Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 12th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

AshNi come in RanJis room.. n see them both worried! Ashu asks Rangu to come with him..! Nidhi goes to console Anjie..! She asks Anjie if this is how she will welcome her? Anjie says..she is not in the mood to joke! Nidhi says..even she isnt joking..for she is hungry..! Anjie asks her to go ahead n eat. .but Nidhi says..wont eat without her..! Ashu tells Rangu to think coolly as to what can be done..and that they will find a solution for sure..! Nidhi takes Anjie to eat..! Ashu tells Rangu that with empty stomach even he isnt able to think so they better eat something! Rangu relents..! All are seated at the dining table..! AshNi are eating..! Ashu tells Rangu that they saw the video tape based on which Daksh fired him..! Nidhi tells Rangu that.. the video

shows as if he took the bag of cash…from the pharma company..! Rangu gets flashback of what had happened..how he had gone to the pharma company n they tried to bribe him n he walked off..! Outside in the alley.. Rangu had ran into the pharma company owner and he calls for truce.! He makes Rangu sit and chides his junior for trying to bribe Rangu..! He opens the bag and shows Rangu the bag of medicines..! Rangu inspects .. ! In the meantime.. the pharma guy exchanges the bag and gives the cash filled bag to Rangu n Rangu is unaware n takes it and walks off..! Rangu tells the whole thing to AshNi and they ask where the bag is..! Right then there is a ring of the doorbell..! Anjie opens n its the cops..!

Cops tell Rangu that they have a warrant to check the house.. ! Rangu n Ashu check..! Ashu tells Cops that.. Rangu is innocent and that he has been trapped! Cops say.. Law will decide.. n they go to inspect the house..! Anjie is panic stricken.. n so is Rangu..! They finally find the briefcase given by the pharma company ..! All are left shocked..! Cops open it and find cash in it..! Cops add some more cash from their side.. n tell Rangu that he is under arrest..! Rangu is shocked.. n Anjie stunned..!

At the police station AshNi arrive with lawyer..! Cop tells them that court will decide whether Rangu can be released on bail .. n not they..so Rangu has to stay in prison for the night..! Ashu asks his lawyer.. and he says..he is doubtful Rangu will get bail..! Nidhi asks why not? Lawyer says that the proof against Rangu is too strong..! Ashu says..that they will try in the court next day..! Anjie is shattered.. ! Rangu calls Anjie closer n assures her.. that all will be well.. n that he is innocent.. n he has been trapped..! Anjie asks about the proof n Rangu says..they are fake..! He promises her that all will be well..!

Back home, Ashu refers to other lawyers.. n fixes meeting for next day morning..! He tells Nidhi that.. lawyer said that he is hopeful..! Nidhi does not respond! Ashu comes to Nidhi and tells her that he was talking to her! Nidhi says..that she and Anjie have shared everything since childhood but seeing Anjie today .she felt helpless… n rues that wish she could do something for her! She says Anjie has lost her strength..! Ashu says that the Nidhi he knows..is always positive..! He reminds her of her courage which gave him strength to operate BB n thereby save BB..! He asks her to smile.. n that life can give surprises any time! Nidhi says..she is worried for Anjie! Ashu says..all will be well ..just to be positive! AshNi hug..!

Part 2

Nidhi comes in her cabin n finds a huge bouquet of red roses kept on her table n her entire cabin is decked up with bouquets n roses! She looks around and smiles..! Nidhi thinks its all done by Ashu .. that he knows.. what she feels n while he does not express.. he does all these sweet things..! She sniffs the roses and says..Thank you Doc. Ashu ..n I LOVE U ..! Daksh walks inside her cabin n says.. U R WELCOME! He tells her that.. he knew she would like the roses.. as he does not make mistake in knowing a pretty girls likes! He says..its his style..! Nidhi tells him that if he does not walk out with the roses.. she will throw them out..! Daksh says..that she is angry on him then why take out on the roses? Nidhi throws the bouquet on the floor..!

Part 3

Nidhi asks him to leave her alone! Daksh picks up the bouquet from the floor and puts on her table and asks her what has he done.. that she is so mad at him and if not roses..there might be some place for coffee between them? He tells her that till they spend time with each other how will they know if they like each other or not? He tells her that when someone likes someone.. they do these things..! Nidhi tells him that his biggest mistake is that he is flirting with a married woman..! She shows him her sindoor n her mangalsutra..! Daksh apologises to her and says he did not notice all this..! He says I M SORRY … n says that if he knew.. that she was married..he would not have flirted with her..! Nidhi says..its ALRIGHT! She requests him to get the flowers taken out of her cabin! Daksh asks her who is the lucky guy? Nidhi says..she does not discuss her personal life with the management! She says that if he really wants to know.. he can find out himself..! She tells Daksh that his investigative skills are a bit weak..! Nidhi walks off..! Daksh is fuming..!

Precap — Daksh asks Ashu who is the lucky guy who is Nidhis hubby? Ashu says..the lucky guy is HE aka Ashu! Daksh is shocked!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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