Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 14th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

The pharma guys assistant spots Daksh talking to Ashu n calls security n tells them to catch hold of the duo as they are spying on them! The security guard snatches Dakshs camera.. and then attack Ashu-Daksh..! Nidhi watches shocked..! Ashu-Daksh fight the security but get thrashed in return..! Nidhi hits the security with a rod..! Ashu asks Nidhi to leave but she refuses to budge..! The pharma assistant asks Ashu to handover the camera.. but he refuses n chases the guy off..! They rush to Daksh!

Ashu shows the recording to the cops and lawyer informs that court has granted bail to Rangu…! Rangu comes out n hugs Anjie..! Doc tells Nidhi that Daksh is ok..! Nidhi watches as Daksh opens his eyes n sees Nidhi..! Nidhi apologises to him for misunderstanding

and says that she does not know how to thank him for what he did by saving Rangu..! Daksh says its his way to repent ..for his earlier behavior! He offers his hand in friendship to Nidhi .. and asks to forget past incidents..! Nidhi feels hesitant but shakes hand with him finally ..! Daksh’s dad comes to check on him ..! He asks him what drama is this? He reminds Daksh that his mission was different..since when bhediya became bhed? Daksh says that sometimes to hunt the bhed, one has to become bhed..! Daksh says..he will break Nidhis arrogance.! His dad congratulates him .. n asks to take care..! Daksh smirks..!

Rangu comes and thanks Daksh n he says.. it was on part of humanity .. and if he wants to thank Nidhi .. as she reminded him of his duty..! Ash usays..din know he is such a good fighter n Daksh says..dinno Ashu fights while operating as well! All smile..!

At the cabin . Ashu is working.. and Nidhi notices.. his hand bleeding..! Nidhi is worried n gets first aid box..! Ashu asks her to take care of Daksh.. n that he is fine..! Nidhi says..to keep quiet.. ! Ashu asks what will he get in return? Nidhi says..after dressing is done…then will share..! Ashu notices Nidhi crying..! Ashu asks the matter? Nidhi says.. the tears are his.. flowing from her eyes..! Ashu says.he wont permit her eyes to cry ever.. they can only smile..! AshNi side hug..! Ndihi says.. she dinno a surgeon can fight! Ashu says.. he has heard that wifes find out about hubbys skills slowly n their love increases! Ndihi says..doesnt mean hubbys hide their wounds! Ashu says.. Daksh’s wounds are deeper..! He says..din expect Daksh to go out of way to help..! Nidhi agrees and feels guilty .. for misunderstanding him!

Nidhi comes home n finds BB sleeping on the chair..! She calls out to him n he wakes up..! She asks him how he is feeling? He says fine! Nidhi asks BB if he is hiding something? BB says no! Ashu overhears..! Nidhi says .. he is lying.. something is there..!

Part 2

Nidhi tells BB that if he doesnt wanna share..she will understand she has no rights to know! BB says..he was reminiscing about some bygone moments..! Nidhi asks which moments? BB says.. the ones which are mere memories..! BB says that memories are such that they bring back all the moments.. n then the tears just dont stop..! Nidhi feels emotional hearing him ..! BB walks away..! Nidhi says..that BB might be thinking of Aradhna! BB is pacing around in his room and recollects Aradhnas words.. of how they have to live separately..! He picks up the phone..n calls up Aradhna..! The phone is however received by someone else..who is sitting on a wheelchair.. ! She talks rudely to BB and asks him not to call .. so late..! Aradhna comes in the room n asks the girl… Divya…who it was n she says.. WRONG NUMBER! [Its the new entry]

Part 3

Aradhna calls BB up n apologises for Divyas rude words.. as she is bitter about her life.. of being a crippled..! BB says that. .Aradhna never mentioned..! Aradhna says..nothing to mention as she is a single mother .. n has gone thru much pain..! Aradhna says… Divya can be cured.. say at Ashus hosp..! Aradhna says..she knows. but..! BB asks Aradhna to bring Divya with her..! Aradhna asks for time ..but BB insists..! Aradhna says..will call back later..! Aradhna self thought that she cant go to Lucknow.. for fear that the past will come back..!

Daksh rues that AshNi love each other so much.. that t here is no space for a third.. so what to do to puncture the pair! Daksh.. self thought..he has won Nidhis faith.. so he can win Ashus too! Daksh marks the date of 14th Feb and says his first arrow will be fired on that day..!

Precap — Daksh tells Nidhi that he wanted to buy a Valentine day gift so will wait for her in the parking! In the evening Nidhi is rushing to the parking when Ashu comes n sweeps her off..in the car! The duo drive off as Daksh watches shocked..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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