Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 24th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 24th January 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 24th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

AshNi are sitting on the bed.. all quiet! Ashu asks the matter? Nidhi asks if Ashu has noticed that.. they as kids.. are shy about thinking about their parents love life..! She says that they cant imagine..that their parents loved someone in youth and still think of that love! Ashu asks who Nidhi is talking about and Nidhi says BB..! She says that during college.. BB used to love someone deeply..! Ashu says.. accepted.. but what point lamenting over it? He says…BB must have gotten over that..! Nidhi says.. no..! Ashu says.. so it will embarass BB if AshNi confront him about it..! He suggests to let the secret stay safe in BBs heart..! He asks Nidhi not to think of it. .n wishes her good nite..! Nihdi recollects thinking of BB looking at the pics..!

Next day morning.. BB asks CS about his love story n he says.. his love story ended before it began…n that DB ruined his love story by ending his driving classes..! BB asks him to keep hope… n suggests to hang more to do push ups.. to increase his height! Nidhi sneaks into BBs cupboard and goes thru his documents..! BB is coming towards his room right then ..! Nidhi keeps looking thru the papers and finds an old paper cutting .. about Ahsish and Aradhna winning some championship..with the duos pic..! Nidhi senses BB coming..! She also finds a Happy Birthday card ..from Aradhna..! BB comes inside his room and sees Nidhi…setting the bed..! Nidhi says.. setting the bed..! She excuses herself..!

BB gets up to take a look at the book ..the paper cutting and talks to it.. saying .. ‘How are u Aradhna? And where are u?’ He says.. he is counting the last days of his life …and she …dunno where she is..! He says.. hoping she is lost in her world ..! He wonders if she thinks of him .. ! He says.. he cannot forget her.. even after trying ..! He says.. from where he took her out. .there is an emptiness there..! He says..whenever he returns.. he falls in the dark pit.. she left. .behind..! He says.. that its been ages since he had any wish. .or desire.. ! He rues that the heart is left void without her..! BB in tears.. and says that when death is knocking at his doorstep.. dunno from where.. she has come and stood in the emptiness in his heart and head..as his last wish…! He says…before his eyes close… he wishes to see her.. just once… one last time..coz . he wants to apologise to her for rejecting her… ! BB wallows sadly..! Nidhi overhears the whole thing.. n is in tears..!

Nidhi comes to Ashu and tells him that they need to do something..! Ashu asks what? Nidhi says..to reunite.. BB and Aradhna..! Ashu asks who? Nidhi says.. the one …whom BB used to love a lot.. the one ..with whom all were teasing BB … the one whose pic n card is still with BB …!

Part 2

Ashu asks Nidhi ..from where she came to know? Nidhi says..from BBs cupboard..! She shares how.. BB had hurt Aradhna and feels guilty..! She says.. if he gets a chance to apoogise? Ashu asks. .if she is mad? He says. BB is in pain right now! Nidhi says… if BB doesnt get a chance.. he will regret it forever.. n if he does not survive. .then .. he will never RIP! Ashu says.. Nidhi is not talking like a doc.. one side.. talking of saving BB n another. .about death? Ashu says.. she is talking of healing of soul ..while body needs medication! Nidhi opposes but Ashu says.. nothing ..like that..! Ashu says.. he has taken an off and will be with BB one whole day before BB is admitted to hosp ..! Ashu walks off..!

Rangu is called by the pharmacy guy to meet his colleagues..! Rangu says.. he thought he invited him for seminar? The guy says.. it was cancelled at last moment..! The guy asks Rangu to take a seat..! They serve him drinks… but he refuses..! The guy asks if he has another liking? Rangu says no.. n then says. .he came for seminar..! The senior there asks Rangu to give them the contract and offers 25% commission .. on each order…! Rangu concludes that they are trying to bribe him!

Part 3

The guy says.. not bribe.. its called facilitation fees… just for smooth business! Rangu says enouf and says..they are trying to bribe him ..! He warns them that he is gonna lodge complaint against them in Indian Health Association..! The guy stops him and says.. they will keep at their work.. but he will be at loss..! Rangu says.. who will lose.. only time will tell..! Rangu walks off..!

Nidhi meets up with one of BBs friends and asks about Aradhna..! The guy resists.. n says.. BB wont like it.. if they talk of his past..! Nidhi assures.. BB wont know..! She says BB has very short time . .with him .. and till date he has not forgotten Aradhna..! The guy says.. Aradhna. .wont leave all to come to meet BB! Nidhi says..will surely come as she is BBs last wish.. and she too loved BB.. so will come..! She asks for the address..! The guy agrees.. on the condition of anonymity..! Nidhi gets to know.. Aradhna is in Allahabad!

Precap — Nidhi comes inside a house.. n greets an old lady … [Anju Mahendru]! She turns n looks at Nidhi ..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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