Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 4th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 4th February 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 4th February 2013 Written Update

A tensed Nidhi was pacing in the hospital’s corridor, worried about baba as it was 2 hours that he was shifted into ICU. Aradhna consoled her. Ashu came out and said that baba’s health is getting worse and now they can’t even wait for 12 hours to do the operation. Nidhi suggests to call Dr.Philip or Dr.Vincent but Aradhna said how can a doctor can come ton India from England or America in 12 hours. Ashutosh said that Dr.Vincent is in Singapore to attend a conference so may be he can made it. He called Dr.Vincent who agrees to come down through the next flight. Nidhi suggests that in the mean time, they should make arrangements for operation and Ashu and She left to do that.

BB gets conscious after Aradhna come into the ICU. He looked around and ask that what

he is doing in an ICU. Aradhna said that you simply faints whenever you see me, so you have to get into an ICU. BB flirts with her calling her Zohra Jabeen. Aradhna hush him saying what if anyone hear them. BB said, I am not scared anymore as the fear of death make you forget all other fears. Aradhna asked him not to talk of death and be happy. BB remember his old days saying if they could come back and Aradhna asked him to stop living in past and live for future. BB says his future is uncertain but if She is there, he will be happy to live even an unhappy life. BB wishes that if his operation get successful, he wants to see Aradhna waiting for him at the home. Aradhna remembers her discussion on the phone with someone and was hesitated to answer first but later promise that she will be waiting for him.

A Dr gives Ashu a forum to sign before operation as it should be signed by a relative. Ashu asks Nidhi to sign as she is related by blood. Nidhi said that a bond made by heart is more important than a bond made by blood and Ashu is connected to baba’s heart. He should sign and Ashu agreed. Aradhna gets there and inform about BB’s conscious state and that he asked for them and Ashu n Nidhi rushed to BB room.

Nidhi and Ashu gets in the room and BB complained about there disapperance as when he woke up, he was looking for them. Nidhi gets emotional on seeing BB and Bb ask her not to cry, as before going to anethesia, he don’t want to see her cry. Its not a good way to say good bye. Ashu hushes him saying that they came to check on him, not to say Good bye. BB says that no one is sure that if he could survive through this operation so they should accept the reality. He says that this is the reality that in the end we become a dream for eachother. He says he wants to share his true feelings with them before operation. Nidhi cried and so does Ashu. BB ask them not to cry and said that he has seen them fighting, loving, their separation and togetherness, now he want to see there happy faces before his operation. Ashu pleads him not to say anything like that and Nidhi too almost orders. BB looks at them and ask them to give him hug and so they do.

BB looks at Ashu and Nidhi and take a promise, as his last wish too, that they willn’t let anything come in between them. Not anyone, anything, not age, not even career. They will let there LOVE win eachtime. He also said that whenever they will remember him further on, they should remember him alot, just with smiles, not with tears. He says that he don’t regret anything in his life and his only one wish was to meet Aradhna and ask for her forgiveness, that also got fulfilled by Nidhi. Nidhi hugs him with tears and BB asked them to be happy. Ashu also put his forehead on his arm. A few seconds later they felt BB falling back and they looked at him. Ashu made BB lay down and ask Nidhi to call DR.Vincent. She rushes out to call him and asked him that if he landed on airport. Dr.Vincent said that he is stuck on the Singapour airport and he is afraid he might can’t make it. He asked Nidhi to say sorry to Ashutosh.

Nidhi rushes in and tells Ashu that Dr.Vincent can’t come. Ashu gets tense and says that he need to contact other Dr asap. He and Nidhi called several doc’s but some were out of town, some were busy and some couldn’t come. Ashu tried to call another doc when Nidhi cut the call and Ashu looks at him with confused face. Nidhi asks him why he is calling other when they all knew that in India, there is no better doctor to do this surgery than him. Aradhna too agrees with Nidhi. Ashu shook his head and says he can’t do it. He is not sure of himself. What if he might make a mistake and loose BB. He said he don’t want to risk BB’s life as his hands are shaking from then on. Nidhi assures him that nothing like that will happen. He teaches everyone to be a doc before anything else. He should also look at BB just as another patient rather than just as a father.

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