Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 11th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 11th February 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 11th February 2013 Written Update

A tensed Nidhi reached hospital. She asked the receptionist about Ashutosh and receptionist replied that he must be in his cabin. She did ask Nidhi why she is looking worried when the flashback of the morning event run through her mind. She shrugged it and was about to leave when a nurse called her, and she go with him.

RN and Anji were sitting in there lawn, looking extremely worried. Anji asked about Police and RN replied that they just did there work. They asked questions and leave him. Anji asked further about the proof but RN denied it saying there is no proof and even Dr.Dubey and Dr. Ashutosh had comforted him that when there are no proofs against him, nothing bad will happen. Right then, RN receive a phone call and left in hurry.

Ashu & Nidhi

were sitting in his cabin. Ashu said that he is worried about RN as he is being trapped in false allegation. He is worried that he might get arrested. Nidhi comforted him saying that they will do something for him. Ashu asked her that she left home a bit early than him than how she get late. Nidhi told him about her morning event with that arrogant man. Ashu said that you should have gone to police with a complain. Now-a-days, its like a habit for youngsters to tease and create trouble for women. Nidhi said that to leave that matter as he just talked badly to her and she replied that man in the same manner. A torn RN entered Ashu cabin with his termination letter. Ashu asked how can the management terminate him without any proofs. RN told him that its not done by management. Its done by Daksh Bharadwaj who is being appointed as a representative of the trustee’s and is being given right to take legal actions in this hospital. He told him further that Daksh also warned him to not come to KGH anymore as his next visit will put him in jail. Ashu and Nidhi get shocked. They argued about that and comfort RN saying that they will talk to him. RN pleaded them and they left the cabin.

Ashu knock on Daksh cabin thrice but he didn’t answer. In anger Ashu get in with Nidhi to find Daksh talking to someone on phone. Daksh ignored Ashu’s presence which make him more angry and he says loudly that he can’t behave so arrogantly with a senior doctor. Daksh cut the call and look at him when his eyes fell on Nidhi and with a smirk he get up. Ashu look at him and then at Nidhi who was also, in a shock, looking back at Daksh. Daksh commented on Nidhi’s attire that he never thought that a white coat could look so good. Ashu get more angry and ask him what that comment means. Daksh diverted the topic asking him about the matter. Ashu confronted him as how could he terminate RN without any proof. Daksh said that he have proof that RN was bribed and its his decision whether someone like it or not. Ashu argued that he can’t terminate RN without giving him a chance to explain. Daksh got irritated and replied that management has appointed him and he is not bound to anyone before taking any decision. Ashu was about to say something more when Nidhi stopped him saying that she think, they should leave, Ashu looked at her and then giving an angry look to Daksh, leave. Nidhi too looked at Daksh before following Ashu outside. Daksh got a smirk and say that she is brave, but how much, he will have to see. Beauty with Brain.

Nidhi walk in the corridor beside ashu saying that she can’t believe this man is here and tell ashu that he is the same man with whom she got into an argument in the morning. Ashu asked him why she haven’t told him before..He would have settled the matter right in there. Nidhi replied that that’s why she hadn’t told him. Dr. Dubey came there and ashu ask him about Daksh. Dr. Dubey replied that he s the son of the main trustee of the hospital who is being appointed by the whole management. He is the CEO of some big healthcare chain and want to add KGH in his chain too. Ashu asked him that can’t they do something for RN and Dubey says No. Ashu said that now he himself will talk with the main trustee of this hospital.

Ashu and Nidhi were seated in the Main trustee’s cabin, complaining about Daksh’s attitude and decision about RN. Mr.Bharadwaj said that just like new generation guys, Daksh also have attitude problem but he is an intelligent man and that’s why was appointed by the management. Ashu asked him how can he terminate RN without any proofs. RN is an old employe who is working with dedication towards KGH. Mr. Bharadwaj call daksh in his cabin. daksh came and say hi to Mr. Bharadwaj. Mr.Bhaadwaj scolded him for his actions and behavior with ashu and also ask him as why he hadn’t wish hello to Ashu & Nidhi. Daksh says sorry and say hello to Ashu & Nidhi. Daksh sit down and Mr.Bharadwaj asked him that he was appointed for KGh to make this hospital more big, efficient and profitable and there he is taking reckless decisions. Daksh replied that RN took bribe. Nidhi and Ashu denied that saying that they can’t believe it and nidhi says that RN is working with ashu from so many years. He is the most efficient doc of the hospital. Mr.Bharadwaj ask daksh if he have any proofs and Daksh open his laptop, put a CD and then play a video. A man is seated, having a back to camera and RN in front. The man put money in some paper bags and close the briefcase, pushing it towards RN. RN take hold of the bag and said thanx. The man said that he will wait for his order and they left. Nidhi & Ashu were shocked. Nidhi said that she still can’t believe that RN is guilty. Ashu said that he will talk to RN and excused himself. Mr. Bhardwaj ask Daksh to behave with Ashu as he is the best Neurosurgeon and they can’t afford to loose hi. Daksh smirk and wink at his dad.

Nidhi was in the corridor, giving some instruction to the nurse when Daksh came there. Nidhi tried to leave after seeing him but he stopped saying that usually what do she take to forgive someone? Nidhi asked him to leave her alone but Daksh said that what she like to get as many go for gifts or dinners like him. Nidhi looked at ashu who was standing at the end of corridor, talking on the phone. Daksh said that he regreted now as why he hasn’t joinned hospital earlier. Nidhi glared at him but Daksh ignored her and says that now as they work in a same hospital, so they will get many chances to meet eahother. Ashu disconnected the call and came to them when Daksh got a call and leave just before ashu approach Nidhi. Nidhi irritatingly ask him as what take him so long. Ashu said that he was on call with RN. He and Anji are tensed. Nidhi said that they should go to them and support them. Ashu agreed and they both left the hospital

RN and Anji were pacing in there room. RN said that if all charges against him willn’t be taken back by the hospital by tomorrow, he will surly go to jail. And in addition to this bribe case, more curruption charges will also be put on his name. Anji tried to console him when Shyama came in room, asking them to join on dinner. RN and Anji both said that they aren’t in mood. Shyama tried to reason out that there worries will not get away if they keep on fasting. Anji pleads her to leave them alone. Ashu and Nidhi came there and Shyama greeted them. Nidhi ask her about Anji and Shyama said that they are in room and have said NO to dinner. Nidhi said that she will check on them and Ashu follows them in, only to find a very tensed and worried Anji and RN in the room.

Precap: Police take out a paper bag full of money from a briefcase in RN house. All wide eyes look at them when Inspector raise the handcuffs and announced that RN has to get arrested.

Update Credit to: cool SK

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