Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 27th February 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 27th February 2013 Written Update

Part I
Ashu is relaxing at home. Divya comes near him. Ashu asks how she is. She says she is fine and was asks for help. He asks what. She says physiotherapy at home will make her better. Ashu agrees to start from the next day. Ashni in bedroom. Nishi says that Daksh has called her for early for some work & that he will be giving her more responsibites. He says that is ok but then Divya should not be igmored. He says that as he will not be there for 7-8 days, Nidhi should take care. Nidhi says why he is going for so many days . Ashu says that it is necessary for the hospital that he goes early. Nidhi is sad & says that she is missing him already. He says then he will not go. But she says that she has granted the world Ashu for a week ‘ but then he should

come back in the same way as she has let him go with not a single scratch also.
Next day Ashu is doing physiotherapy on Divya who is enjoying. He asks for her hand and encourages her to stand. She tries but falls. He holds her by the shoulder and makes her stand. She falls on him and clutches him and does not leave him. Nidhi sees this and Divya also sees Nidhi. Nidhi is not comfortable with what Divya is doing. Ashu makes Divya sit. Ashu sees Nidhi watching. Nidhi goes into the room ‘ Ashu follows her. He tells Nidhi that Divya is improving. Nidhi thinks to herself that Ashu is not aware of how Divya is feeling for him. But she does not say this to Ashu.
Aradhana is in the garden. The hitman comes. He has her picture with him. He aims at her. Nidhi comes out at that time. They plan to pluck mangoes. Nidhi again goes in. Hitman aims again, but Nidhi comes out again. Both are plucking mangoes. The hitman aims and the bullet is fired and it hits Nidhi as Aradhana trips over a stone. Nidhi is hurt.. Aradhana calls for Ashu.
Bharadwaj congrats the hitman and pays him and tells him balance will be paid after he is sure that Aradhana is dead. Just them Ashu comes with Aradhan and Nidhi to the hospital. Bhardwaj is shocked to see Aradhana alive and shouts at the hitman. He comes to know that Aradhana is staying in Ashu’s house. He asks the hitman to try again & not to fail this time.

Part II
Nidhi is in hospital . She gains consciousness. Ashu asks her how she is and how she was hurt. She says she does not know. Something went past her ears but she does not know what. He thanks God that it was a small cut. He calls BB and says she is alright. Ashu sees Nidhi uncomfortable and he asks if she is in pain She says no. She asks why Aradhana is so quite. Aradhana says that Nidhi has actually saved her life.
Ashu checks Nidhi’s ear. She complains that he is hurting her. He jokes that he has had a chance to pull her ears. He tells her not to be scared as he is going to give her an injection. She says she is ready. But it does not hurt her. She says that Divya is right ‘ it does not hurt when Ashu gives injection. But Ashu says that Divya does not get one thing after the injection ‘ and he kisses her hand. Just then Daksh comes in and asks what happened. He looks at the wound and says that this is not an ordinary wound ‘ it must have been a bullet that hit her.

Part III
Ashu says that Daksh might be right. Nidhi asks who will try to harm her – unless Daksh has sent some one to do this. She says Daksh is the only person who hates her the most. Daksh is stunned and does not know what to say. Nidhi says she was joking. Daksh asks her to take care and leaves. Just then Baba calls to say that CS has found a bullet outside their home. Ashu asks him not to tell this to anyone and also to ask CS not to say anything. Ashu tells Nidhi about the bullet. Nidhi is stunned and wonders why would anyone want to hurt her. Ahsu says he will not go to the conference in such a situation. But Nidhi insists on him to go. Ashu says he is scared. She tells him not to be sacred ‘ she is here with a long life. Ashu asks her to be serious. She says that Ashu should go as the conf is important. He says that he will arrange for security ‘ but Nidhi tells him not to. She insists that he goes for the conference.
Daksh is wondering who could have fired at Nidhi. Ashu comes to his room. He asks how Daksh knew it was a bullet. Dasksh says he is experienced in guns and bullets as he has many. Ashu tells about the bullet being found. Daksh says he knows Ashu must be tensed. He promises to take care of Nidhi while Ashu goes to Bangalore. Ashu thanks him for this and leaves.
Daksh slyly thinks to himself that he will take good care of Nidhi while he is gone and also laughs that Ashu is unaware of what lies in store for him at the conference

Pre-cap ‘ Ashu leaves for the conference. The hitman enters the house !!!!

Update Credit to: kaks0211

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