reading all your lovely comments was really overwhelming and encouraging… without blabbering much here you go with the 1st episode….


“Omkara how many times i had told you that come early than your brothers for the maha aarti.” Said Tej to omakara
“ But my words seem no response to your ears Shivaay” pinky said to shivaay
Both pinky and tej were trying to make Shivaay and Omkara the CEO of Oberoi groups of companies but they were least interested in any of their talks.

“Mr. Oberoi you very well know that i m least bothered about your family business and by the way why you want me to be the CEO of Oberoi groups of company…when u know that shivaay is the perfect match for the post of the CEO…” Omakara said sternly and walked away.
“Mom…enough of it okay!!! Don’t even try to discriminate me and my brothers…I just don’t care who will be the CEO…” Shivaay nearly shouted scaring Pinky.
“But beta(son) when did i told u to leave your brothers or stop loving them its just that being the CEO is your right your are the first son of this family…the true heir of oberoi industry…” Pinky said convincingly.
“enough mom i don’t want to talk about this any more” Shivaay left saying this sternly


Omkara was sitting on the stairs near the water lost in his thoughts of how his parents love marriage became sour after Tej was found having a extra marital affair…how he broke all his ties with him…how he was involved in drinking and drugs…suddenly his chain of thoughts were interrupted by two hands covering his eyes and a unfamiliarly familiar voice which forced his lips to curve in smile.

“Guess who?”, an artificial manly voice said from behind.
“Miss Wild Cat” Omkara uttered with a smirk
“ You JataDhari Devdas” the artificial manly voice turned into a melodious voice “How dare you call me Miss Wild Cat” say so she hit his shoulder play fully
“The same way you called me Jatadhari Devdas” without turning back as he already recognize the voice…

“huh…leave it…by the way why are you sitting alone here while i am like mad hippie searching you in the whole temple premises.” She fired her question
“hmm nothing just like that…” he said wiping his wet lashes…
“hye…dont you dare to lie to me okay…i can sense it in your voice omi…just tell me dammit…” she almost ordered him…

“I told you na Avi nothing like that”, he said standing up
“Omi now you are forcing me to become ASR from Avi…” she said in attitude (ASR- AVIKA SINGH RATHORE) by then she also stood up giving him a death glare.
“Really…Let me see what ASR will do” he said folding his hands infront of his chest.
She whistles with one finger, “ OMG!!!…OMKARA SINGH OBEROI HERE!!!… OH MY GOD…!!!!! THE GREAT SCULPTOR AND PAINTER OMKARA SINGH OBEROI” she nearly shouted Omkara gave a confused look

“ OMKARA SINGH OBEROI..!!!!” few girls standing at some distance heard Avika’s voice and came running towards them…om understood her plan and stood behind her hiding while Avika was smirking at his situation .
“Avi!!! What have you done… you know na i just hate all these things…please… please don’t do this to me .” Om begged her

“ Now you under stood Mr. Omkara what are the consequence
of not sharing your problems with me .” she smirked
“Okay Okay I m sorry.. im ..im Really sorry i will tell you everything but firstly stop these girls yaar please.” He begged her miserably…
“okay then…HUG me…” she commanded
“WHAT??” he exclaimed

“ are you deaf? I said hug me and say aloud I LOVE U” she ordered
“Are you out of your mind ?” he cross questioned
“if you want to get rid of these tornadoes approaching u…who will shower unlimited kisses and hugs on you …then do as I say.. .if not then i m okay with it deal with them yourself only…bye” she winked and started leaving…without thinking twice om HELD HER HAND… TWIRLED HER… PULLED HER CLOSER AND HUGGED HER TIGHT…which eventually shocked avika but she smiled at her victory…

“I LOVE YOU AVIKA” he said it a loud enough to make those girls hear his voice clearly…
“ omi.. i know i very hot but i think u should leave me now they are gone…” she wishpered in his ears huskily…

“Hot aur tum…(Hot and you ) have you ever seen your face in the mirror…Hot…”om teased her
“have you seen yours…Jatadhari Monkey…” she said and turned to leave
“don’t you want to know what i was hiding from you” he asked her
“i don’t feel it necessary to know..” she said

“Are you serious…u did all these drama for that and now u are like..i don’t wanna know…” he said in disbelief….
“i don’t find it necessary because i can read that in your eyes that you were thinking about Mr. Oberoi’s betrayal to Jhanvi Aunty..then your breaking ties with him…then ur drug addiction…Am i right omi???” she said smiling

