Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Hai RAABTA (chapter 8)

The scene starts with Arohi arriving at her bhaiyya’s house and meeting her bhaiyya, bhabi and nikku.

Nikku: bua, u forgot me right? U went and didn’t even call me once…( He makes faces)

Arohi: I missed u so… much. I was very busy that’s why I couldn’t call u. ( She kisses nikku ).Anyways where is paro?…..go call her and inform her that I have come.

Bhaiyya: don’t u think, the marriage is taking place so soon

Arohi: I know bhaiyya …but I think the sooner the wedding takes place the better it is for me.

Bhabi: there is your little princess.

Arohi: paro, I have come…did u miss me?

Paro( running towards Arohi and hugging her): yes mumma, I missed u soooo much.

Arohi: give me a kissi on my cheek( paro kisses her). Paro look what I have got for u.( she gives a small music box with music)

Paro: thanks mumma,( she runs to her room)

Ritu: good that u came before her birthday… She was missing u a lot. She is exactly like u, naughty but cute and polite.

Arohi: after all, whose daughter is she??.. it’s her second birthday tomorrow and I have mehendi and haldi tomorrow. How am I going to manage both things. What if Deep’s family come here and see paro..

Bhaiyya: nothing will happen as such….I will take the kids out at a park. U can still enjoy the mehendi function. Ok…( Arohi nods)

Later Arohi and Ritu take paro and nikku at at the same park where Arohi met Deep.
Deep is also shown playing with the kids there.

Arohi : paro what should we play?

Paro: hide and seek….

Arohi: ok …so bhabi u take them and hide close by… (Arohi counts and nikku, paro and Ritu hide).

Paro was searching a place to hide when Deep blind folded while playing with other kids gets hold of paro. Deep then removes his blindfold and sees Paro.

Deep: beta, who are u?

Paro: I am paro..

Deep: u are so cute( he kisses her)… where is your mother?

Paro: we are playing hide and seek and my mumma is counting.

Deep: and where is she counting?

Paro: there…( Pointing in one direction,)….no there…I don’t know… I am lost ( she starts to cry and Deep calms her down)

Deep: don’t worry beta, we are going to find her. He picks her up and the both tries to find Arohi.

Arohi mean while searches for paro and asks bhabi and nikku but in vain. Arohi searches for Paro here and there and at last sees Paro with Deep. Paro also sees Arohi.

Paro( pointing towards Arohi): there is my mumma…( Deep looks towards Arohi but Arohi turns and another lady comes in front of Arohi.

Paro: thanks uncle, I found my mumma. She goes towards Arohi and Deep looks at her and goes towards other kids not noticing Arohi.

Arohi( hugging Paro): where were u…?I got much worried about u. Never go far without telling me ok ?

Paro: ok.

Arohi: bhabi let’s go , Deep is here and I don’t want him to see Paro.

Ritu: ok.( They both leave from the park)

Later in the evening at Arohi’s house, Arohi discusses some issues with her bhaiyya.

Arohi: bhaiyya…if the mehendi function takes place here tomorrow and incase they get to see Paro…I can’t let them know about my daughter Paro. If this happens the Deep will break this alliance..

Bhaiyya: Arohi, Deep trusts u a lot and I don’t think u should hide this fact about u having a daughter …

Arohi: but what would he think of me…?

Bhaiyya: Arohi, I have seen Deep….he loves u a lot..and I am sure he won’t be angry and break the alliance.

Arohi: but how do I tell him that I have a daughter?

Bhaiyya: call him ask him to meet u tomorrow.( Arohi nods)

Next day morning Arohi and her family celebrate Paro’s birthday and gives her gifts.

Paro: thanks mumma.

Arohi: u r welcome bachhu..

Paro: mumma, Papa kab ayenge ?( When will papa come back)

Arohi: tumhare Papa jald hi ayenge……wo jab laut ke aayenge tab dher saare khilone leke ayenge.( Your father is going to come soon…. but when he comes back , he’s going to bring u a lot of toys. )

Paro: sach mumma…

Arohi: haan bachhu… Tum ab jao..jaake khelo.( yes dear, you go and play now)

Paro goes to play… Arohi looks at her and gets emotional.

Arohi: I don’t know for how long all this will go on….

