Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 3rd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Part 1

Priyanka comes and tells that Showstopper has met with an accident and has a fracture in his leg.. and cant come now! Ahana-Priyanka-Jyotika all rue that all efforts will go in waste.. the show would be a disaster..! Aditi says.. Dubey will make fun of them..! Anjie suggests to search for an alternate Showstopper..! Aditi says.round 1 is on.. showstopper is needed by round 3..! Nidhi says..they have 30 mins.. how to get a showstopper?

A while later..Nidhi asks all to relax.. n continue the show.. n she will be back..! Nidhi-Aditi go off! A brief dance performance is going on ..on the ramp – Ashu-BB are enjoying..! Nidhi-Aditi are wondering what to do! Rangu is enjoying the show but Dubey is not impressed! Ahana-Jyotika-Priyanka are all ready to walk on the ramp but are worried for showstopper..! Rangu forces Dubey to watch and says..its very nice! Nidhi tries a few numbers but no concrete response! All clap at the end of the dance performance!

One after another all Docs start to walk on the ramp..! Doc. Vikas … Nurse Smita. .! Rangu drools on her..! Then its ward boy Bhola who is nervous but Anjie asks him to walk. n he goes..! Rangu cheers for him! Ahana and Priyanka hope that Nidhi-Aditi may fix all..! Priyanka asks Ahana to be confident n calm n not let anyone know of the trouble they are facing..! She manages to walk with confidence..! Sister Laxmi is next..! Nidhi comes and asks if Round 1 is done? Anjie says yes..! She asks where is Aditi and Nidhi says..searching for showstopper! She says..she is going to help Aditi! Anjie asks Nidhi to come fast as she has to get ready..! Its break time.. n guests are asked to have refreshments..!

A lady bumps into Ashu and spills cold drink on him..! She apologises .. but Ashu asks her to enjoy the show..! The lady tells Ashu that she has seen Ashu somewhere.! Ashu says..dun remember..! The lady says..he is the same doc who saved the CMs life.. she has seen him on tv! She asks Ashu if she can sit with him and Ashu relents! The lady keeps checking Ashu out and he feels conscious! The lady says.. he is very handsome.. and asks him if he used to model before going into medical? Ashu says.. no! She says..that if she knew neuro surgeons were this handsome she would have gotten her brain hamerroage done long back! Ashu says.. one cant get those things done..! She says..if he were her doc..she did never want to get well..! Nidhi watches and fumes.. seeing the lady flirt with Ashu! Ashu gets up and excuses himself..!

Nidhi comes in the washroom and sees Ashu standing in vest . cleaning his shirt and coat.. n self thought ..her hubby is looking so hot,handsome and young! She realises that all that jogging.. was for her.. to impress her! Ashu asks her what she is doing there? Nidhi tells Ashu that..she did not know ..that inside the packing is her new ..hot ..young hubby! She asks him to wear the outfit.. n be show stopper! Ashu says..what about her show stopper? Nidhi says…din come as met with an accident! Ashu says… he wants to help .. but.! Nidhi starts to thank him! Ashu asks if she wants to use her hubby as show stopper? Nidhi says..dinno he was this handsome else wont have gone out for searching for show stopper..! Ashu says..he cant be show stopper.. as he cant do ramp walk.! Nidhi requests! Ashu says..he cant do it..! Nidhi pouts..! She is sad and walks away..!

Round 2 of Fashion show declared on … ! All ask Nidhi where she was and why she is not ready? Nidhi says..they dun have a showstopper.. and they cant do it.. the show will bomb for sure!

Part 2

Aditi tells Nidhi to relax and says..they have to make the show a hit.. and have to be positive and make all efforts! Aditi and Anjie get on the job to get Nidhi ready..! They send Nidhi to get ready..! All the girls get together to do her makeup and hair ..and look! Nidhi comes all decked up..and everyone smile seeing her..!

One after another.. the Docs/Interns all do the ramp walk..! All cheer..! Its Priyankas turn..! Dubey is speechless seeing the transformation ..! Everyone cheers..! Aditi asks Nidhi if they should go? Nidhi says..she doesnt wanna go.. she cant..! Aditis name is declared ..! Nidhi says..the declaration for show stopper will be made n she cant show her face to anyone..! Aditi steps out.. and Rangu smiles seeing her..! All clap ..!

The announcement for showstopper is made..! All look up .. excited and in anticipation..! Its quite a few minutes but no one comes.. ! Everyone starts looking at each other..! Dubey smirks..! Nidhi is standing in the room looking devastated! Dubey says..the showstopper hasnt come so show will flop for sure..! Dubey asks where is Ashu? Rangu says.no idea..! Everyone start to crib about money for donation going waste .. as they dun have showstopper..! Dubey says.. that no one will give money after this! Rangu says..he should feel bad.. as its loss for the hosp..!

The announcement for show stopper is made again.. n Nidhi wonders the matter..!

Part 3

BG – Aa gaya dekho kaun! The dancers perform again on the ramp..! Nidhi wonders who it is..! BB -Rangu all curiously look on ..! Nidhi sulks in her seat..! AshNi step out on the ramp together..! BG – Marjawa..! The lady who was sitting with him asks BB who it is with Ashu n BB says.. his wife.. Nidhi..! The duo walk together..smile at each other..and pose at the center.. together..! All cheer..! BB wishes them luck..!

The compere tells the audience to contribute to charity and one after another all start to sign cheques..!Nidhi and all pray for the amount..! They put the cheques in a charity box! The compere announces the total amount of charity as … *Screen freezes*

Precap — Ashu and Nidhi walk towards BB but he suddenly collapses on the floor! AshNi are in panic!

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