Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 16th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 16th January 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 16th January 2013 Written Update

Everyone has gathered to celebrate Baba’s birthday and they’re all enjoying. Yuvraj says he should rest now and Baba says he will always rest only. Everyone is taken aback at this and Baba quickly covers up. Baba suddenly starts feeling unwell and Ashu and the wardboys rush him to his room. DD urges everyone back to work. The Vs and Ss are worriedly waiting. Nidhi comes and tells them the operation can save Baba but with 95% risk, Baba can paralyse if the operation isn’t successful. Anji is hopeful about the other 5% but Ashu says that this isn’t a gamble so the risk isn’t worth it. They should make Baba’s last few days happy for him. Nidhi believes that everyone writes their own destiny and blame the fate for their weaknesses. Bur except Anji, no one supports Nidhi in going ahead with the operation. Nidhi makes no attempt to hide her displeasure on this despite Ashu trying to convince her to be realistic. Finally, AshNi agree to let Baba decide provided no one tries to influence his decision. This also means that they have to tell Baba about his disease. Nidhi reveals that Baba knows the truth already.

Later Nidhi tells Ashu how Baba had called Dr. Vincent and how the later was forced to give in. Ashu is frustrated at this. He expresses his pain and helplessness over how Baba’s disease is separating them. Nidhi tells him how brave Baba is about all this but seeing Ashu like this will break his hopes. Ashu agrees with this though he still doesn’t like the idea of the operation.

AshNi come to Baba’s room. They are sad and tell him that they know that he knows about his disease through Dr. Vincent. With no more to hide from each other, the three finally break down in front of each other. Baba tries to lighten up but Ashu is in no mood. Baba comments how they were trying to keep each other happy by hiding things and that’s all someone can do for another in life. He says that now he has no wishes or desires except living the rest of his life the way he is right now, like nothing is wrong with him.

He wishes to spend the time he has left at home and not at the hospital among so many medicines. Nidhi says that there is still hope left. Baba knows about surgery being a way out but chances are less. He just wishes to go home, he misses home and they can always decide about the operation there. Nidhi agrees immediately but not Ashu. Baba says this is his decision. Much to Ashu’s displeasure, Baba is adamant on getting discharged.

Precap: Nidhi says that they shouldn’t delay the operation lest the risk increases. Baba in about to announce his decision.

Update Credit to: BlackBeauty

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