Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 30th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 30th January 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 30th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Nidhi asks CS why he is sitting outside crying? CS says…Aradhna din let him enter the kitchen.. as she is making something special…! CS says… Madamji is khatarnak.. DANGER WOMAN! Nidhi goes to check..! She asks Aradhna..why she is doing all this? Aradhna says..she is making kachoris for Mathur..! Nidhi says.. BB takes Toast n Juice..in breakfast..! Aradhna says.. she is a Doc too and knows what to give or not..! She says..she has baked the kachoris.. ! She emphasies how she knows BBs taste since college! BB comes and asks the matter n Aradhna says.. she made Kachoris for him..! BB is all excited..! Aradhna asks.. Nidhi not to be so disappointed and that if she spends a few more days. with her..she would know.. Mathurs likes and dislikes..! Nidhi says.. ofcourse .. n excuses herself..! Aradhna says.. Nidhi takes special care of Mathur..! Aradhna says that.. Nidhi was telling her that she wants BB to get his surgery done..but BB din agree..! BB asks Aradhna what she said? She says.. to respect BBs wishes. .but seems Nidhi is not in agreement yet..!

AshNi .. Aradhna wait for BB to come.. to go to hosp…! BB comes..! Nidhi recollects her convo with Ashu about side effects of Radiation..! Nidhi takes BBs blessings..! CS too..! He asks BB to come back soon! Ashu leads BB outside..! Aradhna says.. that the way he is leaving showing his back.. he should return showing his face or she wont talk to him for the rest of his life..! BB says.. ‘Ji huzoor.. apka hukm.. sarakhon par’! Nidhi is all depressed..! BB tells Nidhi that… he cant repay her for whatever she has done..! BB says that by bringing Aradhna. ..Nidhi has removed a big regret in BB’s life..! He blesses her..! Nidhi holds on to him for a while longer..! BB tells Nidhi that he knows…she is not happy .. but he has to go…! Nidhi asks him..why he talks of leaving. .n not returning? BB assures ..he will come back..!

BB is walking towards the car and recollects Nidhis wish for him to get operated..! BB stops and says.. something important to him is left back..! BB goes to get it.! Ashu is flummoxed..! Nidhi is in tears and Aradhna.. reassures her..! BB comes and Aradhna asks the matter? BB says.. he forgot something..! Nidhi asks what? BB reminds her of his promise to give her whatever she wishes for..! He asks her to make her wish ..n that he will fulfill…! Nidhi looks at Ashu .. but says. .not now..! Nidhi says.. she will ask …when he returns..! BB says.. not to wait till his return .. n to ask him whatever she wants to.. rightaway..! BB says.. it must not happen that.. Nidhi makes a wish n BB is not able to fulfill..! Nidhi asks BB to get operation done..!

Part 2

Nidhi requests BB to agree for operation! BB relents and declares his decision to Ashu..! Ashu is shocked and says..that this is the matter of his life and death and not about someones wish fulfillment..! He says..he wont agree to it and neither let BB agree to it..! Aradhna supports Ashus stand! BB says.. its his life.. n he has taken the decision n hopes they will support him like they did the previous time..! Ashu says.. its too dangerous.n has a.high risk …!

BB says at his age.. many people slip in the bathroom n die.. or die on the road…! Its not necessary that death is written on the operation table!

Part 3

Ashu is fuming in his room and Nidhi comes to talk to him! Ashu accuses Nidhi of getting her way..! Nidhi says… she wanted to get her way.. she would have done it the day she won the bet..! But she din force him..! Ashu says.. dunno why BB changed his mind..! Nidhi says.. no point thinking .. rather focus on how to operate.. n what all is needed to do n asks him to cool down..! Ashu says.. cant cool down as BB has made wrong decision..! Nidhi asks Ashu to think how he will operate on BB..! Ashu says..he cant do it..! Nidhi says.. there is no one to operate BB across the country! Ashu says.. Nidhi n BB have decided so they should choose the surgeon..!

Precap — BB is sitting on his bed sipping tea with Aradhna..! BB says.. wish.. the old days come back..! Aradhna says.. old days can come back..! BB says.. no .. as he does not have enouf time..! Suddenly BB experiences acute headache.. n screams..! Aradhna goes to call AshNi. .!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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