Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 26th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Ashu tells Daksh that not just him and Nidhi.. he is awake too… so all three of them are awake while the world is asleep..! Daksh apologises to Ashu for calling Nidhi so late in the night! Ashu says.. its ok and that his wife is a doc who can do anything for her patients.. even entertain mid night calls! Ashu gives the phone to Nidhi and Daksh apologises and says..hope there is no misunderstanding between AshNi …and Nidhi says.. no one can create any MU between them.. n that they understand each other and trust each other.. but he wont understand! Daksh cuts the call..! Nidhi is confused! Ashu says.. even she cant deny that she has affected Daksh in a nice way..! She talks of the sleeping pills and Ashu says.. yes.. n still he is alive! Ashu reminds her

of her talk of his ada.. on which she was fida! Nidhi says..yes the one she has copyright on! Ashu says. n its her ada on which a simple doc went fida! AshNi hold hands!

Next day in the morning Ashu is getting ready and Nidhi back hugs him! Nidhi says..that achar or pyaar.. biting it is fun! Ashu asks to talk straight! She says..that when there were no guests. .she could steal moment of love but now that they have guests.. they have risk of being caught..so its more fun..to steal moments of romance! Divya watches them! AshNi are closing in for a kiss and Nidhi sees Divya and moves away..! Nidhi is confused! Nidhi goes to get ready.!

Ashu wishes good morning to BB — Aradhna! Aradhna asks Ashu to start to eat.. but he says..waiting for Nidhi ..as his hands work for surgery. .not applying butter on toast! Divya applies butter on toast for Ashu n offers to him! Ashu takes it.. and eats..! Divya smiles..! Nidhi comes and Ashu asks Nidhi to make tea for him! Divya makes the tea…and Nidhi asks for sugar from her! Divya makes the tea and offers to Ashu..! Nidhi says.. the tea has two spoonful sugar but Ashu does not take such a tea.. she does.. n takes the cup from Divya! Nidhi gives Ashu the cup of tea! Divya is unhappy..! Nidhi tells Divya the tea is nice..! Nidhi asks Ashu to have the tea as its getting cold..! Ashu is about to have the tea and Divya throws a knife on it and it spills..! Divya says..sorry..! Nidhi goes to clean it..! BB and Ashu are taken aback with Divyas behaviour!

At the KGH .. Divya tells Aradhna that she is scared .. n Nidhi says..wont hurt..! Divya asks if Ashu cant give the injection? Nidhi says.. Ashu is a neuro surgeon .. n is busy.. ! She says..she has rendered many injections before today..so she will do it..! As Nidhi pricks Divya.. she screams out.. n Ashu rushes to be by her side! Ashu says..he will handle everything henceforth..! Nidhi keeps mum! Nidhi tells Ashu that she feels Divya resents her.. but why? Ashu says..some patients have a sweet relation with Docs.. but not with others..! He says that in few days Divya will be fine..! He says..he knows that Nidhi was not at fault during the injection thing! Ashu says.. Nidhi was right.. she doesnt get moments for romance off late! Ashu says..he can give her the moment..! AshNi are closing in for a kiss when Daksh comes in Ashus cabin and apologises for interrupting! Ashu asks Daksh to take the seat! Daksh shares that next week in Bangalore..there is a big international seminar..n he has recommended Ashu .. n hope he wont say no! Nidhi is excited for Ashu! Ashu says..as they wish! Daksh says..he deserves.. it n wishes Ashu best of luck n leaves! Ashu says.. Daksh looks better.. seems Nidhis magic is working! Ashu asks where AshNi were n Nidhi points to her cheek n Ashu kisses her on her cheek n duo smile..!

Part 2

Daksh tells his lady friend that Ashu has agreed to go to Bangalore.. n he needed a pretty gal to be his assistant..! He shows the girl the bundle of notes..! The girl says..that seems what he wants is more precious than this? Daksh says. yes.. but its none of her business! The girl agrees to help out!

Aradhna is getting some meds from pharmacist .. n Daksh’s dads lawyer spots Aradhna n informs Daksh’s dad..! He is shocked to hear..! He asks the lawyer to keep an eye on Aradhna.. ! Daksh’s dad says ..he needs to see with his own eyes and confirm..! He comes to the parking lot of KGH n spots Aradhna n even Divya ..! He is shocked to see..them!

Part 3

Daksh’s dad says that.. Aradhnas life is his death. .his empire will collapse.. ! He says that ..either he will live..or Aradhna..! He calls up a hitman and tells him to take down both Aradhna and Divya..! The hitman tails the car and finds them entering Ashus house..! He calls up and informs Daksh’s dad..! Daksh’s dad tells him to end the duo.. n the hitman asks..if anyone from the house interferes? Daksh’s dad says..to take down.. anyone..and everyone if needed..!

Precap — The hitman is pointing the gun at Aradhna and fires at her. .but the bullet injures Nidhi too! Aradhna n Nidhi both collapse on the lawn ..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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