Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 5th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Nidhi tells Ashu that if he cant operate.. no one else can! Nidhi tells Ashu that life or death is not in the hands of a doc.. he only explained earlier! He has to fulfill the duty of a son and a doctor! Aradhna says.. Nidhi is right! Ashu cannot refuse.. he is the only neuro surgeon present! Ashu collapses on his sofa..! He contemplates the whole situation..! Nidhi sits next to Ashu and asks him not to worry and that nothing will happen..! She tells Ashu that.. she, Aradhna, BB have faith in him…and he cant disappoint them! Ashu closes his eyes and a minute later..says.. He will operate BB! Nidhi-Aradhna heave a sigh of relief! Nidhi goes to inform everyone and to get OT ready..! Aradhna thanks Ashu ..! Ashu acknowledges..with a nod! Ashu is still serious

and lost in thoughts!

Operation is on..! All are praying for BB..! Nidhi is pacing around outside the OT! Ashu and his assistants.. operate BB! Suddenly BB’s pulse starts dropping..! Ashu is panic stricken! One of the juniors come out and inform that BB is sinking and they are making one last attempt! Nidhi rushes inside and says BB..! Ashu says..what he feared happened.. n thats why he din wanna operate..! He rues that its all his fault.. he could not save BB..! He rues that its all his mistake.. and coz of him ..they lost BB..! Ashu breaksdown and Nidhi comforts him! Ashu suddenly gets up with a jerk… it was a bad dream..!

In the OT.. Nidhi is instructing everyone to be ready! She goes to get Ashu..! But he is not in his cabin..! Nidhi is confused..! Ashu comes at the temple in he hosp and says that.. there is a time in life where.. a person realises the limitations of his knowledge.. his prowess and proficiency..and that time has come in his life..! He says that people say that he has magic in his hands ..but today he is not confident about his own hands.. n till date he din ask for anything..! He says..he does not know if God is there or not. .but he knows that if there is thirst in his heart…there is water somewhere! He says..with this faith..he is surrendering himself to the Gods..and today whatever happens..will be decided by the Gods..! Nidhi is standing by Ashus side.. n prays as well..! She requests God to listen to Ashu ..! She says..how Ashu has never asked anything.. never burdened God with his desires.. so first time he is asking..so request to listen..! The duo bow down before the idol of the Gods..! Nidhi tells Ashu that everything is ready for the operation ..and all are waiting for him..!

Nidhi and Ashu are walking in the alley and says.. he went to God to get confidence. .but he forgot that Nidhi is his confidence..and so he has faith that..all will be well..! He asks Nidhi to be by his side during operation! Nidhi says..she is always with him . .in happiness.. in sadness. .in every need..! AshNi are in their scrubs and arrive at the OT..! CB tells Ashu not to worry and to have faith..! He says..they are all praying for BB! Anjie wishes Ashu best of luck..! AshNi go inside the OT!

Ashu looks at BB and is lost in memories of past..! Nidhi indicates Ashu to begin..! Ashu is again lost in memories..and Nidhi holds his hand..and asks him to keep faith..! The operation begins..! Suddenly Aradhnas phone rings..! Self thought.. knew…she would call but she has promised to stay back..! She takes the call and asks the caller how things are..and says how situations are critical and so she had to stay back..! She asks the caller to take care..!

Operation is on in full swing..! Everyone is worried..!

Part 2

Ashu is a bit worried as the operation progresses..! All are waiting anxiously outside the OT..for any news..! Ashu indicates.. that all is well..! He is relieved and so is Nidhi..! Nidhi hugs Ashu..! Ashu says operation went well..and asks Nidhi to close the cut and comes out..! He tells all that operation was successful and there is nothing to worry..! All are relieved..! Nidhi completes the stitches.. but observes that BBs pulse has dropped..!

Part 3

Nidhi calls for emergency equipment and rushes outside and calls out to Ashu..! Ashu rushes back inside..! They try giving shock to revive BB..! However there is no effect.! Nidhi is in shock and Ashu too..! The other Doc says.. pulse dropped suddenly! Nidhi recollects BBs hesitation to get operated and Ashus opposition to the idea of operation..! She is shattered..! Ashu tells Nidhi that all will be well..! Nidhi says..she should have listened to Ashu ..! She says..its all her fault..they lost BB..! Ashu asks Nidhi to keep patience..! Ashu himself gives the shock to BB but still no response..!

No precap..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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