Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Hai RAABTA (chapter 6)

The episode starts with Arohi asking Deep what was he talking with papaji about the party after she notices papaji and Deep discussing about it.

Deep: actually papaji suggested me to throw the party at his family farmhouse.

Arohi: oh…but what about the arrangements that we already made?

Deep: don’t worry, I hired some people for the arrangements and prithvi and Maya are there looking at the work over there.

Arohi: oh..I will then inform my friends about the change.

Deep: ok ( he gets a call). Bye see u in the party.
Arohi: bye…( Deep leaves)

Arohi: Deep , because of u I now have to change my plan…oh God pls help me in this. ( She informs her friends about the change).

Deep welcomes the guests in the party when he notices a group of 4 girls also entering the party venue . There was a tall fair girl among them walking with heels who walked towards Deep.

Girl: u must be Mr Deep Raichand…right?

Deep: yes….but do I know u ?

Girl: I am Arohi’s tall friend, Salley.( They shake hands)

Deep: oh..nice meeting u.

Another girl: hey…Salley, why did u leave me

Another girl with straight long hair and with a large purse is seen walking towards deep.

Deep: are u also Arohi’s friend?

Girl: yes, how did u know ? Anyways..I am Sapna ,Arohi’s chulbuli friend. ( Deep also shakes hands with Sapna)

Salley: Niyati and Sonakshi are u both only going to fight for silly things or also going to enter.( Two other girls are seen entering facing opposite directions)

Niyati: Sapna, look this Sonakshi wore my shoes that I didn’t wear it ever since I bought it.

Sonakshi: yes I wore only after Niyati told me that it doesn’t fit her anymore and now she is fighting for it.

Niyati: I am not…

Sonakshi: yes u are …

Niyati: I am not …

Sonakshi: yes you are…

Sapna: will u both stop it… Remember that u are in a party not in any fish market.( Both became quiet)

Deep: oh…so I am Deep Raichand and u are Arohi’s friends too. ( Niyati and Sonakshi both nod and shake hands)

Deep: so u have any more friends?

Sapna: yes …

Deep: who??

Salley: the hot and handsome…( Just then a man enters with great physique and charming looks and grabs a lot of attention from girls)

Niyati, Sonakshi, Salley and Sapna: LAKSH!

Laksh( forwarding his hand): u must be Deep Raichand.I am Laksh .Aro…

Deep: Arohi’s friend…( Deep shakes his hand with laksh)

Laksh : Deep, by the way, where is my Arohi??

Deep: she must be on her way…by the way Arohi is not a thing or a property of yours that u will claim her as yours…

Laksh: the thing is, we use such phases as we are her friends…when she has no problem with it then why are u having a problem… Who are u to stop me from calling her ” my Arohi” anyways??Are you Arohi’s husband…? (He burst out into laughter with her friends when Arohi arrives wearing a red wine coloured dress with simple pair of earrings and her hair tucked in neatly)

Deep gets mesmerized seeing Arohi and something.

Deep( making an announcement): everyone I would like to meet my beautiful wife …Mrs Tara Raichand.( Everyone claps for her as she enters).

Tara’s family then enters and Maya and prithvi searches for someone.

Papaji: Maya, whom are u looking for?

Maya: no one, just seeing who had come in the party. You relax and take care of didi.. we will just come.

Prithvi: Maya do u think he will come??

Maya: yes, he would surely come.( Just then they see Arohi’s bhaiyya and bhabi arriving)

Maya: welcome, I am glad that u came. I don’t think I have ever seen u both though.

Bhaiyya: how could I not come when my sister has called me to come here.. I am Arohi’s uff Tara’s brother and this is my wife Ritu.

Maya and prithvi: oh so u are also involved in their plannings.

Bhaiyya: what planning’s?? Arohi is my sister but she is actually Tara who fell off from her balcony…we only found her injured after coming from a party. She doesn’t remember anything from her past and now is living a dual life. Tara in front of u all and for us as Arohi.

Prithvi: then what was Deep saying that day that Arohi is a doppelganger of Tara…

Ritu: maybe he was just joking or making a fun of her. And u must be knowing one thing that how can a person be an exact copy of another living person who are not connected from blood. If u still don’t believe us u can see these photos.( She shows Arohi being hospital with her head bandaged)

Prithvi: oh, see Maya I used to tell u that she is our tara..yes, are right …that make sense….thanks, u have cleared our doubts…

Maya: no wonder, Arohi aka Tara came rushing to hospital after he heard about Deep’s accident.

Prithvi: yes and didn’t u see how she takes care of Roma mam.

Maya: yes…( They both leave from there)

Bhaiyya ( coming to Arohi): congrats Arohi, first step of the plan is successful..

Arohi: thanks bhaiyya.. ( she hugs both her bhaiyya and bhabi)

Deep( making an announcement): attention everyone….as u all know that this party is held as it’s our third wedding anniversary. So ladies and gentlemen I hope that you enjoy yourself as much as we would… everyone claps.

Guests come to greet Arohi and Deep.
Lady: happy wedding anniversary

Deep: thanks, actually I have a surprise for my wife.

Arohi: what surprise??

Deep: first close your eyes( Arohi closes her eyes and Deep ties a beautiful diamond necklace on her neck. Arohi feels it and opens her eyes.)

Arohi: thanks Deep, but it wasn’t necessary.
( Deep comes closer and hugs Arohi )

Deep ( whispering in Arohi’s ears): it was necessary, u have done a lot for me and my family..so accept it as a token of friendship.

Lady: what a beautiful necklace.. Tara, your husband have u such a nice surprise… Won’t u be doing anything special for him??

Arohi: why not …(she dance on the song naino wale ne.)

At the end of the dance everyone claps.

