Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 21st January 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 21st January 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 21st January 2013 Written Update

Baba announces that he won’t get the operation done now because if it fails, the chances of which are high, he’ll be handicapped and a burden on them. He wants to spend whatever is left of his life like a normal, happy man. Ashu assures him that they are always with him as his support. But before leaving for the hospital, Ashu wants to have a chat with Nidhi alone. Baba apologises to Nidhi as she walks out of the room.

RN surprises Anji with a new car. Anji loves the surprise though wonders why he bought it. RN just says he is happy. Anji is delighted as she loves the car and can’t wait to drive it. RanJi go for a drive with a cute talk on their way.

Nidhi is visibly upset with Baba’s decision and Ashu comforts her saying they need to keep Baba happy. He asks her to call if she needs anything and leaves for the hospital.

DD is telling RN that they have to consult other suppliers for medicines now and it’s a must that the qualty of the medicines aren’t compromised.

Khushi surprises Baba by paying him a visit. Meanwhile, Nidhi and Anji are discussing how wrong Baba’s decision is. Nidhi decides to somehow make Baba say yes for the operation.

DD asks Ashu to join him and RN in the canteen for lunch but he politely refuses saying he has work. RN also excuses himself to speak to Ashu.

Ashu calls up Nidhi to enquire about Baba and she tells him that Anji and Khushi have come to visit. She asks him not to worry, she is there for Baba. After he hangs up, RN enters his cabin. He seems worried and asks if there is any way in which he can help. Ashu says no one can do anything, everyone has their restrains and they all love Baba far too much. Nidhi wants Baba to go through the operation. RN supports Nidhi on that and feels that they should go ahead with the operation. But Ashu disagrees strongly because of the mild chances of success. He says they will try other treatments to buy some more time for Baba.

Nidhi gets Baba his favourite soup and Baba tells her that he gave up offers of settling abroad because they cannot have the ‘tadka’ in their food. Nidhi asks him what he wants to eat for dinner and Baba says if she plans to fulfil all his wishes in one day. Nidhi tells him not to think about his health. Baba leaves the topic and says he wants to go to the roof no matter how cold it is and count the stars. Nidhi says that she used to do this as a child.

Ashu returns home and asks for Baba and Nidhi. CS tells him that Nidhi has taken Baba to the terrace. Ashu is shocked because it is freezing outside.

Baba and Nidhi are counting stars in the sky when a furious Ashu walks up and blasts both of them. But Baba shuts him up saying this is his childhood wish which he is fulfilling now, his parents were enough to not let him do this! Baba and Nidhi continue with their game and even CS joins them. Nidhi gives Ashu a triumphant look. Since he can’t beat them, Ashu decides to join them too so it’s Nidhi and CS v/s Baba and Ashu and they have a gala time together. Nidhi gets emotional seeing Baba and Ashu happily counting the starts.

Precap: Baba promises to fulfill anything Nidhi wishes for. Ashu is worried since he feels Nidhi will use this opportunity to get what she wants! (he’s on about the operation, I guess).

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