Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 19th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 19th February 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 19th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

AshNi are sipping the champagne n Ashu says.. Jab tak sansein hai.. Nidhi says.. Sath rahenge..! Ashu-Nidhi eyelock! BG- Baho ke darmiya instrumental..! Musicians join the duo and play for them..! Ashu blows foam on Nidhi and says.. snowfall ..so shall we dance?? The duo stand up .. hold hands..and dance.. on Saans mein teri..! Ashu back hugs Nidhi … twirls her .. pulls Nidhi close and do the ‘RK banner’ pose..! They are lost in eyelocks and dance on! Ashu and Nidhi end the dance on a backhug pose..! Nidhi closes her eyes.. happily! Daksh drives to a Dhaba ..! Some of his friends greet him and ask for another drink bottle..! The guy asks ..why is he alone and why is he sad? Daksh shuts him off and asks to keep in limit! Daksh drives off..in a huff!

Ashu opens the car door for Nidhi and she thanks him.. ! Ashu gets in the car..! Nidhi looks at her ring and smiles..! As Ashu tries to start the car.. it doesnt start..! Nidhi tells him no to do more drama! Ashu says..he isnt n the car is not starting! Ashu comes out to check..! He calls the music guys .. to help..! They say..cant help ..! Ashu suggests to call mechanic.. and they say.. theres no network! The musician duo suggest to spend the night at one of the tents.. which is owned by his friend n AshNi agree!

AshNi come to the tent and Ashu rues that its his mistake.. that they are stuck! Nidhi says..nothing is wrong.. she is there. .he is there. .night.. moonlight.. and they just got married.. so what better place for SR nite?? Ashu huffs…! Nidhi goes to Ashu . switches on the lantern n bg- Raat akeli hai…! She backhugs Ashu n he is still frustu..! Nidhi tries to woo him ..! She removes his coat .. lifts his hand.. and kisses them..! Ashu pulls Nidhi close n is about to kiss when he spots some shadow..walking by..! He comes out to check and sees its Daksh..! AshNi are surprised!

They ask what Daksh is here? Daksh says.. he is surprised to see them too and that he came out for a long drive..! Ashu explains that they came for valentine day but the car broke down! Daksh offers lift to the duo..! Ashu look at Nidhi..! Daksh says..this is best offer.. take it..! AshNi agree and get in the car..! In the car.. AshNi are holding hands.. and Daksh watches them angrily..! He keeps gaping at Nidhi..! He asks if he has become ‘Kabab mein haddi’ between AshNi?? Nidhi says..yes..! Daksh sulks..! Ashu laufs and says.. Nidhi is joking! Ashu thanks Daksh..! Nidhi says.. be it any place.when AshNi are together.. they are always very happy..! Daksh fumes! He drops the duo home..! Ashu thanks him n offers coffee but Daksh says..its too late..! He says good night to them and watches the duo ..walk inside the home! Daksh glares at AshNi and says.. one day he will break the love and trust between AshNi .. n be the real kabab mein haddi..!

Part 2

Aradhna is sulking when Divya asks her what is she thinking? Aradhna says.. she wishes to try for Divyas treatment.. again! Divya says. nothing can be done.. she is destined to be crippled! Aradhna says.. to be positive..and says that after her ..who will support her? Divya says..why not call her a burden? She says..she will take care of herself on her own! Aradhna says.. life runs not on arguments but decisions..!

Next day morning Daksh notices.. Nidhi outside his cabin and sits on his chair looking all troubled..! Nidhi asks him the matter? Daksh fakes.. yeah..! Nidhi asks why is he so troubled? He says.. to let it be.. as there is no point telling her..! Nidhi is about to leave when Daksh calls her back and says..he doesnt wanna hurt others ..! Nidhi asks..why? Daksh says.. people tease others pain.. but rarely share pain..! Nidhi says..nothing like that.. but its his life.. his wish! Daksh asks Nidhi to sit ..n shows her the gift.. he had purchased for the girl ..whom he loves.. like no other!

Part 3

Daksh says..that.. she broke her promise to come with him! Nidhi says sorry..! Daksh rues that. she din fulfill her promise! Nidhi says.. Ashu took her to give surprise.. n so she cant break his heart! Daksh says..she can break promise.. not heart..! Nidhi says..what? Daksh says..gift he purchased.. but she din come to select the gift.. so he is not sure.. if the gift is worthy of her..! He says.. he had to gift. .yesterday.. but he din.. as she din come.. n that she is angry. .with him! Nidhi says..sorry! Daksh says.. that he needs her help n asks her to come with him to convince..the girl..! Nidhi says.. its his g.f ..what can she do? Daksh says.. that the girl is angry on him .. so she wont mind talking to Nidhi ..! Nidhi hesitates! Daksh says.. if she is not comfy.. its ok..! He says..he had hope that she could help him. .but ..its fine..! Nidhi relents..! Daksh thanks her..n says..they can go in the evening! Nidhi agrees..! Daksh smirks as Nidhi leaves the cabin..!

Precap — Daksh calls Nidhi and asks where she is? Nidhi says..she cant be late without telling Ashu..! Daksh says..by the time..Ashus operation gets over.. they will be back..! Nidhi relents..! Daksh smirks..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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