Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 21st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 21st February 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 21st February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Nidhi comes in Daksh’s cabin and says that.. she wants him to talk to Ehsas! Nidhi calls Ehsas ..and talks of Daksh losing his g.f and him still sulking about her..! She asks Ehsas to talk to Daksh and encourage him! Nidhi says.. Ehsas is a RJ and he has a show where he talks to broken hearts! Ehsas says..that in life.. moving on is important ..as love comes in life.. in different faces.. n that time has given him another chance .. to fill his life with love. n maybe someone near him is the one made for him! Daksh thanks him! Song dedicated by Ehsas to Daksh – Tu khwab saja..! Nidhi smile and goes off! Daksh is delighted about winning Nidhis sympathy..!

Aradhna-Divya arrive at KGH ..! Divya asks why they are at KGH ..? Aradhna says..for meeting

a specialist with whom AshNi has taken appointment! Divya says as if its a favour..! Aradhna gives message to Ashu of her arrival and goes to meet him..! Ashu introes himself to Divya and assures to take care of her..! Ashu offers to help push her wheelchair but Divya rudely says no..! Aradhna asks her not to be so rude..! Ashu says..its fine! The Doc says that.. they need to do all the tests and then decide future course of action! Ashu agrees with him..! The Doc praises Ashu ..!

Ashu goes to meet Nidhi and tells her about Divya.. who is a bit bitter to ilfe! Ashu tells Nidhi to give Divya company as he and Aradhna are off to sign some papers! Nidhi greets Divya but Divya answers rudely..! Ashu-Aradhna leave..! Nidhi asks if she wants coffee? Divya says.. water .. filter water..! Nidhi goes to get it..! Daksh is walking by and ends up tripping and Divya shouts on him…and asks if he is blind..? Daksh asks her not to talk to him like that! Divya asks ..or else what? She may be handicapped but her hands work..! Nidhi asks Divya to calm down and introes Daksh to Divya ..! Daksh says.. he is happy to meet her.. and Divya says..she is not..! Daksh says.. they will help her..! Divya says. .he should just do his work..! Nidhi tells Divya.. Daksh is nice guy and Divya says..she can see..! Nidhi asks Daksh to leave! Daksh does..!

Daksh calls his dad and tells him about his plan.. ! His father says..done..! Nidhi tells Ashu that Divya is very bitter and talks of Daksh-Divya incident during lunch..! She says that Daksh was very patient with Divya else anyone else would have blasted Divya! Ashu says..its not Divyas fault. people who are bitter to life.. usually react such.. and says..that Divya needs sympathy and support! Ashu gets a call about urgent meeting..! Ashu wonders why management needs him for a meeting? Ashu excuses himself..and tells Nidhi to go home and not wait for him.. if he is late..! Nidhi asks him to finish lunch but Ashu heads off..! A ward boy tells Nidhi that Daksh has called her in his cabin! Daksh is pacing around in his cabin and says.. scene about to start.. better get ready to act as his success will depend on it..!

In the cabin Daksh is sitting looking lost! Nidhi apologises to Daksh for the Divya incident..! Daksh says..that.. its not her fault.. its his fault.. and that he should not have reacted to Divya.. as she is their patient! He says..that he hasnt slept in ages and so is irritable..! He offers to apologise to Divya..but Nidhi says..not needed as Divya was rude too! Daksh gets up and almost trips .. Nidhi asks if he is ok? He says.. he is and he just needs to sleep a while! Daksh walks off and Nidhi notices an empty bottle of sleeping pills and gets worried and decides to follow Daksh..!

Part 2

Nidhi notices Daksh getting on his bike .. and tries to stop him..! Daksh struggles with his bike .. but drives on! Nidhi decides to follow him! She keeps calling him to stop him but to no avail..! Daksh loses control of his bike and ends up colliding with another bike..! Nidhi gets worried..! Daksh falls on the road..! Nidhi rushes to be by his side..! She helps him to get up but he tells her to leave.. as he is used to bear pain..! Nidhi offers her hand to him to hold and get up and take her support..! Daksh keeps stopping her but Nidhi says.. he is going to hosp for first aid as his hand is bleeding..! Daksh says.. he needs to go home not hosp..! Nidhi agrees..and takes him to her car..!

Part 3

Ashu is waiting to be called inside the meeting …! Ashu calls Nidhi but the call goes unanswered! Ashu wonders the matter! Ashu asks how much more time to wait? Receptionist says.. another 10-15 minutes more..! Ashu is exasperated..!

At Daksh’s home, Nidhi helps him sit and asks if there is no one at home? Daksh says..he stays alone..! He asks her to leave..as she mite be getting late! Nidhi asks where the first aid box is? Daksh shows the place! Daksh smirks.. ! He quickly takes off his shirt and screams ! Nidhi sees the scars on his back and asks him to turn and does the dressing..! He keeps screaming and smiling along..! Daksh says..that he is not used to have his wounds healed..! He says..when life has betrayed him..what is there to complaint about..and that ..there is no one to complain to..! He says..thats why he prefers loneliness and that he gets disturbed when someone comes between him and his loneliness ..except for some special people!

Precap — Daksh sees Aradhna.. and tries to reach to her.. but she walks off ahead of him! Daksh says.. MAA? ..

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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