Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 18th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 18th February 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 18th February 2013 Written Update

Nidhi walked into the corridor of the hospital in the morning and came to stop infront of Daksh’s cabin after seeing many ward boys and nurses standing in a row, infront of his cabin’s door. On inquiry, She get to know that Daksh is working today and had asked the junior staff of the hospital to come so he can discuss the ways, in which KGH can work better. Nidhi is shocked on hearing this and after a cursory knock, get into his cabin. She said a lil HI to him. Daksh get up from the chair on seeing her. Nidhi explained her reason to come as that she came to check on him that if he is feeling better or not and asked him as why is he working? He should have take a few more days off to take rest. Daksh denied that saying that he already took enough rest and right now

work is more left for him to do and time is less. Nidhi praised him for his efforts with the junior staff. Daksh smiled at the compliment and said that he is happy to know that she is happy with his efforts. He explained further that he has decided to increase the salaries of junior staff by 20% from next month. Nidhi is stunned. Daksh said that he want Nidhi to join him in making the announcement. Nidhi refused saying wht should she get involved in this. He should do it on his ownself. Daksh pleaded her and she reluctantly agreed. They both came out in the corridor and Daksh announced the news to the staff saying that Nidhi and He agreed upon this issue. Nidhi felt embarrassed and asked him as why he is giving credit to her. Daksh said that all credit in real goes to her as she made him a changed man. Daksh thanked her and turn to the staff, asking them to go back to there duties. Nidhi observed his change behavior and as he caught her gaze on himself, she excused herself and left, leaving an EVIL DAKSH smiling in the back. (I am hating this evil looking guy…seriously…)

Ashutosh entered RN cabin and asked him if he can bother him for a moment. RN welcomed him in. RN asked him to take a seat but Ashu said he is fine and asked him for help. RN inquired what kind of help and Ashu said that in last few days, Nidhi went through alot of problems, so as its a valentine day, he want to do something special for her. Something nice, romantic and personal(ahem…ahem). Daksh who was passing by stopped hearing that outside RN’s door. RN said that he is surprised hearing that all from Ashu. Ashu asked him why and in reply RN said that he couldn’t believe that a qualified neurosurgeon saying all that. If he had been a heart surgeon, he would have believed but here a brain surgeon is listening to his heart, he is happy to see that. Ashu smiled and said that he need RN’s help in selecting the gift. RN said for sure but ask him what kind of gift, his brain…he stopped and said…his heart thinking of. Ashu again smiled (OH I LOVE HIS SMILES). Ashu asked RN that the kind of ring, RN had bought for Anji, he would like something similar for Nidhi. RN agreed and said that he would personally escort him to the shop so he can buy whatever ring he likes. EVIL DAKSH HEARD THAT . He evilly thought that here he came to give RN the news of staff’s increment, but instead he got a way to get to his happiness *Nidhi* (Ganda bacha…doosron ki biwiyon pe nazar rakhta hai…CHEE)

Nidhi called Anji on the other side and said that she need her help. (Ganda Bacha again was passing through and heard her saying that. He stopped and eve drops. Abba G nahin kuch nahi sikhaya…Bus KGH main khula chor diya hai…hayo RABBA) Nidhi said that its valentine day so she need to buy a gift for Ashu. Anji asked her what kind of gift. In reply Nidhi said something nice, special, romantic and personal. (Ahem ahem…Miyan biwi k aik se khayal…kia baat hai) Daksh overhears all her and Anji’s discussion and left.

Mr.Bhardwaj (naam k daddy) entered Ganda Bacha’s cabin to see him deep in thought. On the calender, 14th Feb was marked in a red heart shape. Mr.Bharadwaj called Daksh two time but he didn’t hear. He sit down infront of Daksh and again called him. Daksh looked at him this time and asked when he came. Mr.Bharadwaj asked him as why is he so restless. He didn’t go to any parties and didn’t even called his GF’s.(hayo Rabba, aisa abba’s hoon tau poondi dost kiss ko chahiye ) Daksh said that for the first time he met a girl who is not in his limits. Just like a wild mare is hard to handle, in the same way the more she is rejecting him, the more his ego is increasing. The more he tries to get close, the more she get away. but he is enjoying this chase. For the first time a girl is challenging all his abilities and courage. Mr.Bharadwaj said that do whatever you want but don’t get urself in trouble. Daksh said ok with a smile and Mr.Bharadwaj left.

