Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 31st January 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 31st January 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 31st January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Aradhna asks BB the matter? BB says that his decision to go for operation ..doesnt seem to have gone down well with Ashu..! He says that.. he is worried that his decision might create trouble between AshNi! Aradhna asks him not to worry.. as .. like any Doc..Ashu too is worked up when its about his parents..! She says.. Ashu needs time to become a neuro surgeon from a son..! She assures BB that she will talk to Ashu..! BB is relieved..!

Aradhna comes to talk to Ashu..! Ashu asks her to take a seat..! Aradhna tells him that she knows its his family matter.. n she ought not to interfere but being BBs friend and well wisher.. she suggests that they outta respect BBs decision! Ashu says..that.. first Aradhna stormed into the house.. and he tolerated her coz she is BBs friend.. !He tells her that it was not for his sake ..but for BB..! He tells her that he is not happy ..rather only tolerating her! Aradhna thanks him for tolerating her n says..that.. the decision of operation should not create rift between AshNi ..as it is affecting BB..! She says..that they are like BBs eyes.. n when any one eye is in pain ..it hurts him! Ashu asks her not to worry about AshNi ..! He asks Aradhna.. if she is responsible to change BBs decision as BB had already decided against operation earlier! Aradhna tells Ashu that BB is not a kid.. he can make his choices n as such Nidhi wanted this since long..! Ashu says that BB had already refused her..!

Nidhi comes to BB and says Ashu is in a lot of anger.. n not agreeing..! She asks BB to talk to Ashu! Aradhna says..she knows BB since ages..! Ashu says..that he knows him .. his entire life.. n Aradhna only few years and Nidhi few months.. so better not claim to know BB better! Aradhna feels hurt n walks out all sad..! BB n Nidhi see her.. n wonder the matter! BB comes to Ashu and says..that he heard whatever Ashu said to Aradhna..! He chides Ashu ..about his tone n manner to talk to a guest and an elderly person! Ashu says..if she is a guest.. she better stay such.. n what right she has to interfere in their personal matters? BB says.. not right. .but duty for sure..! A bystander when he sees someone hurt on road..should n ought to support that person..! He says.. as BBs friend Aradhna has every right..! Ashu says sorry..to BB!

BB says.. he knows Ashu is angry on him .. .and since he cant take it out on him. .he is taking it out on Nidhi .. Aradhna..! He says that till he takes it out on BB.. he will keep hurting others..! BB says that seeing how everyone loves him.. he feels the need to live …and thats why he took the decision to get operated..to give life another chance! BB says that no matter how dangerous this life is.. life is better than death..! He says that.. he will fight for his life..! BB says that he knows that radiation cannot cure a disease.. but he wants a cure.. a victory against Cancer..! BB says that he knows there is no option other than operation …! He asks Ashu if he will support him or not? As a doc? As a son? Ashu says that he is with him in his decision..!

BB comes to Aradhnas room and sees she is packing! He asks Aradhna not to get angry.. as they are kids..! He starts to take out Aradhnas clothes kept in the suitcase and says that.. Ashu is very possessive.. about him n that he feels that no one knows BB more than him! He says Ashu does not know anything about them..! Nidhi asks Ashu if he does not feel the need to apologise to Aradhna? Ashu asks why? Nidhi says..for hurting her..! Ashu says..he apologised to BB..already! Nidhi says.. saying sorry to BB wont reduce Aradhnas hurt..! Ashu nods and goes to Aradhnas room! Aradhna packs her bag to leave… n BB stops her and says.she does not need to go..n says..he wont let her go..! He says.. one time he had left her and he has apologised n so.. he wont let her go this time! Aradhna says.. BBs sorry is not enouf! Ashu comes and says ..sorry . n asks her to forgive him..! BB says. .now since Ashu said sorry..so she doesnt need to go! Aradhna says…she was going to the laundry ..! BB is confused n says..but she said..she is leaving..! She says..she was asking to leave the bag.. not house..! BB says so sweet..! Aradhna says..now she is not going to laundry even!

Part 2

Ashu comes to Nidhi and asks..why the tears ..since all is ok ? Nidhi says.. BB has agreed to get operated.. but she is scared now..! Ashu says.. not to worry ..! He says ..all this is possible coz of her..! BB tells Nidhi that coz of her.. he is getting a new life.. so she should be happy..! Aradhna assures that they wont let Mathur go anywhere! BB asks if she will let him go to the hosp?? AshNi smile..! Ashu tells BB that if operation is to be done..they need to hurry.. n get it done.. preferably within 48 hours..! BB is taken aback..! Nidhi too…! BB hugs Nidhi..and Ashu..! Aradhna watches.. them…!

Next day morning…Aradhna calls someone and says sorry.. that she left without a message..n says that she will come soon…only delayed.. for a while..! She tells the person that ..she will come within 2-3 days.. !

Part 3

BB takes out the Ramcharitmanas.. n various idols of Gods..! Aradhna comes and asks what he is doing? BB says that..he is deciding what he wants to give to the others..! He asks if Ashu will like the pen? Aradhna says.. he has lost it.. it seems he is going on a long journey n so packing up all his stuff! BB says.he indeed is going for a long haul..!

BB asks for tea..and asks why one cup n offers Aradhna.. to take.. either cup or plate n she says..she always took plate..! BB says.. he remembers..! He says that.. a plate stables a cup ..on its chest.. n Aradhna says.coz its heart is bigger than a cup..! BB wishes for those days to come back! Aradhna asks..why those days cant come back? BB says…they can but he does not have much time! BB suddenly feels a sharp pain n calls out.. to AshNi ..! They rush to his side… n Ashu checks BB..! He asks Nidhi to call ambulance..! BB passes out..! AshNi are in panic..!

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Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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