Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 13th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 13th February 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 13th February 2013 Written Update

Part I
Daksh thinks to himself that he is not as smart as he thinks that he is and he should find out who is Nidhi’s husband. He collides with Ashu in the corridor. Ashu asks him to watch where he is going. He says that it seems that his mind is elsewhere. Daksh is surprised that Ashu has guessed right. He says that he has met someone and has lost his mind. Ashu says he cannot help in matter of heart. Daksh asks him if he knows who is Nidhi’s husband. He surely must be a handsome & successful person. Ashu says that he os the lucky man and that how ever he may be Nidhi likes him very much. Daksh remains shocked and Ashu walks away. He turns back to look at Daksh.

Ashu gets to know that Ranga cannot get bail that day also. Lawyer says that he is trying

his best. Nidhi is disappointed and says Anji does not deserve this and that Syama is also crying. Ashu says that managementt is against Ranga. Nidhi says not management but Daksh. Ward boy comes and says Daksh has called them for a meeting. All the hospital people are there in the meetin. Daksh says that he has made a mistake by suspecting Ranga who is a loyal doc of the hospital. He says that he is sure that Ranga is innocent. So he will help in defending Ranga. He says that he has arranged for a good lawyer who will get him bail. He asks all to leave but Ashni to stay back. Daksh once again apologises. He helds out his hand to Ashu. Asu takes it after hesitation. Dakhs says thanks. Nidhi is silent. They leave.

In Ashu’s cabin, Nidhi says she does not trust Daksh.There is something wrong in this sudden change. Ashu tells her that people do make mistakes and if Daksh is helping in Rangas release, then they should forgive him. Ashu says that even if Ranga gets bail, the case will prolong as proof is against him. Nidhi suggests that they should catch hold of the people who have plotted against Ranga. Ashu says that it will be difficult as they will be recognised. Just then Daksh enters – he says he has overheard the convo. He knows that they are tensed and he offers his help to catch the people who have victimised Ranga. Ashu agrees but Nidhi is silent. Daksh says he will only do it if both agree. He syas he does not want to make any mistake any more. Nidhi agrees reluctantly. Ashu says lets make a plan. Daksh calls them to his cabin. A phone comes & ashu has to go to see a patient. He asks Nidhi & Daksh to discuss. Ashu leaves. Nidhi tells Daksh that she hopes that there is no meaning behind his sudden offer to help. She says that if he is trying to make problem for Ashni then he is wrong. Dakhs asks her not to worry – he is not a fool and not such a kamina. Nidhi says she too is not a fool.

They go to Daksh cabin. He offers coffee – she refuses. They discuss the case. Ashu comes. Daksh says that he has a plan. He says they will call all the suppliers again and say that new bid will be open. Daksh makes some calls. He calls the pharma co where Ranga had refusd to take bribe, and tells them that bidding will be done again. The pharma co calls Daksh to their office the next day. Daksh tells Ashni that he suspects this co is behind Ranga’s arrest. Ashu offers to go with him. But Daksh says he will be recognised. Ashu says that he will stay at the back.

Part II
At night, in Ashni bedroom, Nidhi is wrorried. Ashu comes and sits next to her and asks her what the matter is. She says that Daksh has surely some other intention for helping Ranga. She does not trust him. Ashu does not agree and says its not fair to suspect him when he is helping them. He says that anyway he is going with Daksh and so not to worry. But Nidhi says that she is more worried because of that. What if Daksh lands Ashu into problem. Nidhi wants to go along. Ashu says that it is dangerous. Nidhi insists. But Ashu strictly says no. Nidhi is angry.
Netx day Daksh and Ashu go to the pharma co. Ashu waits outside. Daksh goes in. He introduces himself. He has a mike fixed to his shirt. He tells that he has taken over from Ranga. The pharma co men congratulate him and says that it is good that KGH has given charge to a smart person. Daksh says yes – but then the salary is less. He gives a hint that he is interested in underhand dealing with them.

Part III
Daksh speaks about give and take. The co agrees to pay him commission of 15% for every order. They bargain and settle for 20%. Daksh then says that he is surprised that when Ranga had ultimately taken bribe then why had he not accepted their offer. The men says that maybe he did not like their appearance and anyway they have only planned the whole thing and victimised Ranga for revenge. They admit everything and this whole convo is recorded by Daksh. Daksh shake hands with them and leave. After he leaves, the pharma co men discuss that they need to be careful of Daksh as he seems smart. Just then they see that Daksh has left his mobile in the room. In the meantime Nidhi arrives there and sees Ashu and Daksh talking to each other outside. She tells herself that she knows Ashu will be angry on her – but then she does not trust Daksh. The pharma co man comes out and is shocked to see Ashu with Daksh. He quickly tells the security to catch them. Daksh was just handing over the recording to Ashu when security come and attack them. Nidhi looks on stunned.

Pre-cap – Ashu and Daksh fight the security persons. One of the security men hit Daksh and he falls down.

Update Credit to: kaks0211

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