Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 2nd January 2013 Written Episode Update


It’s midnight and Nidhi is still working on her fashion show. Ashu wishes her Happy New Year and she gets taken aback as she seems to have forgotten. Ashu’s heartfelt wishes touches Nidhi. Ashu demands for a romantic wish as she seems to be too busy these days. Nidhi goes for a bit and Ashu starts looking at the fashion show papers to pass time. Suddenly, the lights get switched off. Nidhi lights candles all around the room. She also switches on some romantic music (Soniyo from Raaz 2) and they dance together.

Next morning, Nidhi is amused seeing Ashu working out so diligently. Ashu sees his weight and seems satisfied. Nidhi teases him and says he looks just 40! Ashu jumps on the bed and squeezes Nidhi to get back at her. She shrugs him off since they’re getting late for the hospital. Ashu gets upset at Nidhi’s legpulling but Nidhi manages to make it up to him.

DD wishes all the staff a happy new year and then talks about his collection of the hospital funds. It is a big amount which stresses Nidhi and Aditi out a bit. DD challenges them that he cannot cross the amount of Rs.30 lacs.

Nidhi, Aditi and Anji are running around getting everyone ready for the fashion show as everything seems to be going wrong because a lot of people are late. They’re very happy about their showstopper but he’s also not there.

Meanwhile, the stage is ready and Ashu, DD and RN are welcoming the guests. People seem to be impressed about the idea of a fashion show in a hospital. Everyone is curious about the showstopper. Ashu excuses himself and goes to check on Baba. DD indirectly taunts the fashion show but Baba manages to smartly defend the youngsters’ hardwork and Ashu also agrees with him. But DD still seems to be confident about the fashion show’s flop.

Even the patients seem to be excited about the fashion show and are praying for Nidhi’s success and a lot of funds so that they can get better machines for their treatment.

While everyone else gets ready, Nidhi is tensed since the showstopper isn’t there yet. The announcement is made as well and the show begins. Priyanka gives everyone the bad news that their showstopper has met with an accident and fractured his leg, he cannot come for their show. This tenses all the doctors.

Precap: Nidhi and Aditi are stressed since there are only 30 minutes left for the showstopper to enter.
Nidhi admires Ashu’s toned body and tries to convince him to be their showstopper. But Ashu refuses since rampwalk isn’t his cup of tea.

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