Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 17th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 17th January 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 17th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Nidhi asks why CB n others din leave? CB says…thought to ask them if they need anything? Ashu says.. no nothing needed! Ashu informs they are taking BB home! CB asks who will tend to BB ..since AshNi will be at the hosp? Ashu says..he too had the same desire but he is insisting and Nidhi ..! Nidhi excuses herself to get BBs discharge paper ready! DB asks ..if she can come with them to attend to DB? Ashu says..not needed ..only CS…! Ashu says..he is planning to take a long leave to tend to BB..to spend more time with him..! Ashu excuses himself..!

Nidhi comes to Dubey and gives him her leave application to tend to BB! Dubey agrees but requests her to be available to attend to any emergency at the hosp! Ashu comes there as well.. n is surprised to see Nidhi there! She explains that she is taking leave…to tend to BB! Ashu too asks for leave but Dubey refuses..! Ashu asks why? Dubey says..he is a senior doc.. a neuro surgeon.. and who will tend to people who come to get treated from him! Dubey says.. higher the post.. bigger the responsibility…! He cant belong to one! Dubey excuses himself..! Ashu rues that here too Nidhi scored… she is lucky…! He shares that.. he wanted BB to be in hosp so they can tend to BB equally! Ashu rues that Nidhi will have BB and he will be lonely..! Ashu walks off..!

CS-AshNi bring BB to his room ..which is all decked up with hosp stuff..! BB says.. CS is great.. converted bedroom to hosp room ..! Nidhi asks CS to make tea for BB and he says ok..! BB says…coming to home.. has made him feel better already..! Nidhi says.. he will be even better with their service.! Nidhi asks BB what he will eat.. n BB asks menu..hosp or home type? Nidhi says.. home type .. n Ashu warns to ensure.. BBs food is good.. n not too much risky..! Nidhi says..she will take care.. n BB asks for baigan bharta..! At nite after dinner.. BB says..he wants to listen to old songs…! Nidhi goes to get radio..! Ashu asks BB to lie down n take rest..! Nidhi comes and puts radio on… song is from Safar. … ‘Zindagi ka safar’! BB starts to lip synch..! AshNi feel sad and emotional..! They quietly walk out of the room..!

In their room, Ashu sits at the study table lost it thoughts..! Nidhi comes to him..! Nidhi says..if he leaves hope .. how will she handle herself? Ashu says..she wont understand.. she has.. CB/DB/Anjie/Shyama others.. he has no one but BB! Nidhi asks what about her? Is she not a part of his life? And if not..then why should she stay in this house! Nidhi goes and sits on the bed..! Ashu sits next to her and apologises…! He says.. happiness can be shared but sadness isolates a person..! He rues that she will be with BB.. 24 hours.. he will be left wanting..! He says.. when he knows only few days remain in BBs life.. he wants to be there with him …as its a precious gift..! He says..when BB leaves a big part of his life will go… his childhood.. past.. ! He shares that when someone of our own leaves.. .one dies..! She asks him not to give up hope and says..she will make BB agree to operation n then Ashu can operate on him..! Ashu says.. hope not.. he says..he does not want BB to agree to it! Nidhi says..she hopes he does..! Nidhi says.. that BB will take decision as a doc and not.. as Ashus Baba or Nidhis nana..! Ashu says…that remains to be seen…what BB decides… n Nidhi says.. that it remains to be seen if BB decides based on emotions or medical knowledge!

Part 2

Ashu wakes up in the morning and sees that Nidhi is not there on the bed! He goes to the living room calling out for her! CS shares that Nidhi din sleep at nite..as BB was in pain and Nidhi was by his side whole nite! Ashu takes the cup of tea from CS .. to go and wake up Nidhi and give her the tea! Ashu wakes up Nidhi..and asks her to go and sleep in the bedroom..! She says its ok..! Nidhi starts to drink the tea and Ashu says..he wanted to drink it..and Nidhi gives to Ashu..! Ashu drinks tea! Ashu says..that even if he had taken leave.. he couldnt have managed alone.. if she were not there.. dunno what would have happened! He says..coz of her ..he does not need to take leave! Ashu offers the cup of tea to Nidhi..! Nidhi says.. BBs headache has increased a lot..they outta make BB agree to operation! Ashu says..there is cure to pain. .but not to death! He says..the operation will take BB close to death..and he knows it..! Ashu says..that if BB wants to live.. he wont agree to this operation..! Nidhi is taken aback..!

Part 3

Ashu tells Nidhi that.. she has promised..she wont force BB..! Nidhi says..she wont and that she is sure.. that BB will agree! Ashu comes to BB and ask how his headache is and he says.. better..! AshNi share glances at each other..! Nidhi asks BB his decision about operation and when he wants to get it done? BB says.. he had said..there is no hurry..! Nidhi says..they should not delay… else.. the 5 % chances mite go down further..! Nidhi says.. his condition previous nite was too painful .. he should go for operation rightaway… ! She says.. rest. .its his decision..! BB says.. if that is the case . .n if he has to decide..then … he decides that .. he does not want to get the operation done at the moment..! Nidhi is taken aback.. n Ashu is relieved!

Precap — Ashu asks…where is Nidhi and BB? CS says that Nidhi has taken BB to terrace..! Ndihi and BB are discussing stars …when Ashu comes and chides Nidhi ..! He says..coz of cold BBs health will deteriorate..! He tells BB .. that Nidhi has a habit of doing childish deeds..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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