Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 28th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 28th February 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 28th February 2013 Written Update

Part I
Ashni are locking all the doors of the house. Baba asks the reason for this. Ashu says that as robberies are taking place they should take precautions. They then say good night and go to sleep. Ashu asks Nidhi to promise to not go out of the house until the matter is solved. Nidhi promises. They hug each other.
Next day the hitman is near the gate. He calls up Bharadwaj and says that no one is coming out of the house and so he is not getting a chance to do anything. Bharadwaj says he will do something. Ashu is helping Divya walk. She again fumbles and holds on to Ashu. Nidhi looks uncomfortable. Aradhana asks Nidhi why she is not going to hospital today. Nidhi says as Ashu has a flight in the eve she will not go today.Bharadwaj calls and asks when Ashu

is leaving. Ashu says in the eve. He then asks about the guests in his house and enquires where they are from. Ashu says that they are like relatives and have come from Allahabad for treatment.
Bharadwaj goes to Daksh and says tells him that he can take Nidhi out for a party after Ashu leaves. As it is an official party she cannot say no and then after the party Daksh can take her anywhere he wants. Daksh tells his dad that somebody was trying to kill Nidhi. His father acts as if he is surprised. He tells Daksh that he will find out who did it.
Daksh calls Nidhi, She picks up the phone impatiently. Daksh tells her about the party, Nidhi asks Ashu ‘ but he asks her to avoid it. Nidhi tells Daksh that she is not well and hence cannot go. Daksh agrees.
Nidhi finishes packing for Ashu. She tells him that she does not want him to go. Ashu tells her why she is so fickle minded ‘ when he did not want to go ‘ she was insisting that he goes. Nidhi says she is sorry & will not stop him. He asks if he should cancel. She says no ‘ but before going he has to hug her for the whole week!!! Ahsni hug ‘ Ashu kisses her. Ashu leaves for the conference.
The hitman sees Ashu leave and calls Bharadwaj to tell him that there are other people in the house. He asks if he should kill them too. Bharadwaj is surprised. He calls Daksh and asks why Nidhi is not with him. Daksh tells him that she is not well. Bharadwaj then calls the hitman and asks him to kill Nidhi too!!! The man tries to open the front door.
Part II
The man enters through the window. He reaches the hall and Nidhi and Baba are stunned to see him. He aims at them. Just then a gun is aimed at him ‘ the police have arrived and then we see Ashu also walk in!!!! Police nab the man. All are surprised to see Ashu. Aradhana asks what is happening. Ashu tells about the bullet issue and that some one is trying to kill Nidhi. So he had arranged for police security. They were sure that the man will strike again and so they had made a plan for Ashu to make a false drama of going to the conf early. Baba asks why would anyone try to kill Nidhi but no one has an answer.
Part III
Bharadwaj comes to know that the man is caught and he warns the gang that he should not tell anything to the police. Daksh overhears and asks why police. But Bharadwaj tells him that it is nothing.
At night Ashni are having coffee. Ashu is still tensed. Nidhi offers him strong coffee. Ashu says that he cannot sleep. Nidhi naughtily asks why ? What does he want to do. Ashu says he thanks God that nothing happened to her. Nidhi says it is impossible for something to happen to her as her husband is like a Hindi Film hero and will not allow anything to happen to her. He tells her that she trusts him so much. Nidhi says more than herself. She then tells him that he should go to the conf now as everything is ok now. But Ashu refuses. He says that unless he is sure she is safe ‘ he will not leave her and go. The police calls. Ashu asks if the man has said anything. Nidhi asks him to put the phone on speaker. The police says that the way the man is talking ‘ his intention was to kill Nidhi only. Ashni look at each other stunned…


Update Credit to: kaks0211

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