Bhabi: Arohi….what happens ,happens for good only. Leave the past behind and move on to your future with Deep. Okay ….( Arohi nods)

Later after the haldi the mehendi function takes place at Arohi’s house where Arohi’s friends also come. They enters Arohi’s room where she’s getting ready for the function.

Sapna: hi Arohi, I didn’t know that your fake husband would become your real husband so soon.

Salley: yes, Arohi…everything is happening in a rush….before 2 days the fire incident took place. We were sooo worried for u ..we called u many times but your phone was switched off. When we came to meet u in the hospital, we were told that u were discharged.

Arohi: yes, everything is happening very quickly…anyways Sapna did u get that diary of that woman?

Sapna: oh yes I have got it. (She gives the diary to Arohi….just then Arohi’s bhaiyya and bhabi enters )

Bhaiyya: who’s is this diary?

Arohi: this is of a woman named Kalyani..(she reads few pages of the diary and gets shocked….she looks at her bhaiyya)

Arohi: bhaiyya, look this diary has your childhood pictures in it and it also mentions that Kalyani had a son named Aniket. Your name is also Aniket right?( Arohi’s brother takes the diary and tells her that a rich couple adopted him from an orphanage and he never got to know his real parents)

Arohi: this means that Kalyani ji is your real mother… anyways I want to read more…( Bhabi stops her)

Bhabi: now leave it in your room…. it’s your mehendi today and u need to be downstairs in the hall….come( Arohi’s friends bring Arohi downstairs. Arohi was wearing a dark blue lehenga with light makeup and and her hair left open)

Arohi’s mehendi starts and one by one her friends Sonakshi, Salley, Sapna, Tarannum and others dance. He bhaiyya and bhabi also shake their legs in the dance floor. Deep enters the function disguised as a sardar.

Arohi’s bhaiyya was taking Paro,nikku out at an indoor park when Deep disguised as sardar bumps with Paro… Deep recognises Paro.

Paro: sorry uncle…

Deep( sitting and removing his beard): Paro, u here?

Paro: uncle u…this is my house..I am now going out with mamu, a function is going on naa and mamu said that it’s going to be boring so he’s taking us out.

Nikku: Paro, come quickly…

Paro: yes coming nikku bhaiyya..bye uncle.( Deep sees Arohi’s bhaiyya taking Nikku and Paro and gets thinking)

Deep enters the venue still disguised as sardar and greets everyone…and after sometime Deep makes an an announcement.

Deep: aji, it’s impossible that a function is going on and a panjaban doesn’t dance..so now i am going to dedicate this performance to the bride to be…

He dances on mast kalandar….

Dil Da Mamla Hai Dilbar
Hone Na Sone Hai Is Dil Par
Khalbali Dil Ke Andar
Ohhhh Mast Mast Kalandar
Dil Da Mamla Hai Dilbar
Hone Na Sone Hai Is Dil Par
Khalbali Dil Ke Andar
Ohhhh Mast Mast Kalandar

One Two Three Four
Dil Da Mamla Hai Dilbar
Hone Na Sone Hai Is Dil Par
Khalbali Dil Ke Andar
Ohhhh Mast Mast Kalandar

Mast Maste Maste Maste Mast Kalandar(3)

Meri Nazar Toh
Tumpe Pare Toh
Man Me Tha Tera Sedhai( Deep dances around Arohi making her uncomfortable)

Betabion Ko
Lahat Mili Toh
Dooor Hui Meri Tanhai

Mere Rang Ka
Tere Roop Ka
Hai Aasar Tere Surroor Ka

Mere Haal Se
Mere Dard Se
Tu Hai Bekhabar

Dil Da Mamlaaaaaaaaa
Dil Da Mamla Hai Dilbar
Hone Na Sone Hai Is Dil Par
Khalbali Dil Ke Andar
Ohhhh Mast Mast Kalandar…(2)

Mast Maste Maste Maste Mast Kalandar(3)
Mast kalandar, mast kalandar..mast mast mast kalandar…..

… After dancing he removes his beard and reveals himself.

Arohi: Deep….u, here?

Deep: yes …whom did u think? Your ex lover?(Arohi was shocked and looked at him)

Precap: Deep: Arohi I didn’t expect this from u at all

Arohi: Deep, pls try to understand…I am sorry…( Deep holds her by her arms tightly and kisses her much to Arohi’s shock)

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