Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 10th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 10th January 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 10th January 2013 Written Update

BB asks about his reports to Nidhi.. and asks Ashu too ..! All fall silent..! Ashu eventually says.. that its nothing special.. he says..the tumor,its benign ..n no need of operation .. n only meds are needed..! He says..he has to stay back for observation..! BB asks the size.. and the location..! Nidhi says.. outer cerebral brain..and size .. small .. like a pimple..! BB laufs and says.. good Nidhi told him..! He says..he was doubtful ..that it was glayo blastoma.. as its very dangerous…! AshNi look shocked at him..! Nurse comes and asks all to go out as its med time..! Ashu goes..! Other follow suit..! Nidhi leaves last..! BB looks on sadly..!

Nidhi-DB-CB all come to check on Ashu ..! CB says..they can fool everyone else.. not him..! DB says..someone in her sasural had this.. n the guy passed away in 6 months..! CB says..Nidhis silence is proof that.. BBs sickness is serious! Solanki asks Ashu to tell everyone.. the truth..! Nidhi in tears and asks Ashu to tell the truth..! Ashu says.. BBs doubt was right.. he has glayo blastoma..! Nidhi says.. that BB has only 3-6 months time! CB says ..thats all? Nidhi says.. if its not last stage.. then 2-5 years… and in some cases 15 months! BB in his room ..self talk that AshNi are hiding the truth.. but their eyes cant hide..! BB says.. he will ask Doc. Vincent about his disease! Solanki breaksdown..! Shyama asks.if there is no hope? Nidhi says.. they only have hope! CB asks Nidhi .. if they can do anything? Nidhi says.. they can do one thing.. to ensure that BB stays cheered up. .n pepped up ..! She says..that they will behave as if nothing has happened to him..! Ashu hears it all with a glum expression!

BB calls the Doc. .. ! He introes himself as Doc. Mathur..! He inquires about his health and report from him ..! The Doc. goes silent for a moment..n then says he has glayo blastoma..! BB says..he suspected it. .n now he has confirmed! He thanks the Doc..! BB decides that he wont let AshNi know that he knows the truth..! Nidhi comes in her cabin and breaksdown! Dubey comes ..! Nidhi asks if he had some work? Dubey says..he admires her.. ! He asks why she was crying? Nidhi says..she wasnt..! Dubey says.. eyes dun lie..! He says.that.. he has seen many people have break down under such situation but the way she has stayed strong and supported Ashu n others.. its admirable..! He says.. he is proud of the fact that his student has married a girl like her..! He says..the way she has supported him in this time of crisis.. its admirable..! He says. .he is proud of her! He pats her head and says.. God bless u.. n if she needs anything he is there..! Dubey leaves..! Nidhi looks on..!

Part 2

BB tells the Doc that he is feeling fine..! He says..symptoms are normal and says that he feels he can go home! The Doc stays mum! Ashu comes and asks how BB is and Doc says fine! Ashu and Nidhi ask BB ..if he called them? BB says..he did. to tell that he is feeling fine..and wants to go home and as such there is no problem so.. why block a bed in ICU! Nidhi says..he needs to be kept under observation! BB says..they can do it at home too! AshNi look at each other! BB says.. his son and daughter in law are Doc n his grand daughter in law too.. ! Ashu says..the kind of supervision he needs is possible in hosp only .. not home! BB asks why? What 5 star illness he has? Nidhi says.. Doc. Mathur.. he is their patient.. n its their order that he has to stay here..! She asks if its clear.. n BB says.. Doc. Nidhi its clear..! Nidhi turns and leaves quietly..! Ashu look at Nidhi and BB n then tells BB to take care.. he is leaving..!BBs face is crinkled in pain!

Part 3

Nidhi in tears.. ! Ashu comes and thanks her! Nidhi says…sorry and that she had no option ..but to be strict..! Ashu wipes her tears and asks.. what to call her.. lover.. wife.. friend.. a mature colleague..responsible doc.. support.. trust… she is either a morning sunlight..or moonlight! anchor.. or foundation? He says..he has seen her love.. n her anger… her tears and her smile..! He says..he has seen her upset and cheered up… seen her softness n now..seen her strength..! He says.. he has seen so many climates of her.. wonder how she manages so many forms of herself.. who teaches her to manage it all? Nidhi says..his love..who else! BG- Saiyan..! AshNi go back in side the hosp..! Ashu sits on his sofa in his cabin..! Nidhi comes..n sits by his side..! Ashu rests his head on her shoulder..! Nidhi comforts him!

Precap — Ashu is holding a shawl and cries.. ! Nidhi asks whose it is? Ashu says..its for BB .. he ordered it from Kashmir.. for BBs budday but who knew.. all this wuld happen..! Nidhi wishes BB and says..he is all decked up.. n BB says..totally… all ready.. with make up and all..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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