Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 7th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 7th February 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 7th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Nidhi comes to BB and asks about Aradhna..! BB says..she came! Nidhi asks where she went? BB says that she went back to her old life..! He says that she couldnt have stayed back.. after all ..how and for which relation would she have stayed back for? BB says that..he is the happiest.. for one thing! He asks AshNi to come near to him and says..that they proved the world wrong! Ashu asks..what? BB says that.. they have proved that true love bridges all gaps! Nidhi says..that they had no gaps! BB says.. AGE GAP .. ! BB says that when they got married ..no one had faith that this marriage would last.. but they have proved that.. despite AGE GAP ..they are made for each other! BB smiles and so do AshNi! BB says..he is proud of the duo..! BB says that he is happy

that his illness brought AshNi closer! He tells them his Akashvani ..aka Dhartivani that no power in the world..no person.. can create any rift between them ..and that they will be together.. forever..! BB smiles and puts Nidhis hand in Ashus..!

Few days later at the Mathurs, Rangu-Anjie, CB-DB, Shyama all welcome BB back home..! DB gives flowers to BB..and BB said.. only flowers? Din get sweets? DB said..she was gonna get but the Docs in the house all refused so couldnt get..! Khushi gives a huge GET WELL SOON CARD to BB..! BB thanks her..and says the card is bigger than Khushi..! Nidhi says that BB is well already. .only cant move much! BB asks about Solanki and if he is in the kitchen? Shyama says ! Shyama says that.. Rangu is managing all but he stays very busy.. so feel like he is married to the hosp ..! Nidhi says.. Ranji is more important to him than hosp so .. he has gifted her a diamond ring..! Dubey gets a call and is shocked and then tells Rangu they have to rush to the hosp..! Rangu excuses himself..!

At the hosp, Dubey finds a police insp in his cabin n talks with him! He gives some info to him! Dubey introes Rangu to the insp and says that Good & Great Health pharma has charged him with bribery..! Rangu is shocked..! Insp. says that they have proof against him ..! Rangu says that rather the complainant had tried to bribe him .. and so he refused them! He says..thats why they have charged him..! Insp says that they are taking Rangu with him ..and Dubey assures him that he knows..how he is.. and not to worry..! He sends Rangu with the Insp.!

CS comes in BB room and finds Nidhi feeding BB! He offers to feed BB but Nidhi says..she is serving BB..! She asks him to do his work and he says..she has taken over all the work..so he can only kill mosquitoes..! Nidhi says..good.. and to start with her room! CS says BB to tell Beebi ji.. to leave his work alone! BB says Beebi ji..and Nidhi says..she is Bahu ji here.. and BB says..may all get such daughter in laws..! CS says..then they wont have any work..! All smile! CS goes..! Nidhi keeps a note with Aradhnas number for BB and tells him that if he wishes to call? BB recollects Aradhnas words…about having no relations and so stops himself..!

Part 2

Nidhi gets a call from hosp ..about seeing a patient but she says no..to stay back and serve BB! BB asks her to go and so does CS! CS assures he will take care.. ! Nidhi finally relents after BB gives her the final push! Nidhi tells CS that she will go and also send some meds for BB on the way..! BB is eating and praises the food ..! He stops eating thinking about Aradhna..!

Nidhi is at a medical store and one of the roughe looking guy sees her holding her purse casually..! He quickly takes her purse and runs off..! Nidhi follows..screaming .. THIEF.. ! Suddenly the thief comes infront of a bike and stops..! Nidhi slaps the Thief.. and says she will take him to the Insp.! The bike rider watches coolly..! He takes off his helmet and says.. ‘Wah.. what an irony .the ones who should be running in Olympics are either running after a thief.. or running after stealing’! [New entry guy]

Part 3

The thief tries to sneak off but the bike rider stops him and Nidhi slaps him..! The bike rider says..that he will teach him manners..! He slaps him ..n then says.. is this what his mom taught? Stealing purse of beautiful women? Steal the hearts of beautiful women! He says. beautiful women keep hearts of people.. not money..! Nidhi asks him to keep off .. ! He says..he has right to save beautiful women like her.. n her slap will be like a soft dupatta.. for the guy.. ! Nidhi asks him to not take law in his hand..! The guy says.. hands like her ..are to wear bangles.. or dupatta..or to put garland..! Nidhi says..he needs lessons in manner..! She asks him to come with her to the police stn.! Police comes there and asks the matter n he says.. the thief was stealing..the ! He watches Nidhi walk by and says.. what style.. with beauty . .i like her..!

Precap — The bike rider is on the phone while sitting in a cabin in KGH and tells someone that the staff of the hosp is very lazy..and inefficient..! AshNi are standing in front of him and Ashu says.. excuse me sir.. a senior Doc wants to talk ..! He looks at AshNi and Nidhi recognises him immediately..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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