Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 6th February 2013 Written Update

Part INidhi is in tears as Ashutosh tries to revive Baba. Finally the monitor shows response and Ashu tells Nidhi that BB’s hearbeat has returned. Both look at him happily and hug each other. Nidhi tells Ashu that its is due to his belief that Baba has returned and Ashu says it is due to your God. Baba has to be kept under observation. Ashni go to inform others. Ashu tells all that Baba is out of danger. All are happy. Col Verma hugs Ashu and says God has listened to all their prayers. Aradhana is happy. DB wants to see Baba but Ashu says next 12 hrs are critical. DB says we will pray that this 12 hrs go smoothly. Nidhi asks all to go home. All except Aradhana leave.

Nidhi consoles Aradhana & tells her that Baba is fine and asks her to take rest. Ashni are

in Ashu’s cabin. The ward boy brings in food. Ashu suggest that they have food. Nidhi only nods and has a worried look. Ashu asks her whats the matter. Nidhi says that she is scared of the next 12 hours. Ashu says it is strange that before he was scared and now she is fearing. Ashu says it is great that Baba is alive & he is sure that he will be ok.Ashu asks her to be happy. Ashni feed each other. Aradhana comes in – they offer her food. She congratulates them for giving Baba life. They ask her to go home – but she does not want to leave for home and wants to spend time with Baba as much as possible. Nidhi asks her to stay back till Baba regains consciousness. Aradhana agrees and says that anyway she cant leave before that. Aradhana goes out of the cabin. read full updates daily only at desitvbox.com Ashu asks Nidhi that he hopes she knows what she is doing – and Nidhi is yes she is sure of what she is doing. Ashni & Aradhana are waiting at the hospital. Ashni fall asleep in Ashu’s cabin. Its is morning and Nidhi is sleeping with her head on Ashu’s shoulder. Ashu tells that he wonders what he would have done without her and thanks Nidhi that she is with him. Ashu’s phone rings he gets the good news that Baba has regained consciousness. Ashu wakes Nidhi and they rush to his side. Ashu asks Baba to move his hand, and feet one by one and Baba responds positively.

Ashu asks Baba to open his mouth to which also Baba responds. Ashu asks him if there is any pain. Baba says no. Ashni are happy that all is fine. Ashu tells Nidhi that till now he has only heard of miracles – now we have seen one happen. Baba tells Nidhi that she has proved that a person’s belief, strength and determination are above medical science. Baba congratulates Ashu and tells him that it was a job well done by him. Ashu leaves the room to inform all at home. Baba asks if all have left and Nidhi says yes – all except Aradhana and that she is waiting for him and asks if Baba would like to see her. Baba says yes. Nidhi sends Aradhana in.

Nidhi drags Ashu and takes her along with him. Ahsu asks her where is she taking him by dragging him like a child. Nidhi tells that to thank some one. She takes him to the place where the idols of God are kept and asks him to thank God as God has listened to his prayers. Ashu says that he has learnt a lesson today – that where experience and knowledge ends, God opens his door.

Part II
Aradhana is with Baba. Baba says that Nidhi had told him that she was waiting for him to come to consciousness. Aradhana says she has been waiting for that since the he has left her. Baba says that is why he has come back from death and thanks her for waiting. Aradhana says it is a woman’s nature to wait for someone she truly loves. BB says woman only is a man’s support and her wait has brought him back to life. Aradhana asks him forget the past and live a new life. She tells him that she now has to leave. Baba asks her to wait till he returns back home. But she says no. He asks her what is the hurry. She says that some one who loves her is waiting for her. He asks who?

Part III
Baba tells Aradhana that she has never told about her family. Aradhana says that it was not required to tell him. Baba asks if she cannot wait for a few days. Aradhana says that said there is no reason for her to stay back. He tells her why does she need a reason for staying back. She asks him what relation does she have for her to stay back. Only friendship cannot hold someone back. It is now time for goodbye. BB asks her if they have met after such a long time only to get separated. Aradhana says that we now have separate lives and should lead our own lives. Baba says that it is not easy. She agrees – but that has to be accepted. Baba says that there was a an empty space when she was not there and now when she goes that space will be deeper. Aradhana tells him that our roles are separate, relations are separate, and hence we need to stay on separate ways. BB asks her wether they will never meet again –not even by chance? Aradhana says no – not even by chance and she leaves the room. Baba keeps looking at her going – dismayed

Precap – A thief snatches Nidhi’s purse. She catches him and slaps him and tells him to come to the police with her. A man gets down from a bike telling that her slap will be like a flower thrown at the thief…Entry of the new character

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