“how can you….i mean how can you know me so well Avi…” he said in utter astonishment
“ should i explain it in your language… “bol deti hain nigahen jab zabaan mukarjati hai..yeh dosti hai yaara, yahan khamoshiyan padi jati hai” (eyes speak a lot when words fail to explain…this is friendship my friend here silences are read ), “ she said in poetic way
“wah wah wah kya baat hai om bhaiya ko bhi kya takkar ki dost mili hai dono same language mein baaten karte hai hain na Shivaay bhaiya ( wow wow wow what a best friend om bhaiya has got both converse in the same language right shivaay bhaiya ) ,” Rudra said sarcastically
Shivaay nodded and smiled

“Its called poetry Rudra”, omika (omkara and avika ) said together
“Alright…alright… but i guess you for forgot your brothers after seeing your best friend…right ??” Shivaay said complaingly

“ its nothing like that bhaiya…i missed you too…” she said and side hugged shivaay
“ you missed only shivaay bhaiya not me” Rudra said making a puppy face
“ oh not at all my dumbbell baby. I missed u the most” she said and ruffled his hairs like that of a little child.
“firstly i m not dumbbell baby…secondly why you three still treat me a small kid…” he pouted cutely

ShivOmIka looked at each other smilingly and said together “ because for us you will always be small kid..” saying this they started teasing him by tickling him and eventually hugged each other

A pair of old and experienced eyes were watching their lovely bond with wet lashes .
“Oberoi khandaan mein agar koi cheez hai jispe main ankh band karke bharosa kar sakti hoon to vo inka rishta hai…itna to bharosa hai mujhe duniyan chahe idhar ki udar hojaye yh chaaron ek doosre ka saath nahi chodenge” ( if there is any think in oberoi clan on which i can trust with closed eyes is their unmatched bond …at least i have this much faith that any thing in this world can change but what will not change is their bond) said kalyani devi

“ okay okay now listen i have a surprise for you all…”
“what” Obros exclaimed together
“as today is maha aarti i have specially designed dresses for you three….after all you are obros…” she said.
“ but Avi you are a interior designer when u became fashion designer..” om inquired
“ what you think i was doing in London for last 5 years…ever heard of KARMA FASHON HOUSE ?” avika asked
“ yes it is the biggest and the most costliest fashion house in Asia…But why are you askig about that?” Rudra said innocently

“how do you think is the founder of that fashion house..?” she said smirking
“ what??” Obros in shock “Dont tell us that its you”
“if you insist then okay…i m not” avika said

“u r not joking right” om asked
“should i write it on the stamp paper…and for now stop interrogating me and go get ready…i too have to get ready…” she said
“that is okay but where is Sumitra Aunty And Kashyap uncle(avika’s parents)” Shivay enquired
“Bhaiya actually dad was busy in some business conference so i came early and they will be here by evening may be” she said
they nodded and left towards their respective rooms

—-Evening In Maha Arti—-
Avika wearing a blood red offshoulder full sleeved indo western gown with golden designs on bottom and near the waist with a heavy golden choker with ruby stones
“Are Avika beta where are these obros why are they taking soo much time to get ready” Dadi ( kalyani devi) asked “ the aarti is about to start go call them fast”
“ ji dadi i’ll see to it” she said and turned to leave…but stopped seeing the them coming
ShivOmRu wearing same as the serial and stood as they used to stand (left to right) Rudra Shivaay & Omkara… smiled looking a each other and went to dadi to seek her blessings
“ Avika where are Kashyap and Sumitra are they coming or not” dadi enquired
“ Dadi u start the Aarti i have just talked to them they have boarded in the charter and will be reaching here within an hour” avika said

“ okay by the time lets start the maha aarti” dadi instructed
“Kalyani devi ji who is the heir of the oberoi clan…please call him as the mahurat is going on” pandit ji requested
Everybody eyed on obros shivaay stood forward at which pinky smiled wickedly “hye my maata thank gods you gave him some wits” she thought…but shivaay stopped and stretched his right hand towards om to which he came forward and held shivaay’s hand (Lafzon ka yeh rishta nahi plays) then he stretched his left hand which was held by Rudra..the trio smiled looking at each other they held the aarti lamp and performed aarti (gajanana from Bajirao mastani plays on )
Screen freezes

PRECAPE- Avika lying in a pool of blood…unconcious…om shouts Avikaaaa!!!!!

Stay tuned for the upcoming twist

Hope u enjoyed the first episode
Thanks for being so patient readers i know it was a really long up date but it was out of excitement that kept me witing so long pardon my grammatical mistakes i hope i didn’t bore you guys and i hope thatmatched your expectations please do leave your views and comments below and saty tuned to this …love all and take very good care of your self good night

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