini was unchanged coz she was habitual of these type of comments especially when laksh himself called her “ not his type” , so this was nothing infront of that for her .
Sankar: Kavya , u r our couisin but that does not mean that u can say anything to ragini , we all love her as she is.
Kavya(shocked): sanskar , u r talking to ME like this for this behenji!!!!!!!!
Swara: KAVYA (little bit louder) she is my sister. Okk. And she is beautiful as she is, and her simplicity makes her even more beautiful, unlike other girls who wear anything not even caring about their elders beliefs and teachings , and think themselves to be the most beautiful, smart or modern girl , but if they see real beauty , they can not handle it and tag them “behenji” and act like a cry baby if anyone show them mirror.

This hurted Kavya’s ego
Sia: Kavya , ur family members talk like this to their guests?? (whispered but so loudly that everone could hear)
Kavya could not take it anymore.
Kavya to Ap: Really aunty , u r marring laksh with this girl who don’t know how to talk to others and u r not even saying anything to her.
Ragini: Sorry kavya from swara’s behalf
Swara: Rag….(interrupted)
Kavya: U SHOULD BE MISS BEHENJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Laksh: Enough Kavya (shouted but calmed himself) Kavya don’t create any scene here and get one thing clear that Ragini is my best friend and as u know me from childhood , u should also know that I cannot bear any nonsense like this about my loved ones , and its u , therefore I m not saying anything , otherwise……………………………u know what I mean
Ap: Laksh(shouted)

Laksh: Sorry maa but u also know that she is saying nonsense and insulting my ragini(no one noticed “my ragini ” except swasan)………………….(laksh holds ragini’s hand)
Sankar: and my best friend(sankar hold ragini’s other hand coz the way ragini took care of him when he was acting , it made a really special place for her in his heart and everyone knew it )
Swara: and my sister (standing in between kavya and ragini)
Ragini looked towards swalaksan with tears in her eyes feeling protected and loved by them
(obviously if we have get the love and care for which we craved from childhood, we will feel like this only na)
Kavya and swara continued fighting for 1-2 min
Naina: Why don’t we see it in tonight’s party, let’s bet if tonight whoever will look more hot and confident on ramp will win and if kavya wins then u (pointing towards swara) will apologize her in front of all and if kavya win then we’ll do any one thing u want.
Kavya smirked with a “I know I m gonna win” attitude
Swara: done
Swasanlak were discussing something and ragini was looking towards their faces confused
Swara: let’s go for shopping then
Sanlak: jaldi please , we don’t have time

At party
Kavya came in the party hall with her friends , she was wearing a backless white gown looking (I hate to say this ) very petty
Every boy was looking towads her only
Sia: ur win is confirmed babes
Kavya: I know that with overconfidence
Lights gets off. And spotlight falls on the host
Host: so guys after boys its time for girls to put fire on the ramp , u all have three cards in your hands, yellow(lowest), orange(lower) and red(highest)
U all will give points to girls by lifting the card ,. So let’s start
One by one all the girls come on ramp walk , Our
Swalaksan (in mind) : god please help ragini , give her confidence
Finally kavya comes on ramp , all cheer for her and most of the people had raised red cards
Kavya comes back after doing the ramp walk
Riya: omg kavya u rocked it babes
Kavya: I know darling, let’s see what will this behenji do . but where is she
Spotlights fall on a girl , all were looking her like they r seeing an angel , but that girl seemed nervous ,(u guessed right) (ragini is wearing the dress in the pic )
BG music plays : Gulaabi aankhen jo teri dekhi (slow version)
Swara(in mind): come on ragu , u can do it
Ragini was hell nervous coz hall had a pin drop silence (unaware that she had already stocked out their words for admiring her beauty ), she remembered how swalaksan took a stand for her , she has to do it for them . (this is the dress ragini was wearing, imagine krlo guys, with hairs in a messy bun , no excessaries, nude lips , high heels )

She started walking on the ramp, matching her footsteps with the beats , with her killer smile on her face , all the boys were clean bold, sanlak and kavya’s mouth was hung open , touching the ground,(I wish u could see their faces in my imagination world)
Naina: yeh machhli jalpari kese ban gaya
Here, Swara: I didn’t know u r non- veg,
Sanlak: hnn kya….
Swara: haan ….the way u have kept ur mouth open, I m sure one or two flies will enter ur mouth for sure
(swara chuckles and sanlak look each other embarrassed )
Ragini was still on stage , suddenly whole hall bursted out hooting , clapping and was filled with red card card, it was clear that ragini won.
After some time
Sanlakswa were laughing like hell
Swara: ragu u rocked it sis , sachhi kavya ka face dekhne layak tha
Laksh : Sachh me ragini u …r….beau…beautiful(looking straight in her eyes)
Bg music (Darmiyaan- shreya ghoshal)
Aankhon Mein Tere Saye
Chahun Toh Ho Na Paye Yaadon Se Teri Faaslan
Haayye… Jake Bhi Tu Na Jaye
Thehera Tu Dil Mein Haye
Hasrat Sa Banke Kyun Bhala
Kyun Yaad Karti Hun
Mithti Hu Banti Hun
Mujhko Tu Laya Yeh Kahan…
Benaam Rishta Woh…
Bechain Karta Jo
Ho Na Sake Jo Bayan Darmiyaan… Darmiyaan Darmiyaan Darmiyaan Darmiyaan Kuch To Tha Tere Mere Darmiyaan…(2)
Kuch To Tha Tere Mere Darmiyaan.

They came out from their trance from swasan laugh
Ragini turned her face to hide her tears
Screen freezed on ragini teary eyes

Precap: Ragini sings Mein pareshaan like a rockstar , kavya’s punishment

Guys do comment and tell me , how was it and do tell me my mistakes if u feel any , ……and yes while commenting please tell me if iu shoul call u di or not, I m 16 , gonna be 17 in August………..take care guys bye.

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    And I loved the sound of hers ego’s broking sound ‘channnnn….’

    Love you di….????

    1. Yashu24

      And di
      As I watch cartoons very much my imagination is already super in imagining these funny scenes like sanlak’s mouth hung open touching to the ground ????????

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    tigress di the episode was wonderful lovely and fantastic
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    and di i am 13 years so you are my big di and i am your choti
    vaise toh i loved all the dialogues but my fav’s were when swaru defending ragu
    waiting for the next part

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