Kuch toh hain tere mere darmiyaan-YUVANI(intro+episode 1)

Hi everyone..Sorry for being late..I wanted to start a new ff on YUVANI..I wanted to include some scenes from other serials like ipkknd which we yuvani fans were not lucky to get…Hope u like it..Please say if u want me to continue or not.Everyone please give your opinion.
Here’s the intro..


Yuvraj-The head of the birla software company.
Suhani-A chirpy girl who is very kind.
Soumya-Suhani’s best friend
Bhavna-Suhani’s sister
Sharad-Yuvraj’s cousin
Gauri-Yuvraj’s sister.She is studying in college.
Anuj,Saurabh-Yuvraj’s brother’s.They work in birla company.
Rags-saurabh’s wife
Menka-Anuj’s wife
Pratima-Yuvraj’s mother


The sunrays fall through a window into a room where a girl is shown sleeping.She puts a pillow over her face top shield herself from the sunrays.
Lata:Suhani beta..Getup.It is already time.Please go and get some vegetables from the market..
Suhani:Arey maa..Let me sleep for 5 more minutes…I will go later.
Lata:Only 5 minutes then.
After 5 minutes,
Suhani rushes into the bathroom and gets ready.She wears a green chudidar.
She phones soumya.
Suhani:Somu..Do u want to come to the market with me??
Somu:Ha suhani.I will be at your house in 10 minutes.
Soumya comes and they leave to the market.Suhani bargains at every thing.Soumya is annoyed at suhani for spending an hour near each vendor.
Somu:Suhani devi..Come fast.Enoughof what you have bought.
Soumya already crosses the road.Suhani is struggling with the bags full of vegetables in both the hands.She drops the bag on the road.She starts picking them when a car suddenly comes that way..It was so near..She closes her eyes out of fear.The car brakes suddenly..
A person comes out of car.He removes his glasses and comes to suhani.Suhani opens her eyes.He holds suhani by her shoulders.
The person:Are u mad??Can’t u see my car coming??Do u want to kill urself or what??
Suhani:I am sorry..I should have seen ur car coming.
She sees that he is stepping over the vegetables which suhani dropped..
He was about to go when suhani shouts.
Suhani:Hello.Mister..Can’t u see..U r stamping my vegetables.Say sorry and go.
The person:Yuvraj won’t say sorry for anyone..
His face is shown and he is none other than YUVRAJ BIRLA.
He takes a 500 rupees note from his pocket and gives it to suhani..
Yuvraj:Take this ..I think u wanted this only na..
Suhani:Keep ur money near u only.I don’t need money.I have self respect.I don’t want to spoil it..
She turns away and goes.
Yuvraj(thinks):Itni attitude wali ladki..
Suhani(thinks):Itna besharam ladka..
The screen freezes on their face.

Suhani attends an interview and she is selected.

Please please comment..Silent readers too.I want to know if u want me to continue..

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