Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 14th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 14th January 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 14th January 2013 Written Update

Ashu gets a parcel which has a shawl. It makes him emotional. Nidhi comes and sees him in that crying. He tells her that he had called for the shawl from Kashmir for Baba’s birthday. Nidhi says that they should celebrate Baba’s birthday with happiness specially since Baba doesn’t know how serious his illness is and he will get a hint if he sees tears in Ashu’s eyes.

Baba is talking to someone about some yearly scholarship which he wants to give together for 20 years. When AshNi come, he immediately masks the topic of discussion. Baba mentions his death which upsets Nidhi and she threatens never to speak to him again if he talks like this again. Baba apologises and there is a silence as both Baba and AshNi both hide their pain from each other. For his birthday, Baba wants to do what he does every year but Ashu thinks that might be too strenuous so he agrees to do what AshNi want him to do given his condition.

Nidhi asks Ashu later what Baba does for his birthday every year several times but Ashu manages to avoid the question.

Yuvraj, DB and Baba are having some amusing moments discussing their age. Nidhi interrupts them since she needs to talk to Yuvraj. She takes him out and asks him what Baba does on his birthday every year. Yuvraj tells her that he used to go to the temple and feed the poor kids and give them clothes and toys. But he doesn’t know if that can happen this time. Nidhi calls up Baba’s consultant specialist and asks if it is advisable to take Baba to the temple on a wheelchair maybe.

Later, Ashu says goodbye to Baba. Nidhi stays back and tells Baba that she knows his wish and will fulfil it. Ashu comes to fetch her but she says she wants to stay with Baba. Ashu volunteers to as well but Nidhi manages to convince him to go home.

At night at home, Ashu is making preparations to make this birthday the most memorable for Baba. Nidhi calls Ashu up but gets a busy tone which makes her impatient. Ashu calls her back on seeing so many missed calls and lies that he was with a patient. Nidhi wants to wake Baba and wish him at 12 midnight but Ashu is against this considering his serious illness. Nidhi also ultimately agrees and asks him to come in the morning by 9.

Next morning, Nidhi wishes Baba and gives him a cake. They discuss how Ashu is overly careful with him. They cut the cake with 17 candles. Baba says next year he wants 16 candles, this kind of makes Nidhi a little emotional. Seeing this, Baba explains to her that everything is a new beginning, young, old, even death. Nidhi brushes the topic aside and they cut the cake.

Later, Nidhi takes Baba to the temple. Baba is pleasantly surprised that Nidhi knows how he celebrates his birthday. She makes Baba sit on the wheelchair and say that this time, she will feed the children on his behalf. Baba tells her even her mother was like this. He wonders that Ashu will be furious but she tells him that he will reach hospital late.

Ashu wakes up and decides to go to the hospital early while Baba and Nidhi are praying in the temple and doing aarti. Ashu reaches to hospital to find Baba and Nidhi missing. He wonders if Nidhi took Baba to the temple.

Precap: Nidhi tells Baba that she forgot the toys in the hospital. Ashu comes to the temple and says he got them.

Update Credit to: BlackBeauty

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