Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse RAABTA ( chapter 19)


The scene starts with arohi being in tears as she walks along the road…she reminisces all the moments spent with Roma and Deep and how they both broke her trust.( Hum royenge itna plays in the background)

Bachpan mein jise chand suna tha…(Arohi reminisces Deep and and her childhood and their present relation)
Ho jayega chehra na yeh socha tha
Waise to nazar aate hain
sab apne hain lekin( she reminisces Roma’s caring and loving nature )
Koi nahin hai apna
humein maloom nahin tha( she then reminisces about Roma telling the bitter truth)

Hum royenge itna
humein maloom nahin tha
Beh jayega chehra
humein maloom nahin tha( she cries remembering incidents that recently took place)

Aasan thi magar sada
dil aise bhi nahin thi
Aasan thi magar sada
dil aise bhi nahin thi
Kha jayega dhoka, reh jayege tanha
Kya shey hai ujar na
humein maloom nahin tha
Hum royenge itna
humein maloom nahin tha
Beh jayega chehra
humein maloom nahin tha..( she gets heartbroken and sits on the middle of the road)

On the other hand Deep starts to look for her by driving his car.

Deep: Don’t know in which condition would Arohi be right now…( He worries)

Meanwhile on the other hand Arohi wipes her tears and stands up.

Arohi( wiping her tears): bohot hogayi rona dhona…ab main meri ek bhi aansu us dhokebaaz aur us chudhail ki liye nahi bahaungi…( Enough of crying…now I am not going to spend a single tear of mine on that fraud and that witch)

She continues to walk when some goons surround her and tease her.

Arohi: tell me who sent you ? That chudhail Roma or that spineless Deep?

Goons: we don’t know who are they….we just came here to have fun especially with such beautiful girls like you…( They look at her with lust)

Arohi: let me go and I will pay you whatever amount you want…

Goons: the thing is money can’t buy such a beauty like you…so we won’t miss a chance to have some fun with you ( one goon approaches Arohi when Deep arrives and stops him)

Deep: Tere himmat kaise Hui ki meri biwi ko bure Nazar se dekhne ki..( he engages in a fight with them while Arohi looks on……)

A goon takes a stick and hits Deep’s head .. Deep falls down and looks at Arohi…Arohi ties her dupatta sideways and beats them black and blue…until the goons get scared with her karate moves and runs for their life.

Arohi: next time if you look at any girl with evil eye, then I will take your eyes off from your face. She comes to Deep who’s laying on the road with blood coming out from his head…

Arohi: I should have let the goons hit you more with the stick but what could I do…as my love for you was genuine and not fake like yours.( She removes her dupatta and wraps around Deep’s head to stop the blood coming out of his wound)

She makes him sit on the car and drives off to her Bhaiyya house.

Later in bhaiyya’s house Arohi hugs Kalyani. She tells bhaiyya, Kalyani and her bhabi the entire story…

Bhaiyya: I cannot believe it…that Deep can do such a thing…I think you should have listened to him for once

Arohi: even if I had listened to him, he would have said 10 more lies to hide one truth.

Bhabi: and what was the need to act like lady Singham and beating those goons even after knowing that you are pregnant…? If something had happened to your to be child then?

Arohi: I couldn’t bear anyone hurting Deep …and from this my child will also be brave and strong like his mom…( Deep with bandage around his head comes there)

Deep: Arohi, I know I should have told you the truth before but I was scared to loose you…I don’t know what you have heard but I am going to tell you the entire truth.

Arohi: I don’t want to listen to your nonsense ( she heads to leave but Deep pulls are close)

Deep: today you have to listen… That night before you fell from that balcony, I buried nindiya’s corpse as mummy ji has killed her…not because she wanted to kill her …but because she was suffering from schizophrenia. ( Arohi looks on shocked)

Arohi: I can’t believe it you are still lying….the truth is she wants her son Viraat as the only heir so she planned everything and even pushed me from that balcony twice.( Kalyani looks on shocked)

Kalyani: what she tried to kill my Arohi….I won’t leave that Roma…I will kill her even if I get sentenced to death…( Arohi stops Kalyani)

Arohi: no maa, we need to gather some proofs against her.

Deep: Arohi, you are overreacting…I told you that she’s suffering from schizophrenia.

Arohi: oh pls Deep…don’t be so dumb. Just think how can a person on wheelchair kill someone from terrace since she has to walk on stairs right to reach the terrace?? ( Deep thinks)

Bhaiyya: what do you mean Arohi??

Arohi: I mean that before a month, remember that Deep went to Goa with the excuse that the factory branch in Goa got burned?

Bhaiyya: yes..

Arohi: that was just an excuse…he went to Raichand mansion to get bindiya’s corpse and hide it in Goa as Roma has also killed her…so that no one can find out who the real killer is…am I right Deep?

