Kuchh to h tere mere darmiyan – ss

Hey guys , it’s tigress , some of u know me already, it’s my first ever ss , actually my sister Mickey asked me to write a story as her birthday gift that was on 24 march , so bachaa here is your birthday present , hope u like it

Story starts when swara agrees to marry laksh for ragini’s sake but somewhere she feels that may she has fallen for him
Swara POV
I know ragini that u r doing all this for ur love ‘s happiness , I really can not even imagine from how much pain u r going through, and just for me and laksh u r bearing all this , (cleaning tear drops from her face) but if my marriage gives u even the slightest happiness na toh I m ready to do it , may be this was our destiny , But if there is one thing for which I love my destiny is that it gave me u , the best sister , the most innocent soul , in my life. Thank u ragini for being in my life ,
POV ends

Laksh pov starts
What r u ragini? I really don’t understand u , whenever I think that I know u , u prove me wrong and show me a new ragini, Why ragini ? Why r u doing so much for me? Don’t love me this much ragini.Apni hi aankhon girta jaa raha hoon m that I broke heart of such pious and innocent soul, akhir kis mitti ki bani ho tum , how can someone love somebody this much. I m really sorry ragini i m really sorry and thanku for being in my life as my best friend , thank u
Pov ends
Ragini was moving aimlessly on road when she hear bells in a temple, she goes in that direction, there was no one in that temple as it was late in night
Ragini: why maa why always me whyyyyy????
First u took maa from me, baba used to involved in his professional life so much that he never used to spend time with me , dadima never cared for my opinion for my happiness, then I got to know about swara and shomi ma , I got the biggest shock of my life , but thought that may be now I will get love but papa thought that swara never got father’s love so he started loving swara only , then laksh came , I never said ki mujhse unse shaadi krni h but noo my family fixed our marriage , I thought that now I will get the love for which I carved for but no again my heart was broken but that was not enough laksh again broke my heart for sanskar ‘s sake and with another shock that he love non other than my sister, why me maa hamesha h hi kyun ab aur himmat nhi h humme, nhi h aur himaat humme maa, nhi h
She sat down on her knees and cried bitterly
Nhi maa ab aur nhi , now I will live my life as I want , I will live my life to its fullest , now I will become that much strong ki kabhi koi hamaara dil dubaara na tood paaye , ab hum kisiko humaare dil hamaare feelings ke saath khelne ka hak nhi denge

Even if ragini said all these but to change ourselves is not that easy , she was habitual of helping everyone even if it hurted her only , no doubt she made her heart strong but h toh ragini hi na

Marriage preparations of salam started both families were happy , swara also accepted laksh from her heart, laksh was also happy but whenever he saw ragini , his heart pained . Everyone was aware of her pain but no one knew what should they do, ragini which they was not there coz this ragini forget to laugh , she smiled but it was a fake one.
One day, kavya (laksh cousin) came for came ,
Ap: are kavya beta ……….as she looked her she felt awkward as she was in shorts and a crop top but she let it go………….good to see u beta after so long
Kavya: same here same here (with attitude) btw where is laksh
Ap: he is in his room I will introduce u with his in laws family also
Gadodiya are in mm only. Ap introduces kavya with shekhar, shomi, dadima and dada ji , and and her family, they all felt awkward with her dressing sense but let it go
Kavya: chachi may call my freinds inside they r standing outside
Ap: freinds!!!! Oh ohk call them inside
All of her freinds came in all were in short dresses and greeted everyone by saying yo everyone, family was shocked but as guests r next to god for us they let it go again
Here comes our youngster party
Kavya : hey laksh , whoo u r looking really handsome buddy (hits his shoulder)
Laksh:thanks with fake smile
Kavya : meet my friends , sia, riya and naina
Laksh: hello
Kavya: who r they ( pointing towards swara ragini, swara was in a jumpsuit , and ragini in a pink anarkali) (she looked ragini as if she is watching any any antic piece in a museum )
Laksh: she is swara my would be wife and she is ragini her sis and my bestie
Kavya: what!!!!! She is your bestie , r u kidding me laksh , just look at her she is looking like a typical behenji , and laughed with her freinds

Precap: clash of the Titans???I mean clash of swara and kavya and ragini in hot avatar

Guys please do tell me how is it , i know today was boring but it was necessary to build the base line and it just came into my mind and I wrote it, do comment and ya I know I m not a really good writer , just tried a little
And only cakes and pastries and chocolate r welcomed for hitting , bye and take care all of you

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