Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 29th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 29th January 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 29th January 2013 Written Update

The episode takes off from where it left yesterday with Aradhana telling Baba that she will not let him die so easily. They face each other emotionally with ‘Phir le aaya dill’ playing in the BG. They have a nostalgic conversation. Baba regrets his mistakes but Aradhana says she will not forgive him so easily and breaks down. Baba wants to console her but can’t.

Outside, Ashu is not at all happy with Aradhana meeting Baba. Nidhi is also regretting contacting Aradhana.

Meanwhile, Aradhana refuses to forgive Baba for what he did to her. Baba says even tha day she didn’t listen to her. Aradhana says that it was enough that he left her and married someone else. Baba begs her to listen to his side of the story. A flashback reveals that Baba married the girl who was their professor’s daughter because the groom’s family wanted money which they couldn’t give. Baba marries his daughter only to save them from the society. Back to the present, Baba says that he could give up his life for Professor Verma and couldn’t see him in this condition. Aradhana finally forgives Baba.

AshNi are getting very worried so they go to Baba’s room and see him and Aradhana laughing and rejoicing old times. Baba tells Nidhi that Aradhana will stay with them till she wants.

Later, CS is getting the room ready for Aradhana. Nidhi is curious to know how Aradhana changed her mind so quickly about forgiving Baba. Aradhana says that so much hatred is only possible where there is too much love. But Nidhi also wants to know how that love turned into hatred. Aradhana says they will talk about it some other time and Nidhi understands. Aradhana tells Nidhi that she wants all her things to be in place, something she made an issue out of earlier as well.

Nidhi tells Aradhana that Baba has refused for operation so Ashu will start with his radiation. Aradhana says they should respect his decision though Nidhi still hopes he had said yes for the operation. As Nidhi is about to leave, Aradhana asks her to leave the door open as that’s how she likes to sleep.

Ashu has his doubts about Aradhana staying there but Nidhi feels otherwise. She is happy with her arrival. Ashu jokes that for the first time a house got a daughter-in-law before mother-in-law. Nidhi doesn’t want a hitler-like mother-in-law like Aradhana. Then Ashu gets serious and says that this shouldn’t affect their concentration on Baba’s treatment.

Precap: Baba says he remembers that Nidhi wanted to ask for all her wishes in one go. Nidhi begs him to get the operation done. Ashu looks furious!

Update Credit to: BlackBeauty

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