Deep: yes…, Mummy ji’s condition could worsen if tell police and she may become more violent… that’s why I hid this from you all

Arohi: for your kind information let me also tell you that she’s the one who tried to kill me twice..( Deep gets shocked)

Deep: how’s that possible? You are her daughter..

Arohi: step daughter….I am Kalyani’s daughter. That chudhail Roma married papa and only raised me upto twenty years to get my share of property by killing me…

Deep: I can’t believe it…she adopted me and treated me like her own son

Arohi: achha, then why does she give you orders of hiding her crimes, she could have told her son…afterall he’s a police officer himself … She had only adopted you so that you can be her savior when she’s in trouble just like a pet dog who prevent any stranger harm his master…

Deep: but I can’t believe it…

Arohi: only when you see it with your own eyes you will right??? Fine..but for that you have to wait a little. If you ever had any soft corner for me in your heart, then pls tell Roma that a cat had entered the mansion..if she asks about someone entering the house…. Now go to Raichand mansion and don’t come back here until I tell you…

Arohi: so now you go to rest…I will get turmeric milk for you.

Deep: this means you have forgiven me…(He hugs Arohi)

Arohi: what do you think?? I will repeat the same mistake again and again…I had already done a mistake by trusting you and now it’s difficult for me to forgive you… I am doing this just because I want to see your face when your heart also breaks into pieces just like mine.

Deep: and I promise, I am going to join the broken peices of your heart and make you love me again…( He leaves for his room )

Arohi: see bhaiyya…he’s such a dramebaaz

Bhaiyya: I don’t know Arohi, I see the same honesty and love for you in his eyes.

Bhabhi: even I think that he’s not bad from heart.

Arohi: I don’t about that, I simply want to prove what I had heard from Roma herself.

Bhaiyya: but how ??

Arohi: bhaiyya, wo jo dawa ab tak doosro ko deyte aayi hai hume wahi dawa se uski ilaaj karna chahiye…( Bhaiyya, we should treat her with the same medicine that she gives it to others…). Arohi thinks something and smiles….

Arohi takes out a matchstick, lights fire and burns her photo.

Bhaiyya: why are you burning your own photo?

Arohi: bhaiyya.. look at this photo properly, it’s Tara in this photo that’s why I am burning it. Today Tara had died in all means and only Arohi is here..

Bhaiyya: what are you planning to do…?

Arohi: just wait and watch…she smirks

Later she comes to her room and sees decorations and sorry written on the bed…she finds Deep sitting on sofa.

Deep: welcome darling…. Welcome.( He stands up and comes close to Arohi)

Arohi: what’s all this??

Deep: for how long will you hide your emotions from me? I know you still care for me. You gave me a pleasant surprise by informing me about your pregnancy…so I also thought of giving you a surprise by decorating the room…

Arohi turning her back stop acting of love…

Deep: achha, I act? Do you have any proof that I am cheating you..? You don’t….but you have a proof of my love growing inside you…( He keeps hand on her belly)

Arohi: Deep, stop it… I don’t love you anymore…I hate you…( She heads to go but Deep pulls her and hugs her from the back. He moves her hair to one side and finds his name tattooed on her back..)

Deep: you don’t love me right?, Then why did you ink my name on your back…

Arohi: that was before I got to know your truth. ( Deep kisses on her back that sent shivers down Arohi’s spine)

Deep: don’t hide your emotions Arohi…I know you still love me and I will make you admit it.

Next morning Deep comes to Raichand mansion and greets Roma.

Roma: I remember I heard a noise inside the house…

Deep: it was a cat mummy ji that had entered …

Roma: oh… Deep, we need to get a new maid..

Deep: no mummy ji, you have already killed 2 maids until now …all the work would be done by Maharaj now…

Roma: but he’s old and wouldn’t be able to every work.

Just then the calling Bell rings. Deep opens the door and finds a maid.

Deep: who are you?

Maid: I am Kesari, I heard that you need a new made so I came her to ask for work.

Roma: ok..so you are going to be our new maid.

Kesari enters the mansion and head towards the kitchen.

Roma: strange …I didn’t even tell you where the kitchen is and you are walking towards it.

Kesari: mem Saab, hum to wahi dhoond rahe the…waise rasoi kahan hai…(Mam, I was looking for that only,…so where is the kitchen?)

Deep: walk straight as you were walking…you will find the kitchen ( Kesari goes)

Deep: mummyji tomorrow is your and papaji’s wedding anniversary…so whom should we invite?

Roma: I will tell you later…now come with me, I have some work for you.

Kesari was looking from behind the pillar…

Kesari: oh so they are planning for some party , why not have some fun in it…( She removes her glasses and it’s revealed that Kesari is non other than Arohi)

Arohi: Roma Raichand get ready for your destruction….( She smirks)

Precap: Roma gets drunk and dances and blurts out the entire truth….
Roma grabs Paro and points gun at her…

Roma: you guys have played a good game with me but let me tell you I won’t accept depeat…if you come close to me then I will kill Paro…( Roma shoots….. Everyone gets shocked)

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