Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 15th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 15th January 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 15th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Nidhi helps BB distribute shawls and food to the orphan destitutes..! He asks to get toys and Nidhi remembers that she forgot the toys at the hosp n turns to go n get it! Ashu says..he has gotten the toys..! Ashu comes holding the toys! Nidhi wonders how Ashu found out about them and how he would react! Nidhi looks at BB..! Ashu is glaring at Nidhi..! Nidhi says..u? Ashu says yes! Ashu says.. what she thought that.. he wont find out? He is a senior surgeon n things cannot be hidden from him! Nidhi says..he is neuro surgeon but women hide secrets in heart! Ashu says…if a hubby doesnt know wifes wishes..who would? BB grins and says.. sorry to interrupt but.. will they keep squabbling or wish him? Ashu wishes.. him.. BB blesses him! Nidhi says.. BB blessed her twice.! Ashu says..its not fair n asks for another blessing n he gives! Nidhi asks ..if they should distribute toys..?? BB says surely..! BB calls the kids and distributes..! Nidhi smiles at Ashu but he keeps mum! As AshNi go aside.. Ashu looks sadly at BB and says.. seeing BB so happy. .he feels scared .. as to how he will react when he finds out about his disease.. and that they wont see him this happy ever again! Nidhi tries to comfort Ashu..! Ashu stables himself and goes to BB! Ashu tells BB if he is tired? BB says.. he is feeling weak! Ashu suggests to go back to hosp? Nidhi says..once AshNi pray together.. they can leave..! Ashu goes to drop BB to the car and then returns.. n prays to God with Nidhi..! Ashu tells Nidhi that..she should not have brought BB out like this.. being a doc..she should not have! Nidhi says..she thought he is happy ? Ashu says…acting..just so that BB wont know..! Nidhi says..she felt..it will be a change.. n that .. this surprise wuld make him happy! Ashu says.. she is a doc.. for her.. patients health should be most important..! Nidhi says..yes.. she knows.. thats why got wheelchair..! Nidhi says..if he thinks as a doc..he wont mind but if he thinks emotionally he is bound to feel bad! Ashu asks Nidhi if she will come with him to the hosp as he is leaving..! Nidhi says..no.. as she has work at home..so not coming..! Ashu walks off..!

At home .. Doc. Vincent calls to talk to Ashu ..! Nidhi suggests to call on moby..! He says..he cant get thru..! Nidhi says..to tell her.. n he says..BB had called n that he knows about his disease..! Nidhi is shocked..! Doc. Vincent says..he will fax .. Ashu his opinion on BBs case soon! Nidhi is shattered..n rues that they kept hiding from BB but he found it all out! Nidhi rues that wonder what BB thought..that they were giving him false hopes…!

At KGH ..Ashu helps BB to get out.. of the car and everyone wishes BB in the corridor of KGH! Everyone wishes him a long life.. n BB asks not to pray for such a long life.. n that.. hopefully life goes on as smoothly as it ha gone till now! Doc. Dubey comes and says..there are special arrangements for him in the canteen! BB says.. rest arrangements are fine but if Jalebi n Rabdi are there..! Dubey says..yes..! BB says.. he is living for Jalebis n Rabdis..! Everyone goes there smiling..! Nidhi comes to meet Ashu .. n is told that Ashu is in canteen with everyone..! Nidhi asks to be told as soon as a fax from London comes!

Nidhi comes and finds.. everyone celebrating BBs budday in the canteen! Khushi is there too..!

Part 2

BB sees Nidhi and asks her to come to him…! BB happily looks at everyone and Ashu asks him to cut the cake..! Khushi blows the candles..and all chant.. Happy Budday.! Nidhi keeps mum..! Ashu feeds BB .. Khushi …! BB feeds Ashu-Nidhi ..! BB says.its very nice.! The interns go to make pieces of the cake.. and BB says to come back..! BB says..its fun.. to Dubey..! He asks for Jalebi n Rabdi..! Nidhi stays mum..! Ashu asks Nidhi to come aside..! He asks how she felt? Nidhi says..very nice! Ashu asks.. if she agrees that he can manage without her? Nidhi says..yes.! Dubey gets jalebi.. and rabdi for BB..! BB thanks him..! Ashu says sorry to Nidhi ..for whatever happened inthe morning! Nidhi says..nothing like that! Ashu asks her the matter.. why she does not look happy? BB asks the girls to eat.. and if they dun eat now..when will they eat after having diabetes? Ahana says..she is dieting..! BB laufs..and asks..how much more skinny she wants to be? BB asks her to eat.. and says.. that after his death.. if God asks him…what he wants.. heaven or jalebi/rabdi? BB says.. jalebi/rabdi..! AshNi look on sadly..! BB feeds Ahana a piece of jalebi..! All lauf..! Ashu asks Nidhi the matter? Nidhi says..nothing! Ashu says..he has made a lot of plans.. n BB will be very happy…!

Nidhis cell rings ..! The receptionist informs that the report from London has come..! Nidhi rushes to check it… ! She is shocked reading it..!

Part 3

Nidhi comes and collapses on her chair … and breaksdown..! Ashu comes to her cabin and asks why she came out suddenly..! Nidhi shows him the opinion.. ! Ashu is taken aback..!

Nidhi says… 5% chances that if operation is done.. he will recover.. n 95% chances that he mite be paralyzed..! Ashu is shaken up..! He says there is no more hope for even a miracle..! Nidhi says not all hope is lost..! She says..there is hope for 5% success! Ashu says..they cant take such risk… ! Nidhi says..they have to hope for even hopeless situations..! Ashu says..no.. he wont take risk.. and that he will try to fill the life of all with happiness..! Ashu says..they cant do anything beyond that..! Nidhi says..they can do it..! Ashu says.. no operation.. is happening! Ashu walks off slamming the paper on Nidhis hand..!

Precap — Ashu tells Nidhi that he has taken the right decision..! Nidhi says..they cant take such a decision .. only BB can! Ashu says..ok n that before that.. they have to tell him the truth.. n Nidhi says.. BB knows! Ashu taken aback!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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