Nidhi was talking to Anji about her plans for valentines day when Daksh get in there. Nidhi cut the call and asked him what he needed. Daksh asked him if she is going somewhere. Nidhi said yes but is there something else. Daksh said that he needed her help as its valentines day so he need her help to select a gift for someone. Nidhi smiled teasingly and raised her brows asking, gift, for your girlfriend. Daksh replied that he can’t call her his girlfriend, but he love her. Then corrected saying that he love her alot. Nidhi get confused on his statement and ask what he meant by can’t call her his girlfriend? Then as if something struck her, she get herself answered saying that Daksh must not have told the girl about his feelings and is getting to propose on valentines day. Daksh said you can think like that. Nidhi said what she have to do by thinking this. The girl whom he had to propose must think like this. Daksh said that he is actually confused as to buy what gift so the girl could understand his feelings. Nidhi apologized saying that sorry but she herself has to buy something for ashutosh and she and anji going to do that shopping in the evening. Daksh made a sad face saying that its ok. He could wait till next valentine. Nidhi stopped him saying why he would wait till next valentine. If he want, he can join anji n her in shopping. Daksh said ok and said that he will wait for her in the parking. (Cheesy boy)

Divya was sitting in her room, looking out from the window. Aradhna came in and sit infront of her. She took hold of Divya hands, saying sorry. Aradhna said that she knew that divya is angry to her as she called Mathur. Divya cried and said that Aradhna promised to get back earlier but she stay over. How can a man is more important to her who don’t have any relation with Aradhna and not her. Aradhna said no.

Daksh was waiting outside the hospital for Nidhi. He evilly smiles and said that today Nidhi will spent more time with him than Ashutosh. Lets see what they both will do about it. Nidhi get out from the hospital, all ready in red and blue dress (looking sweetu) and came towards Daksh car when Ashu grabbed her hand and pulled her to himself. Nidhi get stunned but took a sigh of relief on seeing Ashu. She asked him as what is he doing out and if everything’s alright. Ashu ordered her to be quiet and get into the car. She asked him where they are going, but ashu pulled her to car. Nidhi asked ashu what is this, where they are going after getting seated into the car. Ashu said that she have to go somewhere with him without any questions. Nidhi said but she can’t, she had promised to meet someone. Ashu asked her if that someone is more important to her. Nidhi sighed and said No but. But ashu said then stop worrying. He took her mobile and switch off it saying now the work is ended, the mob is switched off and she should keep her mouth shut. (The naughty bg was superb) He asked her to just enjoy this ride. Nidhi felt defeat and ashu start the car. Daksh turned around to look at them going away. (BYE BYE GANDAY BACHAY…hehe…My fav moment today)

Daksh get stunned and pulling out his mob, tried to call Nidhi only to hear that the mob is switched off. He sighed but get in the car next moment, to start follow them.

Nidhi: where they are going
Ashu(playfully): We are going away from this evil dreadful world to a place where it could be just them all alone.
Nidhi(smiled at his words): what you meant by away from evil dreadful world.
Ashu: I am eloping with you.
Nidhi(shocked): What?
Ashu: as your baba is not ready for our relation and i can’t live without you…So I don’t have another choice. Thats why we are running away from our houses and will get married tonight.
Nidhi too caught up with his playful act and replied: but where we will run away Dr.Ashutosh. This evil world is standing like a wall between our love.
Ashu: We will break every wall.
Nidhi: But how Dr.Ashutosh. This wall is made up with the strong cement of rituals and customs of the world.
Ashu: Don’t worry Dr.Nidhi. This cement is unpure. Our love will break every wall.
Nidhi(dramatically): But where we will go after running away? Where we will stay
Ashu: On the other end of this world Dr.Nidhi. Our car has enough petrol.
Nidhi(smiled at his words): Petrol is ok. But the earth under this car is limited.
Ashu: You don’t trust me.
Nidhi: I trust you more than myself
Ashu: Then, where you wanna go?
Nidhi: Wherever you wanna take me without even telling me.
They share a sweet small smiley eyelock

Daksh kept on following them…

On the radio, the song get played

Tu bin bataye, mujhe lay chal kahin
Jahan tu muskuraye, meri manzil wahin

They both share sweet sweet eyelocks with smiles.

