Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 9th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 9th January 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 9th January 2013 Written Update

Nidhi tells Ashu that the doctors won’t send the reports before morning so there is no point seeing the time again and again. Neither of them can sleep. They make coffee for themselves while trying to make it through the long night.

Next morning, AshNi are confronted with the shocking truth that Baba has only 3-6 months to live. He refuses to believe it and Nidhi tries to make him accept it but in vain. Nidhi suggests that he himself should take a look at Baba’s reports then since he is the best neurosurgeon. Ashu wants to meet Baba. Nidhi, though apprehensive, lets him go.

Ashu meets Baba and he asks about his reports. Ashu seems at a loss of words so Nidhi intervenes to tell Baba. However, Nidhi too manipulates a bit and says it’s just a small tumour for which he needs to stay in the hospital. Baba says that even if the tumour is malignant, he’s lived his life and tells them to relax. He asks Ashu to get him a cup of coffee. When Ashu leaves, Baba and Nidhi discuss how Ashu is having a tough time accepting this. Nidhi assures him she is there for Ashu since he is very emotional. However, they are also very broken from the inside.

Nidhi notices Ashu sitting lost in the dark. He tells her that she told Baba the truth. Nidhi says that he would’ve figured it out anyway once the treatment begins. Nidhi still has hopes for a miracle. She advises him to keep separate being a doctor and being a relative. As a doctor, she will try the best to treat her patient well but as a granddaughter, she still hopes for a miracle and he should do the same. But Ashu is still scared of losing his Baba. Nidhi asks him to keep hope alive in his heart and treat Baba with his mind and not let Baba know how stressed they are.

Ashu meets an aged patient of his whose operation is successful. The patient is grateful and says it is miracle that he saved him and he has magic in his hands. This gets Ashu thinking. Baba’s tumour and the patient’s words are playing in his mind.

Everybody in the hospital notices his absentmindedness as he tries to sort his thoughts. He slips and falls on the stairs and gets a hairline fracture on his arm. Nidhi asks him why he was so lost. Ashu says that he saves so many people but can’t do anything for his Baba; all his knowledge and experience seems useless now. Nidhi says that they can only try to save their patients and knowledge has a limit, there is something called destiny. But Ashu says destiny is nothing but a name for our helplessness. Nidhi just tells him that they need to do the best and leave the rest.

Baba is having a good time with DB, Yuvraj, Mr. S and Shyama. Ashu enters and Baba notices his plaster. AshNi assure him there is nothing to worry about. Baba asks about his report again since Ashu was double checking it.

Precap: Nidhi tells Baba that his tumour is in the outer cerebrum. Baba says that’s good because he had thought that it was probably something more serious (I couldn’t catch the name of the disease but i think he guesses the right one. Like he was a neurosurgeon himself, who are they trying to kid? And i never understood this thing about hiding diseases either!).

Update Credit to: BlackBeauty

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