Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 7th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 7th January 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 7th January 2013 Written Update

The anchor announces the the fashion show has collected Rs 50 lacs and the junior staff rejoices. The models and desginers are invited on the stage. Everyone seems happy except DD. Ashu is asked to give a speech and he says that old needn’t be gold and new things cannot be rejected for lack of experience always. He sportingly admits that Nidhi has done a good job and proudly announces her as his wife. Among the celebrations, Baba suddenly gets collapses and everyone panics. He is rushed to the main hospital.

Everyone is waiting outside as Baba gets treated. They’re all tensed and worried. Ashu informs them that Baba is still unconcious and his reports haven’t come. With much persuasion, Nidhi makes everyone leave and carry on but when left alone, she herself is disturbed. Ashu tells her that they suspect tumour and decides to consult some specialists even before the reports come. He asks Nidhi to go home but she refuses.

Later in his cabin, Ashu breaks down. He composes himself when Priyanka comes for some work but he is still lost. Nidhi ushers her to leave and he doesn’t even realise when Nidhi comes and Priyanka leaves. Nidhi tells him not to stress so much and takes him for coffee.

Ashu is depressed and Nidhi consoles him saying Baba is going to be fine and she is there for him. Ashu asks her where she gets her strength from and how she always holds on to every last bit of hope. Nidhi tells Ashu that nature has made women physically weak but emotionally strong. Ashu tells Nidhi she has matured a lot. Nidhi wonders when this long night will end but they are each other’s support.

Next morning, Nidhi sees Ashu hasn’t slept all night. Baba’s MRI reports still haven’t come. Nidhi enquires about them but only gets a tentative figure. She wants Ashu to go home and rest but he doesn’t want to. She insists since he needs rest, she promises to call him once the report gets here. Ashu thanks Nidhi for supporting him and always being there for him. Nidhi prays for strength.

Baba regains conciousness and Nidhi goes to meet him. His head seems to hurt a lot and Nidhi is upset seeing him in so much pain. Baba apologises for ruining her fashion show and she is appalled. Amongst their conversation, Baba reminds her that he too is a doctor and she needn’t hide anything from him. He knows he might have a tumour. Nidhi says she believes that there is nothing to worry about but Baba notices her looking at the phone and figures out that she will be calling Ashu after his MRI reports come.

Precap: AshNi are on phone. Nidhi stops their conversation midway as she sees the reports.

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