Another lady: all these are fine but when u give us the real surprised.

Arohi: what do u mean?

Lady: I mean when would we hear the good news about u both having a family? For us that would be the real surprise…( Arohi and Deep look at each other )

Arohi: excuse me , I hear my friends calling (she leaves)

Deep( in mind): Arohi, I won’t let Tara’s sacrifice go waste, u will surely be giving happiness to this family very soon.

Later Arohi meets her friends.

Arohi: do u guys remember what to do?

Salley: yes Aru.

Sapna: we should start from now…( Arohi stops her)

Arohi: no Sapna, once everyone gets busy dancing…then u can do your work. They both hug Arohi.

Laksh: u three musketeers forgot me…(laksh comes to Arohi for a hug when Deep comes in between and hugs Arohi)

Deep: I was waiting for you… look you are looking so beautiful…

Arohi: thanks…( Arohi tries to leave when deep pulls in for a dance)

Arohi and Deep have a romantic dance on kaise mujhe tu mil gayi.

Deep sings and dances with Arohi reminiscing how he met Arohi…
Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi, kismat pe aaye naa yakeen
Utar aayi jheel mein, jaise chaand utarta hai
Kabhi haule haule dheere se
Gunguni dhoop ki tarah se tarannum mein tum
Chhooke mujhe Guzri ho yoon
Dekhoon tumhe, Ya main sunoon
Tum ho sukoon, Tum ho junoon
Kyun pehle na Aayi tum? Arohi signs her friends.( Her friends go upstairs and searches things randomly in different rooms).

Tara( singing and dancing with Deep):
Badle raaste jharne aur nadi,
Badle reet ki tim tim
Chhede zindagi dhun koi nayi,
Badle barkha ki rim jhim
Badlengi rituyen adaa
Par main rahoongi sada
Usi tarah teri bahon mein bahen daalke
Har lamha Har pal

Arohi snaps her fingers and deep comes out of his imagination and looks at arohi lovingly reminiscing dancing with Tara.

Deep then dances with Arohi on Dill Diya gallan….( A shooter is seen aiming a gun at Arohi as she dances.)

As the dance finishes, rose ? petals falls over her . She and Deep have an intense eyelock as Deep holds her in his arms. She remembers about her plan and excuses herself and goes upstairs where she bumps with the sharp shooter and sees the gun…

Laksh sees her in trouble and asks are friends to help Arohi while he will distract anyone coming upstairs and would whistle if he fails to stop someone.

All four Niyati, Salley,Sapna and come to the rescue and sprays pepper spray on the shooters eyes . Arohi hits the man and grabs the gun and threatens the man to disclose the name of the person who sent him here…( Before he could say anything…he pushes Arohi and escapes via the window. Her friends try to catch him but fails to do so)

Arohi: I nearly made him speak out the truth…uff… anyways did u find anything guys??

Salley: not anything special ,except this diary in the store room. It’s of a woman named Kalyani.

Arohi( taking the diary and having a look at it): I think there is something in this diary … otherwise why would it be in the store room and that too in this farmhouse, there must be a connection of her with this family…. Sapna since u have got a big purse can u pls keep it inside your purse… people might have a doubt on me if I carry it all around and u can give to me later. Now u guys go from here as I worry for your safety.

Niyati: but we want to help…

Arohi : pls try to understand…if u stay I will get worried for u all and I can’t focus on my plan.

Sapna: what’s your actual motive for which u are executing all these plans?

Arohi: now go I will inform u about it when the right time comes. Thanks for all your help that u have done…( She hugs them and all of them leave).

Arohi: I need to go and check all the rooms.( She checks to find some clues meanwhile Deep was searching for Arohi and was coming upstairs when Laksh stops him)

Laksh: Mr Deep Raichand , I forgot to tell u that u are really looking very handsome today…

Deep: thanks… but I am finding Arohi. If u will excuse me

Laksh: but…( Deep moves him aside and goes upstairs. On the other hand Arohi finds a locket with a picture of a woman’s and a man’s picture in it…

Arohi: who can it be in this picture of this locket.?? ( She keeps the locket inside her high heeled shoes when she hears Laksh’s whistle and gets worried. She tries to leave but she realizes the door of that room is locked..)

A woman is shown covering her face with a shawl and locking the room from outside. She takes a candle ?️ and throws it inside the room from the window. The candle falls on the curtains and slowly it spreads through the entire room.

Arohi( looking at the fire? spreading): how did this room suddenly catch fire…I can even leave from the window no… I need to ask for help. Help…is anybody there? Pls help me..( she shouts and the woman leaves from there)

Deep hears Arohi’s voice and rushes towards the room while Arohi starts to cough. Everyone in the party hall hears her shouting for help. Everyone starts to leave the party venue but Arohi’s bhaiyya and bhabi gets worried for Arohi. Deep , u don’t worry I won’t let anything happen to Arohi…he goes towards the room in fire and Tara’s family try to stop him but he continues and breaks the door open. He sees Arohi lying on the floor unconscious. He carefully goes in and brings Arohi out carefully, but in the process burns his hand.

Deep brings Arohi out of that room…

Deep( holding Arohi’s face): Arohi open your eyes … nothing will happen to u..Maya mausi pls call doctor.( She calls the doctor)
First tara went..now u cant go away from me , I won’t let that happen ,if don’t open your eyes I am going to end my life…( Everyone looks on shocked)

Papaji: u mean she’s not Tara

Deep: no she’s not Tara.. she’s my Arohi…

Precap: Deep…I love u Arohi….
Arohi: really??? Hahahaha ( she laughs)

….. someone comes to Arohi’s room and tries to suffocate her by a pillow when she’s sleeping

So guys did u like the surprise and what to u think about the precap??

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