Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse RAABTA (chapter 17)

The episode starts with Deep -Arohi and bhaiyya- bhabi playing truth and dare… when they hear Paro screaming….

Paro(screaming): mumma……( Everyone gets shocked and rush to Paro’s room.)

Arohi: why is it so dark here ..(.she turns and sees Paro… Paro switches on the TV and they see a Paro’s and Arohi’s pictures on the screen from Paro’s birth until now)

Paro( singing):Jab sar pe haat fere
Me samjhu hua sabera
Teri thapki maa bataye
Chal so jaa hua andhera

Jab sar pe haat fere
Me samjhu hua sabera
Teri thapki maa bataye
Chal so jaa hua andhera

Teri ungli meri raahe
Mera ghar hai teri baahe
Teri goud me meri duniya
Teri aanchal aasama

O meri maa ~ o meri maa
O meri maa ~ o meri maa.( Arohi gets emotional and get teary eyed)

Paro: happy mother’s day mumma ( Arohi bents down and hugs and kisses Paro)

Arohi (in tears ): thanks bachchu… mumma loves you ,you made my day…

Deep: looks on and smiles

Paro: it is night right now mumma, tomorrow is mother’s day….so did u get anything for Nani?( Arohi looks at Deep)

Deep bents down to adjust his height to Paro’s.

Deep: Paro, hum kal nani ji ko video call karenge aur unko surprise denge …( Paro,we are going to video call Nani tomorrow and give her a surprise).

Paro: ok Papa….

Bhaiyya: Paro…it’s become very late at night so you should sleep…..( Paro goes to bed and both Arohi and Deep caressed her head until she sleeps)

Later in Arohi’s room, Arohi is laying down on Deep’s arms and looks on emotionally at him…

Arohi: main mom ki Tara aur tumhari Arohi…per mujhe ek hi sawaal khayi ja rahi hai …. Meri maa kaun hai? Kaun Hoon main?( I am Tara for mom, and for you I am Arohi…but I have a question that keeps bugging me…. who’s my mom? Who am I ?)

Deep( kissing Arohi’s cheek): tum kaun ho isse mujhe koi farak nahi parta…kyun ki tum mere saath ho.( I don’t care who you are…as long as you are with me)

Arohi: but tomorrow is mother’s day and who am I supposed to surprise?? Kalyani ji or mom?

Deep: who do you think you missed the most in the past 2 years?

Arohi: mom!!…

Deep: then prepare the surprise for her…as for Kalyani ji, aniket is there so don’t worry….( He hugs Arohi)

Arohi: Deep, are you hiding something from me?…tell me what’s the matter

Deep: how did you know that I am hiding something…?

Arohi: when you’re hiding something,you prevent to look directly into my eyes…pls tell me what’s bothering you

Deep: nothing, I was just worried who the killer might be?

Arohi: Deep are you sure that you are only hiding this…is there something else that you need to tell me about?

Deep: no , nothing….( Arohi turns and deep hugs her from back and falls asleep)

Arohi (thinking): your eyes are telling something and you are saying something else…I need to find out what’s troubling you….( She falls asleep)

Next morning, Arohi and Deep make a video call to Roma…Arohi pretends to be Roma and wears saree like her when she was young and Paro dresses like Arohi (Tara) when she was a child. They both act like Roma and Tara when Tara was a child.

Arohi: happy mother’s day mom…I hope you remembered the time we spent together…

Roma: Arohi…tum mere Tara hi ho naa…

Arohi( getting teary eyed): haan main aapki Tara hi Hoon aur hamesha aapki Tara ban ke hi rahungi…( Yes I am your Tara and I will always stay as your Tara)

Roma: come home soon…I want to meet you.

Arohi: ok mom…( She disconnects the call)

Deep comes and informs Arohi about something.

Deep: arohi…papa ji called and he heard that Tara enterprises one of the factory in Goa had caught fire….

Arohi: what??? Did anyone get hurt?

Deep: no nothing happened to anybody… luckily it was last night it caught fire.. I need to go and check that place out…

Arohi: even I will join you…

Deep: no Arohi…I will have to go there myself…you take care…

Arohi: but.. ( Deep leaves)

Bhaiyya: Arohi, why did you let Deep go alone?

Arohi: bhaiyya…. Deep is hiding some secret with me and I will surely find out about it pretty soon.

Bhaiyya: what are you planning to do?

Arohi looks at her mobile and shows bhaiyya.

Bhaiyya: why are you tracking Deep?

Arohi: I kept a tracking device in his pocket to find out if something is wrong with him…( Arohi find Deep heading towards Raichand mansion)

Arohi: I told you bhaiyya something is wrong… see he’s going to the Raichand mansion and he told me he’s going to Goa.

Bhaiyya: maybe he went there to get more info from Dilip Singh ji..

Arohi: maybe or maybe not…only time will tell….

Arohi: …mujhe maar daalo Deep……( Kill me Deep)

Sorry guys for the same precap but in the next chapter ,there is going to be some revealations so pls pls tune in for it.

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    Coming to the episode,it was awesome.
    The way you create suspense in every episode is amazing.
    I want to see Arohi in roma’s dress .?Wonder what she will look like ???.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Hi Sona, thanks a lot for commenting… Arohi would somewhat look like a a person wearing saree and her hair tied up in a bun….atleast that’s what I imagined Roma to look like…you can say it’s Roma’s sunanda look

  3. Hi sana…know need to say sorry… today’s episode was nice.. mother’s Day surprise was super… continue soon and eagerly waiting for next chapter ?

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      Thanks a lot sobhana, I have published the next chapter. It’s a special one so pls have a look at it dear.

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  11. The emotional scene between Paro and Aarohi was so touching! It reminded me of the way she asked Nikku to come near her in Mahasangam epi! So heartwarming! Keep up Sana

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      Thanks Shey, the next chapter is updated and you will find more emotional scenes there but between arohi and deep.

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