Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 22nd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 22nd January 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 22nd January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Ashu n BB are elated about winning in the ‘Star-tracking’ contest! CS says..they cheated..! He says..they counted.. Jugnus with stars..! Ashu says..they were stars n CS says.. then why were they flying?! All lauf..! BB thanks Nidhi for fulfilling his childhood wish..! He says that the stars are nothing in front of her.. coz she is the star of his eyes..! He asks Nidhi to make a wish… for.whatever she wants! Ashu is alarmed ! Nidhi looks at Ashu .. who looks away..! Nidhi self thought.. that if she asks.. BB to agree to get operated.. he has to agree..! Ashu self thought that.. Nidhi might ask BB to agree to get operated..! Nidhi asks BB if he will give her whatever she wants? BB says..ofcourse..! Nidhi recollects Ashus words that she wont force BB to agree to her..! Nidhi changes her mind and says.. she will collect all her wishes.. n ask at one go..! BB says.. fine..! AshNi exchange looks..!

Later in the kitchen while having coffee, Ashu tells Nidhi that BB looked very happy..! Nidhi says..her Dad used to count stars with her during her childhood..! Ashu says.. that it looked as if all stars were shining in his eyes..! Nidhi says..that wish she could do something more for him! Ashu says.. Nidhi is the shining star of BB’s eyes ! Ashu confesses..that.. for once he thought she will ask BB to agree to get operated and he will agree .. but thankfully she din ask! Ashu shares that.. he talked to Dr. Vincent and he said..that there are very less chances of BBs survival after operation .. not even 5%! Nidhi says.. there is no % for hope..! Ashu says..that.. he wont agree to her.. n that they are starting radiation .. so maybe things will work out..! Ashu says..they need to shift BB to hosp .. for radiation! Nidhi says.. BB has to bear a lot of pain coz of radiation! Ashu says.. yes.. but he has to bear.. as its a way to give him a longer life.. n more time with loved ones..! He says..to keep the pain.. in control they need to shift BB to hosp..! Nidhi says.. thats why she wants to opt for operation! Ashu says..when BB has taken a decision not to get operated.. why keep thinking about it? Nidhi says..she is hopeful. .BB will agree on his own for operation..!

Next day morning.. Nidhi wishes BB and Ashu..CS! Ashu asks how BB is feeling? He says.. fit..! Ashu tells BB that they are starting Radiation for BBs treatment..! He suggests BB to shift to hosp.. in case of complication or issues..! BB says..he has said already that .. he wants to spend his remaining ..time at home with them peacefully n not in the antiseptic environ of hosp! Ashu says ..he is a doc how can he close the doors of hope? BB says..he din close.. his illness did. n he has accepted it..! He says..Life decides the time of arrival and departure of a person.. . so they have no option ..but to accept! Ashu tells BB…not to bring philosophy between medical science! BB says.. he does not need radiation..! Ashu says..but they need him .. n requests BB to agree for radiation..! BB relents.. but heavy heartedly..! He says.. he has a condition ..! He says.. he just came home and wants to stay home for a while..! Ashu agrees..! BB excuses himself to his room..! Nidhi asks Ashu why he forced BB to agree for radiation ..! She says..they had a pact not to force BB? Ashu says.. the pact was for operation … not radiation..! He says… BBs life.. is more important than pacts..! Nidhi says.. not just BBs life.. his wishes are important too! Ashu says..he doesnt wanna discuss n walks out..!

Pharmacy guys.. r lining up to meet Rangu..! One of them says.. Rangu is very strict.. n another one says.. he will deffo convince Rangu.. as every man has a price.! He convinces his boss on phone that he will get the order..!

Nidhi brings juice for BB! BB is sad..! Nidhi asks why he is sad? BB says.. why did they bring him home .. if they wanted to let him stay for only 2 days?? Nidhi says..its for his treatment..! She reasons that..after radiation. .his after care will be better at hosp..! BB says.. that radiation only increases pain .. not age..! Nidhi asks..had he been a doc.. would he have told his patient that there is no use of radiation? BB falls quiet..!

Part 2

The pharmacy guy comes to meet Rangu .. ! He shows Rangu his card! The guy .. congratulates Rangu for getting such a high spot at such young age! He also shows the samples to Rangu..! Rangu asks about quality of the meds..! The guy..says.. they dun compromise on quality.. ! Rangu is inspecting the meds…! The guy asks if Rangu is married ..! Asks..where he went to honeymoon..?? The guy..says..they need to go to Bora-bora… where they have a villa..! He offers Rangu to visit..! Rangu says.. Thank u. but No Thank u..! The pharmacy..guy wonders what to do. .n decides to intro.. Rangu to his boss..!

BB tells Nidhi that..when one has less time…memories come crashing to one..! He says.. memories which lay dormant.. storm ones mind! Nidhi asks..which memory is crashing on to him? BB says.. at his age.. a man’s memory is like a cinema hall ..on whose screen. .some known-unknown.. faces appear..! He says..dunno where those faces are and..if they are there.. n what they are doing? Are they thinking of him?

Part 3

BB tells Nidhi that..there are scores of faces…who all to name? He asks if days gone by can come back? He says..that he does not believe that..if ever..he spent such beautiful days.. n that there were people without whom life was incomplete? He says..dunno where those faces were lost ..in the storms of life! He says.. despite of all this.. life kept on moving..! Nidhi asks..without whom…life felt incomplete? BB says..to forget it..! Nidhi insists! BB says.. such wishes dun get fulfilled..! Nidhi asks.. BB to tell her any such wish..that she can fulfill? BB says that wishes are not a glass of juice that one orders and is delivered..! Wishes need time. .n time is something .. he does not have..! Nidhi asks BB to tell her his wishes.. rest she will manage! BB asks.. if she has read.. Galib? He says.. ‘Hazaro khwahishe aisi. .ke har khwahish pe dum nikle.. bahut nikle..mere armaan.. fir bhi kum nikle!’ Nidhi asks to leave Galib aside.. as he mite not have a grand daughter.. to fulfill those wishes..!Nidhi self thought..that she will fulfill his wishes..!

Precap — Nidhi sees BB looking at a photo album..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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