Ashu drives fast and take a turn and being left back, Daksh couldn’t figure out his car anymore and missed them. He get out and in aggression, kick his car. (Serves him right)

Nidhi was enjoying the atmostphere in the car but thinks that dn’t know how far ashu is taking her She had planned a nice romantic dinner for him. Now what will she do. She bit her lip and getting an idea started.

Nidhi: We should get back home na…Baba is alone.
Ashu: No…Baba is not alone…DB is there to took care of him.
Nidhi(with an irritated face): but…lets go na…
Ashu get startled with her words. She started to say something more when car stopped abruptly.

Nidhi(with worried face): What happened to the car?
Ashu: Don’t know. Kambhakht is not starting.
Nidhi: How will we go back?
Ashu: Let me check.

Ashu get out with a happy smile that he was trying to hide while looking around and Nidhi with worried look

Nidhi: tell me na, how will we go back home now?
Ashu(acting indifferent): What can i say…at such a night, no one will even give us a lift
Nidhi(with anger): Great…I thought on valentine we will do this, do that…Now everything run down the water
Nidhi leaned onto the car with a huff and crossed her hands against her chest
Ashu(trying to hide his smile): What you thought off?
Nidhi(with a dreamy look): I thought we will go to a romantic place, where moon will shine to its full…Music…we will do candle light dinner…will dance…it will be just PERFECT…(but then get a sad smile) and now (She turned to look at ashu who was missing.

She called him when he pulled forward his hand from beside the car, holding a champage bottle. Nidhi looked at the bottle and firstly with surprize, but later with a smile approached the bottle but ashu pulled her to himself. Nidhi smiled widely at him and pulled the bottle from his hands when ashu covered her eyes with his other hand.

IN background.

jab saanson se teri sansain milin tau, dil sulagnay lagay
ehsaas bheegay bheegay kyun hain mere
haan baghoon main teri aa ke jahan do, yun simatnay lagay
sailab jaise koi behnay lagay
Khoya ho main agoosh main
tu bhi kahan abh hosh main
makhmali, raat ki ho na subah

Ashu lead her to a small picnic table holding candle and two wine glasses. Nidhi smiled seeing that and ashu reciprocated with a shonu smile. He pulled a picnic chair back for her to sit and she take her seat. Ashu too took his seat and smiled at her.

Nidhi: Abh??
Ashu pointed out towards the sky. Nidhi turn to look when fireworks start out there.

Nidhi smiled broadly and turn to look at ashu not to find him sitting on the chair anymore. She look down to see a hand holding a ring. She smiled and covered her mouth in excitement while getting up. Ashu was sitting beside the table on his knee.

Ashu(romantically): Will you marry me?
Nidhi(raising a small brow): Again??
Ashu give her a look and Nidhi said: Sure
Ashu smiled at her and holding her hand, slipped the ring
He bend a little a place a sweet kiss on her finger holding ring. (Can’t believe KP ji thought of such romantic part…)


Suno na…kahay kia suno na
Dil mera suno na…Sun lo zara
Teri Baghoon main, mujhe rehna hai raat bhar
Teri baghoon main, dekhoon subah
yun pyaar kar…

Nidhi smiled looking at the ring while ashu get up on his feet. Nidhi get close and him.
Ashu broke the hug later on and kiss her forehead while cupping her face.

Ashu: happy Valentines Day
Nidhi: Happy Valentines to you too
They both hold eachother hands, while having an eyelock and the screen freezes out there
(PHEW…thankfully didn’t get that Ganda Bacha’s gandi eyes on themselves)

BG song…
Saanson main teri, saans mili tau
mujhe saans aye…mujhe saans aye…
Ashu pulled Nidhi into his arms and the slowly sway on the song……

Update Credit to: cool SK

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