Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 28th January 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 28th January 2013 Written Update

Nidhi calls to enquire about Baba and lies to Ashu that she has to go to a friend’s wedding to wish her. She apologises silently but she needs to get Aradhana for Baba.

Nidhi manages to reach Aradhana’s clinic but has to wait in a line. Finally, when her turn comes, she beats around the bush a bit managing to get Aradhana’s cold and stern side out. But when she shows Aradhana Baba’s photo, the latter gets taken aback. She asks Nidhi to get out and never come back. She doesn’t listen to Nidhi and throws her out of the clinic. Nidhi is forced to tell the truth to Aradhana about Baba’s tumour through a closed door. Aradhana is shocked by the news but tells Nidhi that she doesn’t have time for him. Nidhi is upset and disappointed.

Meanwhile Baba is getting a headache and Ashu is getting upset since he can’t find the medicines and feels Nidhi kept them somewhere else. Her phone is also not reachable which infuriates him further. Baba tries to calm him down. Ashu is about to go to the chemist when Nidhi walks in. Ashu is visibly upset with her. Nidhi finds the medicine under the bed and gives it to Baba.

Later, Ashu apologises to Nidhi saying he was very stressed because of Baba’s ill-health. Nidhi, still upset, embraces Ashu and tells him the truth and also that she failed to bring Aradhana. Ashu consoles her and tells her they two are enough for Baba. Just then, CS calls for her since someone is there to see her.

Ashu and Nidhi go out and are shocked to see Aradhana at their doorstep. She is still as cold as she was in Allahbad though. She also says that she isn’t here to meet Baba but to get answers to some questions, rake old wounds and move on from her past. This insensitivity shocks Nidhi and she wants to know what happened between them and also requests her not to say anything hurtful to Baba. Aradhana being her usual rude and arrogant self brushes aside both her pleas.

Meanwhile, Baba is remembering Aradhana sadly and how empty and hollow his life is now. He should’ve apologised to her that time itself when they’d decided to separate. Now he can’t even die in peace. Aradhana interrupts his loud thoughts saying she will not let him die so easily. Baba is shocked to see her in his room.

Precap: Baba says he should’ve apologised to her but Aradhana says she will not forgive him so easily.

Update Credit to: BlackBeauty

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